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  1. This looks really good, especially the marrow. I’ve made two crockpot meals this week and both were pretty good ( a whole chicken & sirloin )however this meal looks even better. I’m seeking new slow-cook paleo recipes so if you have more to share please keep’em coming. The crockpot is quickly becoming my favorite kitchen appliance.

  2. Another thing that might go well with this is catnip (fresh.) It aids in digestion, and gives a nice low note with the beef. I am going to double the rosemary in the recipe, and add more wine – that is my favorite part of the whole recipe!

  3. Diane, after I read this I went out and bought a lamb shank. It’s going in the crockpot tonight 🙂 🙂

    Oh, and I also order a sauerkraut maker. If I’m going to eat this every day, $8 for a tiny container is ridiculous.

  4. Diane, This is so funny! I just did a random search for “beef shanks braised.” I ended up at the recipe above after rejecting quite a few others. I was reading the ingredients (kale and coconut oil, for god’s sakes) and was thinking, “She really knows what she’s talking about.” A scroll down revealed your picture!!!! Made me laugh. Good work!!! Happy that Google searches are serving you!

    Hope all is well. xoxo laura (from Bauman)

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