Greek-Style Lamb Meatballs| Balanced Bites


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  1. yumm, looks delicious! i have a ton of ground beef in the freezer, i’ll definitely have to try this out!

    which one of the olive oils do you like better? the Phileos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or the Kotinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil? whats the difference?

  2. I like the Kotinos- it’s milder but VERY bold in flavor. The organic is very spicy and tasty, but it’s too strong for me. I recommend the Kotinos for most people but the other would be fun to have around for special uses. The regular is organic by US standards, just not something they pay to label it as— olive trees in Greece are simply watered. That’s it. Listen to my podcast with Tony on the topic! 🙂

  3. Hello! I made these the other night and they were fantastic. Who knew lamb was so tender and juicy! The lemon added a nice fresh flavor. Loved them and will definitely make them again.

  4. These are YUMMMMMMMY…I made a bunch w/lamb, and a bunch w/ ground bison. The recipe is quick and easy and is a great alternative to burgers. I just ate them w/ salad, but they’d be great w/ sauces or in a sauteed vegie mix…in fact I”m about to make another batch to have for lunch the next few days.

  5. I just made these for lunch. Super yummy & super easy. I used a combination of turkey, pork sausage, and ground beef. The hint of lemon was really great. Finished it off with organic, local EVOO. Delish!

  6. Love lamb and am definitely going to try these! However I don’t understand why u use garlic powder in your recepies? Why not only fresh garlic? Maybe not understanding this is a European thing – I would definitely not use powder when fresh is available!

    1. Garlic powder has a different flavor than fresh garlic; it is more mellow and smoky, where fresh garlic is much more pungent, bright, green, and sharp. In roasts and stews and things that are cooked for longer time, garlic powder is lost, and fresh garlic is called for. But for quickly-cooked foods, it’s either, or both (I often use both.)

  7. Yummmm. Made these today with 4 lbs of grass fed lamb that I got for $12.00! (I’m Canadian, trust me that’s cheap) I used fresh oregano from the garden instead of dried. Nice lemon flavours. Ate many for lunch and froze the rest to take to work for lunches.

  8. I used this recipe to make a Greek meatloaf. I added chopped spinach & onions, an egg, and 1/4 cup flax meal for the binder. Opa!

  9. I’m a life long vegetarian who is trying out paleo for health reasons and this was a great recipe for me. Quick, easy, and very tasty! Thanks! 🙂

  10. I just made these yesterday using a pound of venison and a pound of lamb mixed together. They were amazing!! Even my picky kids who hate lemon gobbled them right up. Somehow we ate all of it between the four of us! I also made the tomato and olive salad (with cucumbers) to go with it, and it was a perfect accompaniment. Thanks, Diane! We’ve loved every one of your recipes so far.

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  13. Made these tonight and my hub gave it 3 thumbs up. The first 3 bites he thumbed up. I thought they were tasty and hub says he wants them again, so again they will be.

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