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  1. Fantastic Rant Di! I will (and do) take eggs and whole foods over procesed crap 10 times out of 10.

    Kashi..Go Lean…Go Home.

  2. Funny, I had the same reaction when seeing one of the new Kashi adverts the other night. I yelled at the screen, "If eggs are so great, just eat an egg!"

    PS Do you have a RSS feed setup? I'd like to subscribe but didn't see a feed url. Thanks

  3. Yep. Saw sugar 3 times on that label! And the whole grains? They didn't mention that they're processed. A real whole grain is puffy and moist by the time we've made it ready to consume it, right? After eating an egg for breakfast I'm not hungry for hours. After eating Kashi? Hungry in an hour…sometimes less.

  4. Oh man, that commercial gets my goat, too. I'm so tired of slick marketing taking precedent over facts. It's cereal people!


  5. Great post Diane! I so wish my daughter wasn't allergic to eggs — it's such a great easy healthy food! (I eat them though.)

  6. I thought I read in the Paleo Solution that all carbs are broken down to glucose before the body does anything with them anyway, so isn't it more appropriate to say it has nearly 9 teaspoons of sugar?

  7. @Anonymous (though I wish you'd leave a name or make one up!!!) – YES! Totally. I was just pointing out the actual sweeteners added, which doesn't even begin to touch the amount of glucose your body derives from the "heart healthy whole grains" ;o)

  8. You’re totally right on calling them on marketing processed junk as healthy food. To put the nail in the coffin, per calorie an egg has more protein than Kashi cereal. These fools need more eggs for brain function!

  9. It’s nice to see the different types of sugars being distinguished here and how the body reacts to each one differently. I have noting against eggs, I have them 3-4 times a week, but they’re also packed with estrogen (even organic, free-range, all-natural types) which takes a different type of toll on the body. Variety is also good. Oatmeal (or other cereals) on its own doesn’t have a heck of a lot of protein.

  10. GREAT post Diane. My obsession with Kashi GoLean cereal was the beginning of all my health problems that turned into a celiac diagnosis more than two years later. On the nutrition facts label, it looks like a gift from heaven, but on the ingredients label it is confirmed that it is in fact straight from hell. Removing Kashi from my diet was the first step in realizing that maybe it wasn’t the milk that was bothering my stomach, and maybe it was the “hard red wheat” (that couldn’t sound any more difficult to digest). Thanks again for this, and down with Kashi!

      1. it was posted when i reloaded the page. it was gone this evening. sounds like it was manually deleted. it did have a link so perhaps you thought it was spam?

  11. Love, love, LOVE this post Diane! Way to set people straight:) I talk back to the TV too when I see these commercials touting processed foods as “health foods”or natural foods. Corn Syrup is ok because it comes from corn? Infuriating! Feeding Poptarts to your kids makes you a good parent because it’s made with (a fraction of) real fruit? Really?!

    Kashi is at least better than these two but it’s the same principle…false advertising that people take as gospel. We have to think for ourselves, ask ourselves “Does this make sense?” and do some research…no one’s going to look after your health but YOU! I’ll be sharing this post:)

  12. I have to admit, I am new to Paleo. I swore by GoLean Kashi and loved it. I miss the crunch in the mornings. Eggs do not satisfy me. I would eat my cereal plain while I sipped my decaf coffee. I am glad I am reading more and learning more about processed foods. I need easy fast breakfast ideas that would be healthy for me and my family. Thanks for the posts.

  13. It frustrates me that companies claim to be healthy but are really just “health-washing” crap food. Since we cut sugars out of our diet I now get really sick feeling if I were to have this much sugar in one meal.


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