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  1. These sound so awesome! I’ve always had low stomach acid and snacking on a lemon-lime gummy sounds way more appealing than always supplementing HCl.

    What would you think of making these with honey rather than maple? I’m in VA and the state actually pays beekeepers (even novices) a little $200 bonus to promote more people raising bees so we have awesome access to local wildflower honey.

    1. I used to make them with honey but found the flavor to be a little strange versus just “sweeter” with the maple. Do whatever you like though 🙂

      1. These look amazing. Totally going to save this recipe on my paleo pinboard. I h ave some gelatin that I’ve been wanting to use!

    2. I used to make them with honey but found the flavor to be a little strange versus just “sweeter” with the maple. Do whatever you like though 🙂

  2. Mind was just blown. I’ve been known to indulge in a sour gummy a time or two in my life (even after going Paleo-fied), but look at you breaking my bad habits.

  3. I just made the blueberry version! I wanted a way to keep getting my daily dose of gelatin while camping. Hopefully it’s portable – I think it should work out well. I used the juice of 5 lemons, which made a bit more than 1/2 cup of juice, so I topped it off with some bottled 100% lime juice I had in the fridge. They taste good, so I guess it worked out. I chose not to use any maple syrup, as my sweet receptors are crazy sensitive now that I have avoided sugar for a long time. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Awesome – yeah the recipes are sorta loosely important to follow- you can play with the ratios and flavors to your own tastes!

  4. Hi I have question , just found upgrade colagen in bulletproof so I wonder if it is better than grass fed gelatin (it is grass fed too) and also so main question if I can use it in recipes like this instead of gelatin.
    Thanks a lot

    1. I don’t have experience with it and don’t know if it will gel or not. The green label of Great Lakes, for example, is nice for mixing into a smoothie or other liquid but it won’t gel.

      1. And do you recommend to use both of them gelatin and colagen too or for health purpose gelatin is enough since it has colagen too.

  5. These look amazing. Totally going to save this recipe on my paleo pinboard. I h ave some gelatin that I’ve been wanting to use!

  6. Was very excited to try this, bought the gelatin and made these today. I got something wrong. After 3 hours mine are set but not really gelled. they couldn’t be cut into blocks like your picture. I didn’t have enough lemons so I juiced some pineapple to make up the cup. I could swear I tasted beef broth.

    How long did you “vigorously stir” ? and how long did you cook the mixture?
    Any idea what i might have got wrong?


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  7. So good, so easy! My gelatin arrived yesterday from amazon, and I could hardly wait to make these. SO GOOD. I’m geeking out thinking about different fruits I can use…

  8. I made these yesterday with mixed berries and lemon/lime. The whole family loved them. I imagine they aren’t high in calories? Would at least add variety for the lunchbox though.

    1. FANTASTIC lunch box treat! The gelatin is roughly 30-40 calories per tablespoon — should be 8g of protein each, which would be exactly 32 calories — add that to the fruit you used and any sweetener… really a healthy “treat”!!!

  9. I’ve made the blueberry version twice now. I double up the amounts and it has come out great both times. thanks.

  10. YAY, I followed the blueberry version but I did strawberry instead. I did add a bunch of maple syrup (maybe 8 TBSP), lost track of how much. They are still tart so I hope my kids like them. I really like them though so if the kids don’t eat them, I will! Thanks so much for the recipe. I was nervous to make it but the texture turned out perfect!

    1. 8 tablespoons! Wow! That’s a LOT. I would really not recommend making them so sweet… hmm… did you multiply out the recipe to make more than mine was for originally?

      1. They don’t taste sweet at all! I did a cup of lemon juice and a cup of strawberry puree. Then I added the maple syrup and the 6 TBSP of gelatin. I was trying to make them sweet enough for my kids but they are still pretty sour. I guess the strawberries weren’t so sweet.

