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  1. I made this with a few variations. I used peanut oil and did not use the lemon. Also, it helps to have all ingredients at room temp. I used a Black & Decker Mini Food Chopper 10103411 ($13 at Target). I mixed all ingredients except the oil for about 40 seconds on high speed until it started to thicken. Then I found an ingenious way to add the oil while the machine was running. The lid has 2 indentations that serve as its grip. At the bottom of each indentation is a small hole. I simply added 1/2 teaspoon of oil to the indentation and it dripped into the mixture perfectly as I blended on high speed. After a little while, I added the oil a little faster until it was all incorporated – about 2 minutes. Perfecto!

  2. What’s the shelf life on this mayo? Am I reading it right that it will only last about two days? I know that shelf life and health are inversely proportional, but I thought I’d ask.

    1. Yeah, you just want to make what you’re going to use pretty quickly. Unfortunately, healthy fats and an egg yolk are not ideal to keep around for too long. I personally would probably use it for up to a week if it smelled/looked okay and was made from high quality eggs.

    2. I’ve made mayo with a blend of avocado oil/coconut oil that kept fine for 10 days. With olive oil it’s more like 8 days. If you want to use extra virgin olive oil go for some made from Mission olives (California) which has a mild, “buttery” flavor.

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