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  1. What is healthier to eat rosted cacao beans or more than 70% dark chocolate – no lechitin or any other emulsifiers added? 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recommendations. I have been on the search for just this topic. I do have to say that I think it is completely unfair to have this post now while we are in the middle of The 21 Day Sugar Detox as inspired by your fearless leader on May 1, but I will be store this post for future reference. ;O)

  3. I love Taza chocolate, I’m glad to see it made the list, it’s hard to find good quality and taste with no soy lechitin. Their website is fun too, you can put the control number in from your chocolate bar and see video of them actually making your chocolate!!! I’ve been enjoying my iced coffee with a 1/2 T of raw cacao powder and a few drops of stevia (post 21DSD, of course) occasionally…it’s a nice treat! Oh, and if any of your readers are in the UK…the absolute BEST chocolate is British made from Montezuma’s…organic, soy free and so yummy!!!

  4. Endangered Species does have an 88% dark chocolate bar–it’s called Black Panther. It’s quite good!

  5. it’s great that you pick sustainable companies but what about the ingredients? to promote any kind of chocolate to people who want the true taste of cacao, you should be buying raw & organic chocolate. there are many companies on the market. these are often made in small batches and stone ground with ingredients that we can understand. i only buy raw chocolate and the company that i support the most is Chocolatl. you should check out their products and compare. you will not be disappointment!!!

    1. You’re correct, Carolyn. Organic is meant to indicate GMO-free. Please excuse the omission.

  6. MaX…I’m not too concerned with that assertion (and our post was certainly not posed to “prove” such a thing), and I don’t consider it a “dirty little secret…” although the intricacies of evolution and ancestry are fascinating and filled with fun crevasses and little-known details. Cocoa was discovered and valued by traditional cultures – including, for example, the Aztecs – because it’s worth valuing, in my opinion. (Of course, the way they used the compound is quite different from your modern chocolate bar.) Many – including the Weston A. Price Foundation, an organization I wholeheartedly support – would disagree with my love of chocolate. That’s just fine! There’s no dishonesty here – although the intersection of history and science on the point of chocolate is quite fascinating. And I must point out that we didn’t evolve eating Holsteins, either…we must vet information for its modern application. It’s just not worth hand-wringing about…but we’re not dogmatic in our approach here at Balanced Bites.

  7. Organic Panama is my absolute favorite. So yummy and my local market always has it in stock- that’s a good/bad thing!

  8. Lindt has a line of very dark chocolate (I usually buy 99% – yes, that’s right, 995 cocoa!)

    I also like Simply Lite bran Trader Joe’s has been carrying. It’s actually sugar free (they use maltitol as a sweetener). They have both milk and dark chocolate versions.

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