        1. Yikes! Were they organic strawberries? I also would try to make them with just about maybe 2Tbsp sweetener to start- let them set and see what the kids think. If they’re too sour for them, you can eat them. Then go from there. Otherwise, that’s 1/2 a cup of sweetener added – just a lot more than I think you should really need to add to something fruit-based. Or, use more of your other fruit and less lemon juice to remove some of the sourness.

  11. I made these last weekend and accidentally forgot the water. They were still really good, and definitely had that Sour Patch Kids twang in the back of the mouth. Thank you!

  12. Ok.. you just blew my mind girl! Aside from the kick a$$ recipe for gummies, did you just say that heartburn and reflux comes from a lack of stomach acid?! I always assumed (i know) that it was from too much! I can’t wait to get your book!

  13. Hi Diane, I just purchased my first canister of gelatin and I’m excited to try this recipe. Do you think eating gelatin will help my husband with his joint pain in his hands? He works as a carpenter and lately has been complaining that his hands are aching. Thanks for all you do!

  14. These look lovely. I’m trying to work out how many gelatin sheets I would need to use in place of the grass fed gelatin that I can’t find here in Italy. Any suggestions for using the gelatin sheets?

    1. Hmm… Great Lakes Gelatin is 7g/Tbsp so you can multiply out when you figure out how many grams your sheets are.

  15. Just made these for the first time.. These things are the bomb! I could eat the entire batch in one sitting. I think I’m going to try all different kinds of fruits. Thanks so much for this recipe!

    1. Really as much as you think you want or need – the fruit snacks I’d only limit based on how sweet you make them. If you experience any negative effects from either then back off.

  16. We just moved into a home with an exotic lime tree in the backyard, and I’ve been searching around for awesome recipes to make without adding to much sugar. These look like they’ll be AWESOME!

  17. Is there any advantage to using grass fed gelatin (if this product really is that; their website doesn’t mention anything) other than an ethical one? Gelatin is so highly processed that I really suspect there is no detectable difference between grassfed and commercial feedlot. I’d choose to save my money here for sure.

    It also seems kind of superstitious here when grassfed everything is recommended even when there is no real health advantage.

    1. Sometimes the health of the earth and the animals we’re eating IS the advantage… with regards to minerals and gelatin from bones, yes, I’d imagine even grain-fed cattle would offer similar nutrient profiles there. But the fat profile of grass-fed beef is certainly different than that of grain-fed.

      Superstitious isn’t my thing, FYI.

  18. I was wondering if NOW Foods Liver Powder would work? I made these with the Great Lakes Beef Gelatin and added Ginger powder… no maple syrup just lemon and lime and they came out GREAT… but trying to figure out a way to eat my “liver” without actually eating liver and got the powder…

    Also what about adding Chorella powder?
    I’m trying to figure out the serving size in grams that is EQUAL to 1/2-1 cup of regular bone broth????

  19. These were so tart that it’s like drinking straight lemon/lime juice. My kids only made it to getting one in their mouths and spit them out (they haven’t had any sour candies) and they’re not much for sucking on lemons straight. I don’t mind, but I could have left out the syrup entirely (since I can’t tell it’s there at all!), and just had a lemon jello fest all by myself! I read of one adding 8 Tbs of syrup and not noticing a reduction in the tart, so perhaps I’ll stick with the tea/kombucha/fruit variations, since adding *more* sugar to our kids diets isn’t the goal here 🙂

    1. Maybe my lemons weren’t so tart! Perhaps try a different fruit combination next time with the blueberry and lemon versus just the citrus.

  20. Just made these last night with a few modifications. I did 1 cup fresh raspberries from the garden, 1/2 cup squeezed lime juice, 1/2 cup water, 1 TBS maple syrup, 6 TBS gelatin. Next time I think I’ll cook the raspberries down and strain the seeds. But they came out perfectly sweet and tart. I also used the immersion blender to get out any stubborn gelatin chunks. Thanks, Diane 🙂

  21. If I want to use the tea infused gelatin cube recipe in your book, how much gelatin do I use? It says a package, but I use the canister of Great Lakes, so not sure how that equates. THANKS!

