Italian Sausage Spice Blend from "Practical Paleo" | Diane Sanfilippo


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  1. This is wonderful. I love any kind of sausage, and have been sad lately about the crap ingredients in most of them. This herb mix makes homemade sausage totally worth the trouble, and I’m overjoyed.

  2. I would like to ask a question if I may. I have your new book and can’t wait to try the recipes, but while reading thru it I noticed a reference FODMAPS. I can not, for the life of me, find anything that defines what this means.
    If it is there please forgive me, but does anyone know what it means?? thanks for the help.

  3. ” store in an air-tight container/glass jar for up to six months.”

    Six months? Ground meat wouldn’t last that long normally, how does these few spices add months to how long you can store this?

  4. Oh my!!
    Just mixed this into some minced (ground) Kangaroo, and OMG. That is good!!
    Amazingly tastes like really good sausage!!!
    Thanks Diane for a fab recipe.

  5. Thanks for the great spice idea! I’ve been playing around with sausage spices for awhile now to try to find a good mix since it’s hard to find any pre-made ones without any crap. Once I get some fennel, I’ll give it a go ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Diane,

    Bought your new book and love it. Very well done ! Lamb meatballs last night- yumm.
    My question- you recommend beets on the thyroid plan. I have read several places that beets are goitrogenic so I have been avoiding them due to low thyroid function. Now I’m confused, I love beets. So, do they contain goitrogens? If so, would you still put them in the thyroid plan?

    Thnaks, Greg

    1. Goitrogen content in foods is reduced by cooking and, for most folks, isn’t something that is of major concern when not over-consumed. I haven’t actually heard of beets being goitrogenic, but if they are, simply avoid them in fermented and raw forms and don’t overdo them as cooked. It is also something that can be mitigated by proper iodine supplementation as directed by your endocrinologist or health practitioner.

      1. Diane,
        Thanks for the quick reply. I am aware of the mild reduction in goitrogens from cooking and the benefits of using of iodine etc. I was hoping you might have some insight as to whether or not beets are in fact goitrogenic. There seems to be conflicting info on this.

        Thanks again,

  7. I made this last night for dinner and it was delicious and easy. I can’t wait to pick up your book and I’ll be at your Tacoma workshop this weekend!

  8. I’m confused….on the Corrections page the recipe has been edited to have 1/2 tbsp of sage, garlic powder, and onion powder. I saw that and changed it in my book. Now I’m on this page and the amounts here match what was originally printed in my book. Which is right?

    1. Hmm… you may have a correct version of the book already ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was only the first two printings that were incorrect, so it’s hard for me to know which you have! I’ll update the corrections page but I thought this recipe matched was was on there. Sorry for any confusion!

      1. I just got my book from Costco in the past month. It had 1 tablespoon listed for those three ingredients. So those were right? If so, then the Corrections page needs to be updated. I absolutely LOVE your book!

  9. Question! just want to confirm that for the stuffing meatballs we use 2 tbsp of this spice blend for 2 lbs of meat. I am asking bc on this page, it says to use 2 tbsp spice blend per 1 lb meat. And I really want to make those meatballs for thanksgiving! thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. No, I am referring to the Thanksgiving Stuffing Meatballs recipe on this website, it says to use 2 tbsp for 2 lbs of meat. Is that correct? Bc on this page it says 2 tbsp per 1lb meat… hopefully this makes sense!

          1. oh I see- I think when you add the other veggies into the mix, the flavors are stronger than when you use the spice blend + meat and nothing else. so make the recipe as-written. once you add carrots, celery, etc. it’ll be more flavorful and delish.

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  20. Thanks so much for this wonderful spice blend. I appreciate that you corrected it; I assume you increased the proportion of fennel seeds, since your original measurement was probably the amount AFTER grinding the seeds. However, I’d love to know how much ground fennel I should use. My estimation is a scant teaspoon. Would you agree?

    1. Actually, I just found some whole fennel and when I ground it, I got 2 teaspoons. My guess is that it was fluffier than the storebought fennel that’s been sitting in a jar, so maybe one and a half teaspoons is accurate? Just trying to make sure I can have staples around when I’m in a rush!

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