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  1. I should also have added one of my FAVORITE quick, no-cook breakfasts is a piece of fruit like an organic apple with raw nut butter. I love almond butter on an apple any time. Too good! If you're allergic to nuts, try tahini- even sweeten it with a little bit of honey or maple syrup if you need to, but just a touch!

  2. Now that I'm whole foods convert, thanks to Sean Croxton – i found your blog from his YT channel btw – I eat whole natural yoghurt with no added sugar (120g) plus two tea spoon of whole unsalted, no added sugar, no flavours cottage cheese with berries (no strawberries, mostly red or black currents which I adored since childhood and raspberries), today it was with kiwi. i always used to eat yoghurt for breakfast, i'm very diary tolerant. it would have loads of sugar in it… and then i'd top it up with rice/wheat 'be good to yourself' cereal with 'only 3% fat'. Haha. Now i know how bad it was for me. sometimes i also eat a boiled egg with my yoghurt cottage cheese mix. If I'm not lazy or feeling cheap I go to eastern european shop to get some curd as well. keep up the good work girl, love your blog

  3. i asked Sean, but I don't hold my hopes up, he's too busy for every email he gets, so I'll try here, maybe you can tell me how can I bake at home? I love baking my own bread, but since flour is a crap food I have no idea what to do here. Wholegrain flour is bad as well, isn't it?

  4. @Ally- Yes, Sean's a busy guy and I know he likes to point people to me when it comes to more detailed food or cooking questions anyway 🙂

    I would recommend coconut & almond flours. You need to use different ratios of everything with them, you can't just sub them in for regular flour. Look for grain-free recipes- I think this site might be helpful:

    Or you can try

    Bread without gluten, however, won't be the same. It's a good idea to get used to the transition.

  5. thanks for the suggestions, now I only need to find a shop that sells this kind of stuff, whole foods is too far for me.

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