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  1. I love this recipe. Thanks so much for the additional notes about coconut flour when needed and the good spice blend for the pumpkin pie spices. I was just thinking I should buy some of the blend because I wasn’t quite sure of my proportions. I like to try a recipe as close to its author’s intention before I go crazy with my own variations.

    Thanks again, pamela

  2. This is already one of my family’s favorites from this cookbook (next to balsamic ribs–yum!). I made it a few nights ago for dinner and added some coconut flour to make it thicker. Well, I added too much–you all know how coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture–and then had a dough. To fix my mistake I added another egg and some coconut milk (almond milk would work too). They were fantastic! Frying in butter really crisps up the edges and a very small drizzle of maple syrup on the top finishes them off nicely. A treat, definitely, but pair it w/ bacon or sausages and some sauteed cabbage and it’s a meal.

  3. I made these from the cookbook for the first time yesterday, for a special Sunday morning breakfast at home with my fella. They were a real treat!

    I had some small pumpkin lumps in the batter, which worried me, but they turned out just delicious. So if you’re making this and your batter isn’t 100% smooth, don’t give up hope.

  4. It’s the perfect time of year to eat everything that has pumpkin in it. The first time I made these they were to die for. I had to make a double batch because I knew my boyfriend and I would eat them all in one sitting. And that is exactly what we did.

    If your a pumpkin fanatic like I am they pair perfectly with the Pumpkin Porridge recipe in this book.

    This pancake recipe is a staple in our house now!

  5. Thank you for discussing the addition of coconut flour!! When I made these from the book, I immediately came to the section of your site with book corrections, thinking this needed some coconut flour. I ended up submitting an email question and got a one-liner response that mirrored my email. This is SO MUCH more helpful!

    1. No problem! I realized that folks were often getting different types of pre-packaged pumpkin these days. What do you mean a one-liner response that mirrored your email?

      1. Sorry, that came across a bit odd. The response repeated what I’d already said, so I thought the problem was uncommon. Could be because I’d already decided to try some coconut flour next time. I used the Farmers Market organic pumpkin. The pancakes tasted great, just more “crepe” like because my batter was too thin. Thanks again! I’m loving your book!

      2. Thanks for the tip re adding a bit of coconut flour. I made the recipe this weekend and the batter was definitely too runny. I thought perhaps I had mismeasured the coconut oil and added too much, but maybe not. We both loved the recipe but my husband said he would have preferred some sort of flour in the batter – will try the coconut flour (just bought a bag!) next time!

  6. Just had to tell you that I LOVE these pancakes! I made them last weekend and wow, they’re fantastic! I liked them so much the two friends that have borrowed my copy of Practical Paleo had to make them after I raved and raved. Spreading Paleo awesomeness– win!

  7. I make these 2 or 3 times a week for my kids, who love them to death. We’re sugar-free for October, so I leave out the maple syrup, and I have to say, my kids still love them! (I do add about twice as much of the spices). I have been adding the coconut flour already, and I fry them on coconut oil. Then, instead of syrup, I serve berries (from frozen) that have been simmered with some butter until syrupy. Tomorrow, I’ll do that with apples and cinnamon. My 6 year old daughter said she wants them for her birthday meal! (We also really love the carrot-ginger muffins, which I make without the maple syrup or molasses. My kids still love them! You can slice toast them in a buttered pan and it might make you want to cry.)

  8. Saw this recipe floating around the other day and just made them for dinner. Delicious! I used organic canned pumpkin (which was conveniently on sale at Whole Foods) and a banana instead of maple syrup and loads of pumpkin spice (as I didn’t have all the spices separately on hand.) They are SO good! I happened to have some sliced almonds in my cupboard, so I also added a few pinches to them right before I flipped them. They add a nice crunchy texture. I also ran out of vanilla and forgot to pick some up, and used hazelnut extract I happened to have. I’m sure there are lots of other variations like this you could do.

  9. Diane, I have your book and love this recipe. I have used it with many sorts of leftover winter squash besides pumpkin and it always turns out great, although I never use the maple syrup. This recipe convinced my sister to buy Practical Paleo.

