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  1. OMG – that is horrible.
    But this is one of the reasons why I refuse to buys those magazines!
    B/cause it makes my blood boil as well!
    Thanks, Diane!!!

  2. @Conny- I know! I used to LIVE for those magazines. Did you see my note about the authors of the article? I would love to write for one of the magazines but their advertisers would mostly just hate me and probably pull their ads… then no one would get paid. Hmpf.

  3. This is awesome! Simply awesome!!

    Two things:

    1) Can you please explain the process dairy goes through when fat is removed?

    2) Looking forward to when you are ready to have a "nice, long talk about grains and whole grains".

  4. Love this Diane! I shared this with a friend on FB, she has been trying to cut High Fructose Corn Syrup out of her diet. This is great information and I'm so glad you're out there spreading the word!

  5. Hey! Love your blog! Thanks so much for this review. I too have mowed through each of these foods at some point in my life only to realize now that they are not REAL FOODS. You know what burns me the most? The skinny chick on the cover who probably doesn't eat anyways! I had to ban all "health" magazines, mostly because they are a waste of money. I can't wait to show this to my family. I think they will believe you over me because you're a RD 🙂

  6. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I am SO glad I did! For the past 9 months I have been reading about and trying to practice a more natural way of eating and feeding my family. I've been shocked out how ignorant I was. Keep sharing your knowledge 😀

  7. @Keri- I've stopped reading those magazines too, though I might pick them up now and again to enter rants on them since I think people are learning a lot from this post. That said, I'm not an RD but I've studied REAL FOOD nutrition for a while and am a Certified Nutrition Educator through Bauman College where I studied (and continue to study) holistic nutrition from a scientific and biochemical perspective 🙂

  8. This is great! I always get erked when I read these magazines and see dumb commercials touting the fiber in cereals for example.

    Thanks for posting.:)

  9. So funny–and so true! Sadly, I think a lot of the article's text is based on which companies paid for advertising in the magazine. . . otherwise, who would pick most of those "foods"?? 😉

  10. Thanks for all the love here everyone! I was a bit nervous to let the reality about this stuff flow (not because it's not true, just because I don't know how many people I might offend when they look down at their breakfast table and realize they're just chugging garbage…). My attitude and sarcasm doesn't come out in every post as I try to contain myself most of the time!

    @Lezlie- don't feel so badly, we've all been there before- learning more and doing better is the best we can all do every day!
    @Jonathan- awesome, glad you liked it 🙂
    @Ricki- yep, completely based on ad sales. I worked at a magazine for a summer in a fashion department pretty much forEVER ago and the clothes selected often came down to ads, too– something like which white tank top to use– who had an ad? Ok, their tank goes in.

  11. Hi, just read this article, which is awesome, and I already knew and avoided all these foods, apart from low fat cottage cheese. In fact I have a spoonfull everyday with berries and nuts as one of my snacks. I though that it is good for you, good protein and low in sugar?!?!? It’s the only dairy product I eat, and I absolutely love it!

  12. Great post Diane! I’m sure it’s hard to hold the sarcasm back, but the population needs to hear the truth. Society has been pumped for so long with false information and facts that it’s sickening! Thank you be honest and not holding back! Great blog, fb page, and tweets!

  13. Brisbane Osteo, if you’re going to eat dairy, have it full fat, not reduced fat. I eat dairy, in the form of butter, ghee, heavy whipping cream, and full fat homemade yogurt. Best if you can get raw milk, though. Much healthier for you if you’re going to have dairy with your protein and saturated fats.

  14. Does Bauman have online courses??? 🙂 Trying to find something in my area, but only find traditional/conventional nutrition classes and wonder if online is my only recourse. The thought of paying for local classes that teach all the stuff I do not advocate simply takes the wind out of my sails. However, I desperately want to expand my knowledge base and complete a certification course, but preferably via integrative/holistic approach.

  15. Interesting responses….I agree on most of your points however I would love to hear what it is you eat. I assume plates of meat along with few fruits and vegetables. While I agree protein is extremely important but it is not the only food group to be focused on. As a vegetarian, a balance of whole grains, nuts, beans, protein, vegetables, and fruits seems to make a lot more sense in my mind. I’m not a fan of sugar, dairy, and processed foods but to recommend people don’t eat steel cut oats and grains seems like you are doing a disservice to your readers just as the magazine article your responding to did.

  16. Seriously awesome post, Diane! I love the sarcasm!

    It’s scary to think that many of these things used to be in my diet and that I used to encourage my family to eat these “healthy” foods. It’s been almost a year since I switched to gluten-free, then Paleo. This is the first year that I haven’t missed work due to being sick with something I’ve caught from the students I work with. It’s amazing what real food can do for you.

  17. Mmm… fiber. I seem to get plenty of fiber from all the veggies I eat. You should try some. They’re the green and other brightly colored things in the chilly section of the grocery store without packages around them.

    Thanks for the laugh!!

  18. I find it amusing how many people are jumping on this anti-grain bandwagon, yet continue to fully endorse pork, bottom dwelling sea creatures, and a multitude of other meats found to be toxic by many studies (not to mention the greatest authority, the bible, see clean vs. unclean animals in Leviticus 11). I do believe our culture has become way too dependent on grains, and that the grains we are eating are virtually useless and can be damaging to some people, but to say grains are bad is such a grossly misleading statement. I am a health care provider and I had this belief for awhile, but the more I research this topic more, I believe it is more of the processing the grains go through, and if I remember right, the grains are only nutrient dense for about the first 48 hours of being ground into flour…thus making the grains we are consuming worthless and potentially harmful. I guess what I am trying to say is that lets not blame grains, lets blame the processing of them and our “dependence” on them.

  19. This is awesome. I love sarcasm and I think it’s the only way to handle these crapzines without going absolutely insane. I have an issue with the fitness magazine here in Austin for promoting shit food like this – Frankenfood as you call it – and filling up their AD space with body sculpting and plastic surgery companies. It’s ridiculous but they do it because they get paid to do it. All of those options most likely paid to get their endorsements in there. Money makes the world go round – hate it.
    Also! Would you recommend Bauman’s program? Or another?

  20. Sorry what can I gain from eating grains and beans that I can’t get from meat, fish, eggs, veg, fruit, nuts and some full fat dairy?

    I understand that if you choose not to consume meat or fish then you might need them in order to compensate (I used to be a vegetarian), but if you are willing to eat meat and able to afford to do so then there is really no need to eat either beans or grains. I actually spent most of my life a vegetarian before going paleo. I was already experiencing a negative effect from eating grains – bloating, frequent bowel problems, but cutting them out of my diet has shown me that there are many more ways that they cause me problems so that now I can enjoy my life so much better. A couple of months after cutting beans out of my diet I ate some again. Within an hour I was throwing them back up. That’s some serious reaction. As a child, when I did that with dairy everyone immediately said that I should stop eating dairy. So I actually think that people like Diane and Robb Wolf (whose book I first read) are doing a service to people by suggesting that they ditch the grains and beans.

    Also, if you check out Practical Paleo you’ll see that actually Diane suggests (and I presume that she eats similar from what she writes and talks about on the podcast) we eat some meat and plenty of veggies, the specifics of proportions dependent on your aims. I have just recently lent Practical Paleo to my vegetarian mother and stepfather. They’re vegetarian for religious reasons so not going to change their diet, however the side dishes in Practical Paleo are just fantastic and I wanted to share with them. Before you dismiss what Diane is saying, I suggest that you look around this site a bit more and see where she’s actually coming from.

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