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  1. I’m going to have to try this recipe next time I go to the grocery store! My kids gobble up applesauce like crazy whenever I make it. I usually just cut up the apples, peel and all, and put it into the crock-pot for a couple hours. When they’re soft I use my stick blender to puree it all. The butter in it sounds even more delicious. Butter is my favorite condiment =)

  2. Great recipe and while on the topic of healthy snacks, I like to use a blender, preferably a powerful one, and mix Kale, spinach and and thinly chopped apples with a teaspoon of coconut oil for breakfast or as a snack. I kid you not this is the best fuel to get your day started. I was thinking about incorporating some more ingredients to this recipe, any ideas? What nutrition am I missing? Thanks!

  3. How many cups of chopped green apples does this recipe require? I have my own apple trees, and the apples we harvest are not all the same size then after we cut out the worms and bruises, it’s impossible to gage how many will equal the 8 apples called for in the recipe. Thanks!

    1. Coconut oil works well, but you can’t refrigerate it after making it if you use coconut oil as it’ll harden too much – just eat it right away in that case.

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