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  2. This sounds and looks incredible Dianne! Super versatile too 🙂 I’m wondering though – would this work with parsley in place of some of the cilantro? I’m not exactly a fan of it’s flavor and I bet it’s pretty strong in this sauce. Thanks!

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  4. Hi Diane.

    Thanks for the great recipes! I am allergic to cilantro and don’t really like parsley either, do you have a suggestion on another substitute?

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  5. Do you have suggestions or recipes to use this in? It seems to make a huge portion, but the only use I can find on the site is for Mexican Pork Tenderloin that only needs 2 Tablespoons. Would love to make it, but seems like a waste if I can’t find other ways to utilize it.

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      Hi Emily- here are some more ways you can use this sauce: as a sandwich spread, on any cooked meats as a sauce like chicken, shrimp, fish, pork or steak… or mix it with Mayo or sour cream to make a dip or spread. You can also blend it with EVOO and lime juice or white vinegar to make a salad dressing. The sky is the limit!

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