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  1. This sounds like a great way to use pumpkin when you have a big can of it and don’t want to make all muffins from it! 🙂 Also, what size dish would you recommend if you want to make a big dish of it? And for any recipes using pumpkin or sweet potatoes- are they basically interchangeable? Thanks!

  2. I made this for dessert last night and loved it! Even my paleo-reluctant friend thought it was good. Thanks for this recipe!

    1. I always mark recipes with subs for the 21DSD if I think they will work. You can leave out the sweetener and make this into a savory soufflé if you want to try that… but otherwise I’d wait until after the 21DSD to try this one. If you want to test it with a banana, let me know… I don’t know if it’ll work!

  3. I made this w/o the almond butter & it turned out good! It was a little wet but still fluffy & tasty! I might try it again w/ a touch more coconut flour. Also instead of pumpkin pie spice I used 1/4 t each nutmeg & cloves.

    1. I just made these they were yummy but wet on the inside! I tried leaving them in the oven longer but that didn’t do the trick. Does adding more coconut flour do the trick?

    1. Yes! I’m single too. It keeps for at least a couple of days. I’ve reheated it and eaten cold from the fridge. It’s delicious both ways! I’ve also eaten it as a treat for breakfast. Yummy!

      1. Thanks Laura! That’s so helpful. I’m sure I could eat all the servings in one sitting…but that might not be the best idea 😉

        1. Made this tonight and it totally rocked! I made double the quantity (since I had two cups of cooked pumpkin today). But added 7 eggs instead of 8 (which would have been double), and only 9 tablespoons of maple syrup instead of 12 (double). I also didn’t have almond butter, so I used 4 tablespoons of almond flour. And added a dash of clove powder. I also added 1/4 cup heavy cream (which I know isn’t paleo, but I have no trouble with grass-fed dairy). Instead of adding to individual ramekins, I baked the whole thing in a pyrex pan, and it cooked just as well in about 35 min. It was absolutely delicious and pretty easy to make too. Thanks!!

  4. Just wanted to say I made these today and added 50 grams of banana as sweetener and it worked perfevtly! Tastes great too!

  5. I gave this a try and baked in a pie dish. Turned out as expected. Taste was very reminiscent of the pumpkin pancakes (which we LOVE). Like it but tried pumpkin custard and preferred the texture as it was a little more like pumpkin pie…which was the goal. I would suspect it would work with the banana but have not tried it with the souffle, did make a no sweetener banana custard last year that turned out well.

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  8. I followed the recipe as for baking time which seemed way too short for the temperature in a single souffle dish. I was right. At 40 minutes it was still dancing a jig in the middle. After consulting another souffle recipe I make frequently, I bumped up the temp to 375 for another 15 minutes and it was good to go. This recipe doesn’t really puff up even with the egg white method, but no worries. Thank god there were 4 servings so my son could eat half of this yummy side dish. Guess I will have to make it again to use the other half of the can of pumpkin!

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