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  1. Loved it! We can always depend on you to be upfront and honest! I am doing keto and LCHF for medical reasons. I researched many MANY months before I started. I hate seeing it turned into a “fad weight loss diet”.
    I’m very fortunate to have doctors who work with me.
    BTW Diane, you started me on my journey a few years ago with your 21 day detox! Thank you!

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  2. Loved it! I love to be a critical thinker and don’t want to have to follow something that I can’t adapt to my own life. If you need to do something exactly as someone else, it will not be sustainable as a lifestyle. I have been in groups that I needed to get out of because the same questions were asked over and over and made me want to scream! Thank you for your candor and guidance and I appreciate the support and information given.

  3. Great rant, Diane! I read a lot of questions like these in keto forums. People need to do the research and experiment with your body if you need to. Get a journal and take notes. Or questions like ‘I don’t like eggs or avocados. Can I still do keto?’. Sure, track your macros and eat what you like to eat and keep evolving your diet.

  4. Ola Diane!
    Love the podcasts! I’m a new bee listener. This is a great honest podcast I respect you greatly for.
    I have a question, what is the best book and website or podcast you would recommend for a new beginner on a mild case of pcos diet tips for a ttc’r? oh and I am also trying to loose 25-30 pounds of unhealthy weight needed per my high bmi and doctors advise. I am also getting tested on food sensitivities possible gut issues and all. My cholesterol and diabetes tests came back boarderline….yickeeeeessssss :*( I totally believe that Food can be medicine. I have successfully gotten my period back for the last three months by eating better now and drinking more H2O.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated to direct me towards. YOU GALS ROCK!
    Keep up the great honesty too!

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  5. Diane- I love your new vlogs on Keto and I am a long-time podcast listener! I’ve also read all of the books in the favorites page of the Balanced Bites website. Do you have a favorite book that specifically addresses the keto diet you would recommend? There are a TON out there on the market right now and they are pretty difficult to sort through.

    Thank you so much!!

  6. Don’t forget to mention that when one eats keto one eats smaller meals because the food is far more nutritionally and calorically dense. If one tried to eat the huge meals one may be used to when eating high-carb, then one may feel sick.

    Diane, I think you’ll be interested in these three videos found here. I’m interested in your thoughts on them after you see all three and possibly trying a full 5-day water fast! 🙂

    PS. My wife and I enjoy your books and thoughts.

    Keenan Nichols

  7. My thoughts on the Keto diet is that it is one of the healthier diets out there, but it is not a lifetime diet. Currently, I think it is only healthy for around 90 days and then begins to be harmful because of the difficulty of getting the necessary nutrition we need from the huge variety vegetables. I think it may be argued that it is possible for the Keto diet to be a healthy lifetime diet in a great rural and far less toxic environment than an urban one. Possibly. But in an urban environment, one needs to nutrition to heal from the toxins.

    I’ve yet to see any other diet come close to a Paleo diet, emphasizing fish rather than red meats, as a lifetime diet.

  8. Great info Diane, especially about the part that everyone needs to be accountable and responsible for their own health journey. Would be great if you could explain to some folks what signs are we looking for to determine how food makes us feel? I know my body changes every year – what suited me last year causes me inflammation or tummy trouble this year. And sometimes I’ll eat something and it’ll cause me bloat or sinus congestion and then I’ll eat the same thing a week or two later and it won’t . Our bodies are always adapting and changing and sometimes it’s just hard to figure out which’s food serve us best.

  9. Very well said! I’m a PA and briefly worked in a weight loss clinic. So many of my patients took no personal responsibility for their diets. I got so tired of patients wanting me to tell them exactly what to eat and when to eat it. The key is having good resources and learning about nutrition for yourself. I kept your books in my office and would show them to patients and keep my fingers crossed that they would use them!!

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