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  1. We just made this – it's fantastic! The only thing we changed was the sweetener – we didn't have any stevia, so I used a little blue agave nectar. FANTASTIC – this will always be in our fridge. Thank you!

  2. @Gina- Awesome! If you use really ripe bananas you can try it without any sweetener too. Maybe try some organic honey next time loosened up in some warm water. I'm so glad you tried it- what made you want to make it? Are you dairy free? Just looking for a change?

    I have stopped using Agave for a few reasons, mainly that I learned about how highly processed it is via the Weston A Price Foundation- link: http://www.westonaprice.org/Agave-Worse-than-Sugar-Nutrition-Foundation-Warns.html

    Diane 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info re: agave, Diane. We definitely won't be using it anymore! I'll try the riper banana route. Made another batch w/more cinnamon in it this time. Incredible! We're trying to get healthy – cutting out all sugar, flour and going as gluten-free as we can. It's been a week and a half (coming off a baaaaad diet for years) and already my sweets cravings are gone. But if I *do* want sweets, this pudding is first on my list!

  4. Gee, never would've thought to make pudding from avacado, but it makes perfect sense now that i think of it. Thanks! I'm excited about trying this.

  5. I have had a recipe like this floating around for ages and still haven't made it. WHAT am I waiting for?? 🙂

  6. @Michelle- DO IT NOW!!! 🙂 So yummy! Perfect for a sweetener-free dessert…which is SO my thing right now.

    Thanks for always inspiring me!


  7. I made this last night for my girlfriend. She loved it…. It was the first time I made her dessert in 4 years.

    Thanks Diane.

  8. I guess this will also work with pureed chestnuts instead of the banana?


    (Thanks to Sean Croxton for directing me to your blog)

  9. Andrew- I love that!! How sweet of you.

    Bina- I haven't tried that but I might. The banana adds some sweetness and I don't sweeten mine with stevia but if you were doing the chestnuts and stevia that might work. Let us know!

  10. @Simon- it's hard to say. Maybe a leaf or two? Just try it out then make it into a powder maybe in a coffee grinder or with a mortar and pestle? Let us know! 🙂

  11. I made this tonight for dessert. It took all of 5 minutes in the Cuisinart, which was awesome, and it was fantastic! I have to admit I had no idea how avocado would work. Thank you!

  12. I am new to being dairy free. I found out that I am lactose intollerant as well as allergic and probley have been all my life and I am in my 30’s. This new life style has not been an easy transition and feel like I have trouble finding good tasting dairy free foods. I want to tell you thank you! I loved this it tasted great and it is something I can share (if I can stop eating it all) with others!

    1. @April – I feel your pain as I too have several allergies: gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose intolerant, allergy to chicken AND….I have type 1 diabetes. I’ve just turned forty, still very fit & active and have only been diagnosed with these allergies in the last eight years! Having to make the transition has been a major challenge but, through trial & error & my love for cooking & recipes such as the above has been worth the journey! This particular recipe has been around a while & is favourite amongst my friends hence, I highly recommend this delectable treat, Enjoy!!!! 🙂

  13. oh yes, thank you! i personally HAVE been craving pudding! And right now i am totally off the dairy, hoping it will help clear up my skin. I’ve been looking for a good dairy free pudding but I hadn’t chosen yet, now I have!!

  14. I make this all the time! I do it in my food processor and I use a super ripe banana so I don’t have to add any honey. I also add in some unsweetened coconut and some coconut on top as a garnish.

  15. I have been wanting a sweet treat while doing the PP Autoimmune protocol… this sounds perfect and doesn’t have anything in it on the naughty list!!! YAY.

    Side note Diane if you are reading this, I LOVE the protocol. I’m on day eight and feel FANTASTIC. I do have to say that the portions though are HUGE and we have shared many of our leftovers with our boys (who aren’t complaining!). I however did not share the Asian Scallop dish and actually wanted to pilfer from my hubby part of his ~ delicious!!! THANK you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful outline… so easy to follow and I really feel great for the first time in SIX YEARS!

    1. Are bananas and pumpkin on the list too? I don’t remember, as it’s not an issue for me. I made some with avo and pumpkin, so maybe pumpkin banana would work? I think creamy stuff, some extra volume, and the chocolate are all thats needed.

  16. Holy mousse!!! Mousse has been my favorite dessert since before I could talk! That might be an exaggeration because my parents were great and didn’t feed me crap as a child, but I still remember them making moose noises when I stuck a spoon into mousse. Haven’t ever made it at home before. I didn’t have any bananas or coconut milk, so I made this with avocado, canned pumpkin (bpa free) raw honey, a little grade b maple syrup, cinnamon, and no joke, some cold water! I made it in my sweet little turbo blender thing, and ate it all. I’m sure it’s even better with coconut milk! How about some orange zest? I want to hug you for this recipe, and also who/whatever invented the avocado! Anyone try whipping egg whites and folding it into the heavier chocolate mixture? Might be an extra boost of fluffy heaven.

  17. Help! This looks amazing but my banana allergy says no. What could I sub in to avoid an allergic reaction but keep the texture similar? Thanks!

