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  1. I have always butter-poached my turnips, and they are without question one of my favorite vegetable dishes.

    From 180 Kitchen (http://www.180degreehealth.com/index.php?180=180-kitchen)…


    • 1 pound of turnips, preferably the smallest you can find
    • 1/4 pound butter
    • Sea salt to taste


    1) Peel the turnips, and then slice them into nice fat wedges – cut from top to bottom.
    2) Melt butter over medium heat in a wide-bottomed stainless steel frying pan.
    3) Throw the turnips into the melted butter and then sauté for a few minutes until sizzling.
    4) Reduce heat to low and cook for about 1 hour, turning every 10-15 minutes to ensure even cooking.

    This same method can be used to make excellent, sweet, velvety-soft carrots. Serve as a side to any meat-based meal. Rutabagas, another similar root vegetable also takes well to this cooking technique, but then again, what doesn’t. Poach anything in butter and it will be da kine.

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