    I have a wonderful integrative medicine physician and on my checkup I brought in your cookbook and showed her the recipes inside it. She zeroed right in on the Pumpkin Pankcakes. (That page is stained and squash-smudged!)

    Apparently she has some patients trying to do paleo/primal but are going through withdrawal over grain-based breakfast foods. I told her the other recipes I’ve tried so far were fantastic, too, and that she couldn’t go wrong with your book. She wrote down the title and said she was going to get a copy to show her patients.

    (I must tell you that she was also impressed with the meal plans and the Poop Pageant, LOL.)

    1. Fantastic, Bonnie! I’m thrilled to hear it! If your physician would like to have a copy of the book for the office, she can contact me to receive one! I’d be happy to send it.

      Additionally, if you wouldn’t mind sharing this review over on Amazon, I’d be so grateful for it.

      Thanks and keep up the great work!

      Diane 🙂

  10. I bought pie pumpkins this year and have been making my own pumpkin puree and looking for recipes to ‘showcase’ my efforts. This pancake recipe is perfect. I added coconut flour but didn’t add the sugar to the batter. A drizzle of a teaspoon or two of maple syrup (organic Canadian #3 dark maple syrup) after cooking provides all the maple taste you need. Get the darkest maple syrup you can (mine is the colour of molasses)- the wimpy light stuff has no flavour. Best of all, breakfast didn’t budge my blood sugars and I ate a 1/2 of the batch myself! Yummy!!

  11. I have to admit I was very skeptical about these, but I was too lazy to go to Whole Foods to get the specialty flour I needed for other recipes I found online. Honestly, I’m impressed! It was my for foray into cooking with coconut oil, and canned pumpkin was easily found down my block at Walgreens, so it was easy. I was distracted and overcooked the first ones, so I set them on the side. The others were cooked perfectly. I’d add that you can’t walk away from these, the texture is not like pancakes made with flour, so stay close. I doubled the amount of spices since I love those flavors. I cooked mine in a non stick pan with a little coocnut oil.

    They were so good, I even ate the ones that were “darker” than I usually like them. Super easy, this one’s a winner. If you keep pumpkin on hand it’s a great quick fall breakfast that is vegan, tasty and not too oily.


  12. This is a very tasty recipe for pumpkin pancakes. I used canned pumpkin, honey, and the coconut flour and they came out perfect. It was a little difficult to turn them (too runny on top) and to figure out what temp to put my griddle on but finally decided on just under 300 degrees to avoid burning. After I turned them and they were browned I put them on a nonstick foil lined cookie sheet at 325 and they finished cooking without any more browning in about two minutes. Served with pure Vermont maple syrup, bacon and sausage patties, yum!

  13. I made this recipe this morning & ooohhh la, la, delicious!!!! I used 3 T. pecan flour instead of the coconut flour. I feel spoiled rotten! 😉

  14. I have made these over and over while sugar detoxing. My kids even LOVE them!! Today, i added 2 scoops of plain protein powder to boost the protein and ate them post-workout!

  15. I’m new to grain free cooking & I just thought these were ok, not awesome. They’re not going to convert anyone to a grain free diet. I’ll try other coconut flour based pancakes before I would think about making these again. But we did eat them all & my 3 year old in particular scarfed them down so they definitely weren’t bad.

  16. I LOOOVE these and I make them like once a week! I just wanted to post for others who may not have tried this yet that I find if you use the optional mashed banana then you DEFINITELY need to put the coconut flour in/some kind of flour, or else they just fall apart/can’t be flipped.

    Also, the toppings I’ve liked best so far: Raspberries, Currants, Greek Yogurt, Maple syrup… especially good when you top with all of these at the same time, hahaha.

  17. Thanks so much for this recipe! My husband and I have been eating Primal for a few weeks now, so we’re beginners and are searching for great recipes. This one hit the spot or me, as I’ve been missing the “old” pancakes nd such thati had way too often. These might have been even better!! Had a little troube flipping them due to runny middles (but bottom would’ve burned had I not flipped) so finally got my spatula to cooperate and only ruined 2. 🙂

  18. These pancakes make an awesome snack when you take leftovers straight out of the refrigerator and smear them with almond butter.

