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    1. Ok Dealt with RPT issues and half awake. So can I use canned pumpkin? I am not going to go off my #unprocessed diet and don’t care too. : ) so I choose to add pecans and void fake chocolate chips.. now I know I could put real cocoa or vegan but heck here is to just getting this recipe done. BTW How come this blogger (I follow) did not set it up for a print out form?

  1. Awesome sauce! Well, not literally, but, it’s awesome just the same! I have lots of paleo pumpkin recipes, but this is going in there as my main pumpkin muffin recipe. I keep everything on Google Documents and then share them all with my Primal/ Paleo friends! I have a TON! (of recipes, not friends, although I would say that I have a ‘plethora’ of friends 😉

    1. I don’t but you can run them through or by entering a custom item for the coconut flour and going from there with the other ingredients. I used to calculate that stuff when I had a meal business, but I no longer really fret much over it personally.

      1. I ran the carb ingredients through Carbohydrate Counter and if you make a dozen they only have around 7 carbs each, not too bad at all…

    1. My recipe is already half the sweetener of standard recipes, so it’s not very sweet, but it would probably be fine with even just 2Tbsp- I’d sub back in maybe 2Tbsp of coconut milk for moisture? Try it- let me know 🙂

  2. Any tips for doing this without eggs? I can’t eat them :-(. With so many in the recipe, I’m not sure how well some substitutions will work.

    1. Not at this time- I’m also not sure how the subs would work with coconut flour since it is SO high in fiber. You could probably search for an almond or other nut flour recipe to try that doesn’t require so many eggs and search vegan sites for egg 1:1 replacements 😉 may have a recipe to try.

          1. Use banana instead of an egg. I once could not eat eggs and this worked perfectly. I made a gluten free pumpkin pie for a party and it came out great.

  3. Hi Diane! I just made your muffins as a saturday morning treat and I had to immediately post about how delicious they are. Amazing! Would you mind if I pass the word through my blog. I will provide a link and credit you of course. I used coconut nectar as the sweetener simply because this is what I already had at home but otherwise I followed your directions precisely and they were fantastic. Thank you for sharing this and please let me know if it will be ok to pass this along via my blog to clients and readers. Thanks again!

  4. I just made these and they are sooo good! I used almond flour instead of coconut because thats what I had in the house. Thanks for a great recipe!!!

  5. Do you have a recommendation for chocolate chips that will work? We’ve gone off grains & processed sugars completely and I don’t want to jeopardize that, but would love to add chocolate chips to these.
    Thanks so much!

    1. I’m pretty sure they’ll all have sugar in them. I think adding just a few per muffin is probably an okay treat. I literally added 4 chips per muffin, that was it- a chip per bite 😉

  6. Ok, so confession time. It was late in the evening and I was trying to whip these us and the pizza muffins that the Paleo Parents have on their website. I need to constantly bake up “treats” to offer my teens because they are chronic snackers and if I don’t provide healthy snacks, they just go to Mac’s Milk and buy junk food…. So I’m baking away and the timer goes off, and I look in the oven and think, geez, these look pale, and I think–did I add the pumpkin?? I didn’t. Funny, even without pumpkin, they still taste like spice cake, though they’re just a tiny bit dry without pumpkin. Everyone loves them anyways–still way more moist than any other paleo “treat” I’ve made so far–can’t wait to try them again WITH pumpkin and really wow them!

    1. I’d halve the cinnamon, leave out the sweetener and possible add in some sage (or steep fresh sage in the butter or coconut oil while it melts), a bit more sea salt and maybe a pinch of chipotle or chili powder if you can do peppers. Let me know how it goes!

  7. Hello, I was wondering if I could just use a Bob’s Redmill GF flour mix I have on hand instead of the coconut flour (which I don’t have)? Do you think it would work the same, or use a smaller amount?

    Thanks, I’m so excited to try this recipe for my little GF kiddo!

    1. It would probably take more flour if it’s not coconut flour. I’d recommend getting some coconut flour though as grain-free may even feel better for the kiddo who is off of gluten at this point. A little bit goes a long way in coconut flour since it’s so hight in fiber. Bob’s makes some as does Tropical Traditions:

        1. That’s a good dad! I generally recommend a grain, legume and dairy-free diet overall for kiddos (and adults!). Some great resources for kids also include: and – both have books out as well with recipes that involve the kids! Great stuff.

          You might also want to pick up a copy of the latest Paleo Magazine that features tons of stuff on feeding kids grain-free including my article comparing USDA recommendations to Paleo… there is a TON of crossover in the gluten-free and paleo worlds. 🙂

  8. I am curious if in all you baking experiments, you have played around with xanthum gum and or guar gums
    To coax out better mouth feel and texture?

    1. I haven’t and don’t think I will specifically because Mat Lalonde has noted that they are both legume-derived texturizers and I already get some exposure to them when I use canned coconut milk 🙁

      I don’t personally care much about mimicking the mouth-feel of gluten containing items perfectly… Otherwise I might eat the entire batch vs 75% of it 😉 It was enough for me to bake semi-successfully!

