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  2. Hi Diane,

    I made these recently and have had two of them, two different nights and both nights I’ve gotten really nauseous. Does this make any sense? I’m no stranger to coconut oil, but I suppose this is a larger amount than I would normally consume in one sitting. Thoughts?

    1. For me, a tablespoon of MCT OIL (derived from Coconut) can cause me to be a bit nauseous/intestinal upset. In the beginning when I started taking MCT oil, I felt like I had the flu. It’s very possible that you could be sensitive to the amount of coconut oil in one or two of these tarts.

    2. You could be having a die-off of fungus or yeast in your body, also known as a herxheimer reaction . Coconut oil has antifungal properties that kill the yeast which in turn produce poisons called mycotoxins which are designed to make make you feel so bad that you will want to quit doing what your doing to it. If you want to learn more about this go to http://www.knowthecause.com and browse the website to learn this stuff.

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  5. Oooho!! I make ice cubes out of lime juice and shredded ginger, (for warm drinks and cold drinks) and that would be AWESOME in these meltaways as well! Thank you for the ideas on other ways to use them in more savory foods!

  6. Looks great. One question, where do the 2 grams of sugar come from and (since they are obviously ok or you wouldn’t have put the recipe in 21DSD) why is it ok? Thanks!

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  14. Okay, I just made these except I didn’t have vanilla bean so I just used some extract. So far it tastes yummy, can’t wait until it is done chilling.
    When I made the coconut butter I made too much so I followed the ratios of this recipe except I used a small, lemon sized orange and then added a tbsp of raw cacao powder. It tastes equally amazing. It may be too sweet for 21dsd due to oranges being sweeter than lemons but it is not sweeter tasting. These are all going to be great at our super bowl get together tomorrow as everyone is gluten free/dairy free and low to no sugar. Yay for yummy recipes and good friends to share them with.

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