  18. its been a long time since I ate pudding! 17 months in fact. I used to have a pudding cup in my lunch every day lol. I will have to pick up the ingredients for this soon

  19. Hi. I’ve made this chocolate “pudding” before, (without banana), but with a scoop of chocolate protein powder thrown. (Dale’s Raw Protein powder is great quality, excellent value and easily available on-line.) Also, topping the pudding off with some raw chopped nuts or organic berries when in season is a special treat! : )

  20. Can I make this with a very ripe banana I froze so it wouldn’t go bad? I am trying to stay off dairy but it’s been really hard. Just tried fake mozzarella cheese for the first time tonight and had to throw it out the smell and taste made me nauseous.

  21. I really, really wanted to love this recipe. (Diane, I’m a huge fan of your book and every other recipe of yours I’ve tried) I didn’t love this. For some reason, this just didn’t blend into a pudding that fooled my tastebuds. To me, it tasted like a strange blend of avocado, banana and chocolate- I could still pick out the individual flavors and my palette decided they don’t belong together. I only post a negative review to share my alternative, if anyone has a similar opinion. I just whip together some coconut cream and the cacao powder, with a touch of cinnamon and salt. If you can’t find coconut cream sold as is (Trader Joe’s carries it), just put a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge and scoop off the top portion. Can’t wait to be off the 21DSD so I can toss a few raspberries on top. 🙂

    1. Honestly, KGenevieve, I felt the same way. Thanks for posting an alternative! That’s really helpful! And thank you Diane–really any recipe with chocolate in it is helpful for me.

    2. I agree with KGenevieve; I could taste the individual components. I tried adding cinnamon and more coconut milk, but it only help a little bit. I am wondering if part of the problem was too much cocoa powder and a banana that was not ripe enough.

      I want to point out in the ebook for 21DSD, calls for only 1 avocado and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract; whereas, the recipe on this blog post calls for 2 avocado and 1/2 tsp. Why the difference?

      1. I agree with KGenevieve and Crystal. I was super excited to finally try this recipe and pretty bummed out when, as my husband described, it tasted like eating a salad. He went out to buy chocolate cheesecake, sigh. I stuck this bad boy in the freezer. I pulled it out the next day to give it another try and it is a lot better as a fudge pop type dessert. Yay! That was my solution but I probably won’t try it again anytime soon.

        1. It needs to be chilled for at least an hour to let the flavors meld together. It tastes so good after chilled. I think I’ll try it with strawberries on top or dip strawberries in it for a different flavor. Yummy! My husband loved it too, and he’s not always keen on all my “healthy” food.

      2. I have made this so many times, and it works best when chilled for an hour to allow the ingredients to blend together. Stir it up, and it is so good. No sweetener is needed. I used the e-book recipe which worked great.

  22. I always make this exact thing but as a salad. I never thought to blend it up into a mousse. Banana and avocado and cocoa nibs go so well together!

  23. After what feels like a lifetime of watching my weight and always having what I lost slowly creep back on, I am using Practical Paleo as a guide to cut out all grains, processed foods and refined sugar. I have drastically cut down on dairy but do still enjoy all natural cream cheese and yogurt a couple of times a week. I have felt and can see a major change in my health (body and mind) in just over 2 weeks. I also want to add that I feel this way of eating is not only easy but freeing. I now walk the supermarket and am not tempted by the newest over processed products at all. My body now craves whole foods! My family loves this recipe (as well as so many others in the book!)Avocado is a staple in my house but my 3 year old would not eat them. That has all changed now! The key is to use very ripe avocados and very ripe bananas. Thanks so much Diane for this amazing book as well as all the excellent recipes!

  24. I REALLY wish the recipes had the equivalent measurements for stevia..honey, maple, agave, coconut crystals, molasses are ALL SUGAR….yes, they are natural sugars but some of us can’t have ANY. Sugar of any kind creates inflammation, and had an impact on blood sugar levels, feeds tumors etc. Such a disappointment to me not to have a calculation for stevia.

    1. Just add a few pinches of green stevia at a time and taste as you go. I don’t develop recipes multiple times for every possible sweetener as it would be far too costly and time consuming for the needs of most reading them here. It’s absolutely something you can play with – your tastes will vary anyway, so start slowly and keep going as you see fit! 🙂 Enjoy!

  25. Wow!! Just had this for the first time. Really good. Very creamy texture. When I’m not doing a 21DSD, I’ll have to give it another try with maple syrup added in. And these are very large servings. I could probably take 1 serving actually as 2.

  26. I’m on the 21DSD and using a green tipped banana and no sweeteners it was really bland…I was SO excited to try this 🙁 Maybe I’ll try it after the detox is over

    1. What day are you on? I like it with a pinch of salt sometimes, too even… Or if you are only on week 1, try it again later.

  27. What is the nutritional breakdown of this? It’d be great to know how many g’s of carbs it had in it, for those of us that are diabetic. (type 1)

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  34. Hi there I am really interested in doing the sugar-free detox in the new year as a way to see if it will help me with my chronic health issues that nothing else has helped. I have noticed that a good number if not the majority of recipes include coconut in some form. Sadly I am allergic to coconut in every form and am wondering if the recipes will work with simply swapping for something else. (for example almond milk in place of coconut milk, perhaps ground nuts for shredded coconut?) I realize the taste and texture wont be the same but I am curious what tips you can provide me with on this. As for coconut oil would it be just simply swapping it for a vegetable oil? I am concerned about changing recipes on my own when it comes to coconut oil or coconut butter since changing them for other ingredients may make the recipes less healthy. Thanks!

    1. Post
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