  9. These turned out really bland. I’m thinking next time I’ll use a combo of flax-seed meal, almond flour, and coconut flour because they are WAY too coconutty.

    1. Sad. Perhaps more spices are necessary… I think the next time I make them they’ll have more spice in them– pumpkin pie spice blend most likely!

  10. These were amazing, thank you! I subbed pumpkin pie spice for the spices, and used butter instead of the coconut oil.
    They were all gobbled up by the kids and me before they could even cool.

  11. Hey Diane,

    I made these this morning for my kids and they just loved them! I’m thrilled because they don’t use almond flour but are not dry (like most of my coconut flour baked goods). Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I just made this recipe (adding 1/4c walnut bits) as a bread. Yum! I cooked it for 20 minutes at 400*. It seemed a bit loose in the middle, so I bumped the oven down to 350 and cooked another 5 minutes. Is it wrong to slather it with grass-fed butter before eating??

  13. Diane: This is a fantastic recipe for my kids. The biggest challenge I face is trying to convert over my kids, who love rice, beans, pasta and pizza. I look forward to introducing your recipes to my kids.

  14. Great recipe! I have a can of pumpkin puree that I need to use. Do I measure the 1/2 cup of coconut oil first then melt it or am measuring that 1/2 cup after it’s melted?

  15. Diane! I loved this recipe! I just started paleo a week ago and needed to supplement my plain egg and veggie breakfast with something easy (and tasty!). This recipe did the trick. I made two pumpkin muffin batches – yours and the’s recipe that uses almond meal. I found the other to be too egg-y and flat. Yours came out fluffy and more like a traditional flour muffin. Also, I appreciated that your recipe only used 1/2 c coconut flour and the other took a cup and half of almond meal and yielded the same amount (which made yours infinitely cheaper). Thank you!

  16. These are AMAZING! Made them as a treat for a friend that I’m cooking dinner for. I took a dark chocolate bar and smashed it up – throwing that into the batter before baking. I typically never bake anything ‘paleo’ because it either uses almond flour or turns out nasty and bland. These are AMAZING and will be my go to when I need to take a goodie to a non-paleo person’s house.

    AWESOME and thanks for this.

  17. Mine turned out really, really moist-almost wet in the middle and that was after baking for over 15 minutes. What did I do wrong do you think?

  18. I don’t see that anyone else had this problem, but when I poured the melted coconut oil In the eggs I worried about the eggs cooking, but instead, as I was preparing the dry ingredients it hardened and I had a hard time creaming it all together ( coconut oil lumps) so I used the blender to try to smooth it out. I think maybe turned out ok, just some sizzling oil around the edges, but I haven’t tried them yet, still cooling. Is this normal?

    1. Coconut oil will change consistency based on it’s temperature. Use butter if you’re concerned about this next time, but it should work the same either way really.

  19. I’ve tried one of your other similar grain free muffin recipes from Practical Paleo (the blueberry lemon muffins) and they were very delicious but sadly seemed to go off a few days after I baked them. I used butter instead of coconut oil and maple syrup as the sweetener. Is there anything special you’d recommend for storing this type of muffin? I’d like to try this recipe and they’re just too good to have to throw any away!

  20. We messed up a jack o’lantern, so I got a huge amount of unexpected pumpkin puree. I decided to make these muffins, and they are AWESOME! My daughters, who are usually difficult with any new food (My youngest refused even try meat until age 6. Seriously.) They’ve demanded them every morning for breakfast since they first tried them. And, hey, it’s easier to warm up a muffin than to scramble an egg, so we’re all happy!

  21. I made mini muffins today after i found your recipe. I used Ener-g today with great results. Had to cook a bit longer but my son loved them. I love having treats for him. He has F-pies and eosinophilic esophagitis (both auto immune responses to food) which limits his foods to about 15. This will be a great one to bake and throw in the freezer for quick breakfasts or treats for him.

  22. These were yummy, I made them as directed, I used 2 grated zucchini instead of carrots and 2 really small mashed bananas, and I added some currants. These hit the spot, not to sweet but really good with a cup of black coffee. I love the fact that everything is all natural and the only sweetness comes from nature.

  23. I have a lot of Zucchini in my garden and was hoping to add it into this recipe. Do you think it would blend well? I was probably going to take out an egg or something because I’m guessing zucchini will add some moisture.

    1. Post
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  26. Clearly I’m late to this party, but mostly because I only started eating Paleo just shy of 4 months ago. Made your pumpkin pancakes last weekend and loved them. Was looking to use the rest of my pumpkin, so picked another of your lovely recipes. I do a lot of pretty intricate baking for small events for family and friends, and really haven’t been experimenting with recipes since making the best lifestyle decision to date. Baking these took me back to my happy place, which I didn’t even realize I had been missing so greatly. I subbed the syrup/honey with 2 small bananas, and added some chopped pecans. Very pleased with the delicious results! (Note: I got a lot more banana flavor than pumpkin, obviously, but still delicious.) Thanks for all you do to keep me going!

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