    1. It depends on how much liquid you use and how firm you want them to be. I’d guess at least 2Tbsp/cup of liquid.

  22. I just made these and gave them to my 15yr old son. He said he prefer something sweeter. I told him they were gummy bears, he said that made them different and ate them!!! I had cut them the size in your picture but he wanted them real small so it was like having a “handful”. What ever works I say!

  23. These are so yummy! I made these with blackberries and modified a few things. I used half lemon juice, half water. They were tart, but not too sour. I probably could have used 3/4 lemon juice, 1/4 water. Also, I strained the puree to filter out the big blackberry seeds, rinsed the blender pitcher out, poured the puree back in to the blender, added the gelatin and blended it again to smooth out the gelatin chunks. Then added it back to the pot to heat it up. Next time I think I might skip a step by heating the liquid and fruit together first, blend it with the gelatin, then strain it in to a baking pan. Can’t wait to experiment with different fruit flavors!! Thanks!

    1. I don’t recommend using water- it really just dilutes the flavor – I did that in the beginning when I started making these and they were just okay.

      1. I’ll try it next time. I was doubling the batch and two cups of lemon juice just seemed like A LOT of lemon so I pussed out. Now if there was only a way to recreate the sour sugar coating of gummy candy!

        1. Malic acid is what they use for the coating of Gummi Bears. Try it. It’s awesome and its good for you. Malic acid is found in green sour apples! I get the pill form and then just open up a few capsules! Enjoy!

          1. I jjust sprinkle some over them right before set so it sticka but does not dissolve. malic acid tastes like the topping on sour patch kids candy

      1. I don’t recommend the pantry, I think they will go bad quickly that way unless you finish them within a day or so.

  24. This is a really strange question… REALLY STANGE.. but have you ever tried to make savory jello… like out of bone broth?? It basically makes a jelly when you make the broth (like your post on facebook the other day- Loved it!) but I am wanting it to be more “firm.” So basically, what I am looking for is a bone broth jello jiggler that I can send in my hubby’s lunch. haha! I like the idea of adding a bit more protein to them also…do you know of any recipes?

    1. You can just add some extra gelatin to a broth recipe. I think you may want a traditional aspic recipe… you can probably google for those 🙂

  25. Threw these together last night with cranberries and they were amazing!! I’m a total gummie whore (sorry!) and miss them, so this is awesome! They’re just tart enough to keep me from plowing through the whole batch too! (someone… um… me… has a bit of an issue with portion control) Thank you.

  26. I just made the blueberry/lemon last night but they are two toned? dunno why. taste good thought. any clue what I did wrong? thanks.

    1. The gelatin didn’t dissolve uniformly. Start with all liquids cold to dissolve then turn on the heat. If you still get some white lumps/foam but it in a glass and let it cool for 10 minutes then scrape of the white foam on the top.

  27. These are great! I tried another paleo gummy recipe before this one but they came out WAY too sweet. I made a blueberry/lemon batch using frozen blueberries from last year’s harvest and they came out a bit too rubbery/tough at first. I added about 1/4 +2T water to the blender on the second batch and the texture was perfect for me. Thanks for doing most of the experimenting! It’s nice to only have to tweak an already perfect recipe to my liking!

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      Not REALLY. More will make them stiffer, but without corn syrup and other sweeteners, the texture won’t quite be like gummy bears. Make sense? But you can definitely add more and see what the result is and if you like it!

  28. If using the lemon-lime recipe and not adding sweeteners is it possible to over eat them? Or is it fine to eat as much as you like because I am in love with them and have low stomachic acid.

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  29. I am so excited about these! I made the lemon lime ones but used cherry coconut water (vitacoco) instead of water to give the flavor a little extra dimension. obesessed!

  30. Hi
    I have a sensitivity to beef can I use the pork based gelatin? Also I haven’t made any bone broth since I found out I was sensitive to beef and garlic, what would you recommend as alternative spices? Thanks

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  31. I just ordered gelatin online and can’t wait to try these! Having issues with osteoarthritis in my joints and hoping these will help.

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