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  1. I love eating this dish with sauerkraut instead of fresh cabbage too. True, that destroys the probiotic qualities of the kraut but it retains the tangy flavor of the fermented vegetable. 🙂

    1. Love LOVE Love this recipe. I am doing the AIP meal plan and made this with the Duck Legs for my own V-Day dinner. It was MOST excellent and special and over the top good! Can’t wait to make it again!

      1. No, no – not caraway (ick)! Try a couple of cloves instead. Fantastic!

        (But in that case you’d want to use plain pink salt, not rosemary.)

  2. We made this for lunch with a little fresh carrot added (when we added the onions) – so simple, SOOOOO tasty! We cooked a little less since we like crunchier cabbage, but the flavor was perfect.

    1. Diane, could you tell me approximately how much cabbage to use(lbs?)? I have a small 2 pound one. Is that too much or too little according to recipe? Thank you. I look forward to trying this recipe asap.

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  7. I have made this twice, and I got very good feedback. I don’t normally like cabbage especially much, but the combo with the onions and apples makes it so tasty. I will put this in my regular rotation. I recently watched a program about the benefits of purple foods for long term brain health, so even more reason to enjoy it.

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