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  1. Yum even though I cant have it with nightshades, what are your thoughts on fermenting this? Or maybe I can just use some of my homemade pineapple vinegar and let is sit out a day or two to ferment?

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for developing and sharing! I would love to try this recipe, but I have a sensitivity to apples. Any ideas on potential substitutes?

      1. I haven’t had it come up yet. My food sensitivity test results came back right when I started treating for candida overgrowth. I’ve been drastically limiting the amount of fruit I consume since then. I’m thinking it’s about time to start branching back out though. Maybe turnips? When they’re raw, they seem to have a bit of a milder apple like flavor. Thanks for the response! 😀

          1. Jicama wouldn’t work in this recipe at all- it doesn’t get nearly soft enough and isn’t really sweet either.

  3. about how much does this make? a regular bottle of heinz would last us months. I wonder what size jars to get and if I should share it.

  4. I have an enormous slow cooker and think this may not be enough to cover the bottom of it. Any suggestions for cooking it on the stove?

    1. Double it and give some away? Or use a heavy pot like a enameled cast iron one and cook over low heat for 4 hours or in the oven at 200 for 4 hours– same as any other slow cooker > oven translation.

  5. Would this be okay to freeze or would it change the consistency or health benefits of it? What would you freeze it in? I love ketchup, but probably wouldn’t use a whole jar in a few weeks.

    1. I don’t know – I haven’t tried that. But it should last as long as most ketchups would. I’d just leave it in the fridge and take my chances 😉

        1. yes, it froze and thaw perfectly! No change in taste or texture. Next time I’ll make a huge batch in my big slow cooker and freeze it in smaller servings.

  6. Thanks for posting this Diane. Every time I buy ketchup I cringe a little (even w/ organic) and then go into denial. Going to make this over the weekend. We’ll see if it passes the test for my 18 yo non-paleo son.

  7. Thanks for posting this Diane. Every time I buy ketchup I cringe a little (even w/ organic) and then go into denial. Going to make this over the weekend. We’ll see if it passes the test for my 18 yo non-paleo son.

  8. We just canned a bunch of tomato paste using tomatoes from our garden last week. Will need to double the recipe as the jars are 4 oz 🙂 With 4 year old twin boys, we go thru alot of ketchup!! Thanks!!

  9. Can’t wait to try this. Thank you! However, I can’t find tomato paste in non BPA containers. I can find tomato sauce, though. If I subbed tomato sauce for the paste, would I only need to omit the water in the recipe? Or would I also need to make other “tweaks.” Thanks in advance.

    1. Honestly, I have no idea – you can try it but don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out!! 😉 There are a couple of brands of organic tomato paste in glass jars that have no other ingredients – you just have to look for ’em!

  10. Literally just made this… the ketchup is cooling on my kitchen counter as I type this. AMAZING! I kept licking the spatula… lol. Thank you so much! I will never buy ketchup again.

  11. Are there any places that would sell ketchup like this or even the mayonnaise? I really want to do this 21DSD however I find it a bit time consuming to make all of these staple ingredients that are necessary for success. It would be a good idea if you sold them on your website- I would definitely pay the extra money as I don’t have time with working full time and a newborn. Thanks!

    1. There aren’t, which is why I made recipes for them. You don’t HAVE to eat these condiments, but if you want to, these are what to follow. The time it takes to make them is really not much, to be honest. Time to peel and chop some apples and onions are it – the rest is passive/slow cooker time on the ketchup. The mayo takes 5-10 mins.

      1. Thanks! I made it and you are right it did not take long at all. I froze some too. I am a condiments person so I am trying to plan ahead, I will smother anything in ketchup and it’s pretty darn tasty! I am assuming the answer to this is no, but on the 21dsd can we have unsweetened vanilla almond milk?

  12. I just made this in my slow cooker and it tastes great! I am not normally a ketchup person, but my kids are. We’ll see what they think, but this sure was easy enough! Thanks Diane!

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