Roasted Winter Squash | Diane Sanfilippo


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  1. This is my favourite way to prepare squash. I also love roasting sweet potato, then putting it in the food processor with 1 tbsp of coconut oil and cinnamon. So good!
    I have been following your blog for a while now. I am a nutritionist in Toronto Canada. Great info.
    I am not Paleo, I do eat legumes (no grains for the most part though) but i think it is a great diet for many people. I recommend it for many of my clients. You website has many simple and great recipes. I made your coconut muffins a week ago and loved them! Thanks for sharing :O)

  2. I recently purchased 2 jars of Coconut Manna. When I first received it, my kitchen was fairly warm so the coconut butter had a wonderful consistency that I could easily spread on fruit etc. The problem is as of late my kitchen has gotten colder and when I went to take the Coconut Manna from the cupboard it was hard and difficult to use. How to I get it to warm up and get "liquidy" again??

  3. I soften it by either just spooning some into a pot or pan and heating over low heat- or I soften it by spooning some into a small oven-save dish and heating in the toaster oven for a few minutes.

    To top squash, you can just shave it out of the jar with a big spoon and it will soften/melt on the warm squash.

    To soften the entire jar at once, submerge it in a pot of simmering water and then stir as you would natural peanut butter to combine the oil and the coconut meat.

    Storing it in a warm place can help or even setting it on the top/back of your stove while you're cooking!

  4. Thanks for the tips Diane! BTW: I always see these lovely little winter squashes at my market and have always been unsure what to do with them. I think I'll make this to have for breakfast with some beef jerky!

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