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  1. I love It Diane. I do have a question. I bought your Practical Paleo book a couple of years ago. I love ❤️ it! YET, I’m on Weight Watchers, I read what you wrote about it in the book. I know my body operates better eating more whole foods, but I’m having a hard time giving up WW. Help! I’m a 61 yr young single lady. I’m very active, my friends can’t keep up with me. BUT, I don’t feel as well as I did when I completed a “Whole 30” & followed that lifestyle for 2 years. How can I get back to it? I’ve tried a few times, and haven’t been successful. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks! June

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      Well, it seems that getting back to Paleo entails simply ditching WW and going Paleo 😉 The meal plans in the new edition of Practical Paleo may be exciting and help you out. You can follow the fat loss plan if you are still looking to lose some extra bodyfat.

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