Paleo N'Oatmeal 2 Ways: Apple Cinnamon & Banana Coconut


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  4. I tried the apple and cinnamon this weekend and loved it! I think eating it warm in the winter would be a great way to start my morning. Can you tell me how long it will keep in the fridge. Was thinking about making some ahead and packing them for my vacation.

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  6. Just finished up with the banana coconut. It was delicious! I’m sitting here trying to eat it all, but I’m so full! Then I realized, it’s two servings, and rightly so! Very filling stuff, and quite tasty.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I can’t wait to try the Apple Cinnamon!

  7. Ha! I wasn’t so crazy adding sweet potato in my smoothie! I’ve even added a few greens (with cinnamon), leftover oatmeal; but the best is a little avocado for a silky mix.

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