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  1. Yes, yes, yes…

    These muffins are great!

    My family ate them up last weekend when we made them. Very yummy!

    Thanks for posting/publishing it!

  2. I actually just had these for breakfast. They are perfect for mornings where I need something quick. They’re delicious!

      1. Do you store these in the fridge and for how long are they good? I enjoy these a lot, will try them with pears next. Cinnamon apple is delish…

        1. Yes – store in the fridge, although the coconut flour is very absorbent of moisture, so the consistency will change over time. 4 days or so is ideal for keeping the leftovers.

  3. I have the same question regarding peeling/not peeling the apples. #2 – Can almond milk be substituted if coconut milk is not on hand?

      1. Diane, how much salt is supposed to go in the recipe? You don’t list in in the ingredients, but say to add it in the instructions.

  4. Hello,

    I was wondering how do you keep the coconut flour from clumping in the mixture? I always have this problem….when you eat it you can taste clumps of coconut flour hahaha HELP!

  5. I’ve made these several times since I bought your book and they’re always a success. Last time, just for a change, I added an extra teaspoon of coconut flour and poured the mix into a large, lightly oil pan and cooked it like a pancake/galette. I used a very low heat so it did not burn on the bottom, also put a lid on top. I cut it into wedges and served it as a dessert with the smallest dizzle of maple syrup and a dollop of whipped cream. It was very well received and seconds requested.

  6. These were a HUGE hit with my husband! Just wanted to share that mine were definitely well done after about 23 minutes; not sure if my oven runs hot, or it was not using liners, but be sure to check midway through!

    1. When cooking for one, I’ve been successful freezing items that an individual wants, an thawing during showers etc. Then easily reheating in a microwave when ready to eat. Hope this helps you Jahaan.

  7. I love everything about this recipe, but does anyone else think that 40 minutes is too long of a baking time? Maybe my oven runs too hot. I think that 30 minutes would have been plenty. Otherwise very tasty, can’t wait to make them again!

  8. these were really eggy and i only used 8 eggs. Just me? more coconut flour and a banana might change that for the future. I really wanted to like them, but they are too eggy.

    1. They are intended to be mostly eggs– egg muffins, not muffins made with eggs– perhaps you were expecting something more like a regular muffin? These are more like quiche baked into muffins with apples added instead of veggies 🙂

      1. I’m glad I saw this conversation. I would have expected them to come out like muffins too. Now that I see they are more of a quiche, I know what to expect. Apple quiche would be a better title.

        1. But they’re not a quiche at all, they’re egg muffins… If they were just “apple muffins” I’d call them that… 🙂

    2. I made these more like a muffin and cut it back to make 6 muffins, as it’s just for me. I used 2 eggs, 2 TBS coconut milk, 3 TBS coconut flour and a pinch of baking soda. I used coconut oil and cinnamon for 3 apples, which I didn’t peel. I also used coconut oil to grease my muffin pan. I topped them with walnut pieces. I baked for 30 minutes and they were yummy.
      thanks Diane for the original recipe!

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  9. These look delish! I noticed that it says on the recipe that these yield 12 muffins but that the link for the muffin parchment cups are for mini muffins. What size are these supposed to be?

  10. My apples will not die. I didn’t peel them first (I tend to take recipes literally) but I have been cooking them for way longer than 15 minutes and they are NOT the consistency of applesauce. And, I have to keep adding T’s of water so they don’t stick. Help.

    1. Ann, all apples are different. Have you tried a different apple like golden instead of granny smith. Remember golden is a sweeter apple than granny. If you like to keep the peel on for additional fiber, try peeling only some of it.

    2. I put my chunks into the processor and kinda ground them down first, I actually used the Pampered Chef’s manual food processor each apple as a batch until they were small little chunks first then cooked.

  11. One more question. What do you do with leftover coconut milk. I always put it in fridge but it goes bad before I need to use it again. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. I store my leftover coconut milk in a glass jar in the fridge. It seems to keep well, but I use it regularly in coffee and over blueberries.