  19. I absolutely love pumpkin pancakes! I have been playing around with pumpkin pancake recipes myself, and while this one isn’t grain free it is certainly delicious: http://www.nutritiontofruition.com/gluten-free-pumpkin-pancakes-vegan-friendly/ . I haven’t ever thought about using coconut flour though! I am going to have to try it. I wonder if you can make coconut flour yourself? I find that specialty flours are so expensive so I like to try making them.

  20. Diane,

    I am a diabetic type 2. I believe I already know the answer……but do you recommend your Detox for someone like me? I have lived with my sugar addiction for more than 20 years. I am 59 yrs old. I hate myself everyday for not being able to stop this madness. I am a highly addictive person, (ya, think?). I am a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser, 21years clean and sober, quit smoking 20 years ago only to pick the sweets….mostly ice cream. I have a LARGE list of other health issues that I won’t bore you with. I don’t even know if this message will get to you. But if it does and you have the time to read this I am very grateful.


    1. It’s certainly a good program for you. If you take insulin or other meds, just watch to see if the dose becomes too much for you- you may want to talk to your doc about what will happen if you are eating less carbohydrate food than usual. Hopefully the doc will be on-board! Keep us posted- join us on the 21DSD facebook page > http://www.facebook.com/21daysugardetox

      1. I thank you for so much for getting back to me!!! I will ask my doctor but I am afraid of her answer because I am also Hypoglycemic as well. But I was wrong about your answer so hopefully I’ll be wrong again!!! As for the facebook thing…I am not computer savvy don’t have facebook. Anyway thanks again.

  21. We have this book and we are on the autoimmune diet. I am wanting to make these but need to leave the eggs out. Is there any way this can be done.

  22. Love this book so much & just starting paleo. I am so excited to try so many things! I just tried making these today but they came out horrible, they smell so yummy so i was so disappointed. I see that adding coconut flour may do the trick to change the consistency. To me they tasted like pumpkin flavored eggs…..kinda funky…Going to try the almond flour & see what I come up with!

  23. I made these yesterday and my kids gobbled them. Made it with green banana and 2 tsp coconut flour. I will have to make a double batch today. Thanks so much for this recipe Dianne!!!!!!

  24. We have been making these pancakes pretty regularly for the last 18 months. Yes they freeze well, we often reheat by putting them from frozen into the toaster. We also sub banana instead of pumpkin, no sweetener frequently. I only use pumpkin when its seasonally available from scratch. Hubby loves them. I find the consistency is better if I beat the eggs longer and get them good and frothy before adding the coconut flour/oil. We always use the 2 tbsp. of coconut flour, and again whipping up longer with the mixer changes the consistency. We have had our fair share of runny batches that are hard to turn before I figured out mixing longer helps. they will taste pretty eggy but we got used to it and for the family it is worth it. oh and not that it is particularly paleo but the banana ones are really yummy with a nutella substitute.

  25. I made these over the weekend and although absolutely delicious, especially with the vanilla butter and my family informs me that they were delicious with Canadian Maple Syrup – they in no way look like the picture. Mine were too moist. The batter didn’t pour right into the pan. They were difficult to flip, they kept breaking. I tried making them thinner, but still. They tasted moist not bread-like as in the picture. Any advice?

    1. Were you using canned or boxed pumpkin? The boxed stuff is quite runny. I would add a little bit of coconut flour to the mixture to help it dry out- 2 tablespoons sifted in should do the trick.

  26. I just started paleo last week and made this this past weekend. Oh my goodness gracious, these are some of the best pancakes I have ever had in my LIFE! And I’m a total pancake snob. haha. I followed the recipe to the letter and they came out perfectly. Light & fluffy and just delicious! This is going in our regular meal rotation for sure!

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  29. These are great! I got my cans of organic pumpkin in the mail yesterday and googled to find a paleo pumpkin pancake recipe this morning for breakfast. These had great taste and texture and I’ll definitely be making these again several more times over the next few months. Love your blog, books, and Insta. Thanks for all you do for the paleo community.


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  61. I made a double batch of these last weekend when my parents and sister were in town. I used a mashed ripe banana instead of maple syrup and added some coconut flour. They came out perfect! My family loved them and demolished them in minutes! I love everything pumpkin in the fall and these definitely hit the spot.

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