    2. Hi Ann, you can warm it up with a tiny bit of honey and raw cacao powder for ‘hot chocolate’, use it to make a super yummy Thai chicken curry, blend with fruit and a few greens for a smoothie, and you can even use it like lotion on your skin after a bath/shower… very moisturizing and smells great!!

  12. Trying to make these for the first time as I type. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 TBSP of butter or coconut oil, but neither online or in your book does it state in the instructions where to add this to the recipe. Perhaps it is meant to saute the apples in? If so, too late, I just sauteed them with cinnamon and water as instructed. Could you please confirm. I’m getting ready to whisk the other ingredients together and want to make sure I’m not supposed to add butter/oil to that part of the recipe.


    1. Yes- to cook the apples in- sorry about that! Fixing above… I think it was fixed in a printing after yours in the book!

      1. The online recipe (which I just used) tells you to use butter or coconut oil twice — once with the apples and once with the batter.

    2. Yes- to cook the apples in- sorry about that! Fixing above… I think it was fixed in a printing after yours in the book!

  13. My muffins came out very spongey and air-filled. They puffed way up in the oven and then shriveled while cooling and look pretty gross. They taste okay but are hard to peel out of the muffin cups. There is some liquid on the bottom of each muffin outside of the cup. I read the recipe over again and can’t figure out what I did wrong. Any thoughts? Thank you!

    1. They’re egg muffins, not “muffins” like a baked good would be- so they aren’t the texture I think you’re expecting. And I recommend the parchment muffin liners exclusively as linked to in the post, otherwise they’ll stick to everything.

  14. you are not saying how much butter to use with the apple mixture or with the egg mixture. Also, it does not say in the cookbook when to use the butter or coconut oil so, I left it out. I am cooking them now not sure how they are going to turn out. Hope I just didn’t waste 9 eggs.

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      Well, they’re egg muffins, so not really. I’m not an expert baker, so modifying this recipe isn’t something I can guess on… I’d assume, however, that there are plenty of paleo-friendly/grain-free apple spice muffin recipes out there, just google it up! 🙂 These were intended to avoid flours and sweetness so that’s why they’re just apple and eggs with a few other things!

  15. Not sure if you knew this or not, but the butter is added twice without ingredient amounts for each addition. It is added when you cook the apples and then added again when you mix the eggs and coconut milk. I wasn’t sure what to do then I noticed it was from Practical Paleo so I compared the recipes and butter was not added to the apples while cooking so I used the melted butter for the mix too. I just ended up with extra butter and that’s never a bad thing! But thought I’d point it out for others who may be having the same confusion.

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  18. I’m confused, have put the butter in with the apples in instructions and then it says in the egg mix to add more butter but not listed in ingredients list?? Then saw the last comment, so hope mine still works…

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  28. I just wanted to comment and say that I’ve been making these for years since I first saw them in your book — they are my go-to breakfast (and snack – they are perfect for late night carb/sweet cravings!) when I want something sorta sweet and filling but not sugar-y. THANK YOU! I think this recipe has single handedly saved me going into a sugar binge dozens of times. <3

  29. They taste amazing, step 3 says add baking soda and salt, but didn’t see an amount anywhere on how much, I used about 1/4 teaspoon sea salt. What about vanilla is that a no no on the 21DSD? Was thinking maybe adding some next time I make it.
    Also what about nutritional information, is that somewhere before I go do all that, Thank you!!!!

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  36. Epic fail. 😕 still not sure what I did wrong. They went in the trash. I did use Fuji apples instead of green apples. Too eggy, even rubbery. Texture and color was totally off. Greenish. I read this recipie over a few times. Baffled!

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      Well, these are EGG muffins first and foremost, not “muffins” muffins. So they will be pretty eggy! It’s intended to be a sweet egg muffin without flour. Different apples may breakdown more than the green apples, however, so I can’t really tell you what happened there! LOTS of folks make these often and really enjoy them but they’re not for everyone.

  37. My 19 month old son has decided he’s not an egg fan anymore… until I made these! I just bought practical paleo and made these last week! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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