Greek-Spiced Lamb Roast | Diane Sanfilippo

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  1. Hi Diane! This looks wonderful and I love the potatoes and onions with it! I’d love to put this on our table for Easter! I have a 2 lb. boneless leg of lamb. Could it work for this recipe or would I need to make any temp/time adjustments?

    Thanks! Also, just ordered your spices! I make them all the time but will often run out at the most inconvenient times…so I’m happy to have these available all ready to go! 🙂

    Amy5 stars

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    Hi Amy –

    I think this would work beautifully for Easter with that cut you describe! As long as you cook it to temperature you’ll be good to go! The timing isn’t something I can predict but I’m sure there are websites out there with details on that.

    Can’t wait to hear how you enjoy the spices!

  3. I have to eat Gluten free , now also for IBS , and need to go by blood type A diet — don’t know to manage all this do you have any suggestions !! I can’t give up !!My health us too important !!

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      Hi Patsy – While I’m not familiar specifically with which foods are considered safe for A types according to the diet you’re trying to follow, I have several books that may help you. For IBS specifically, I’d recommend Practical Paleo, which contains a meal plan for digestive health (just for you!) — to get it from amazon or find it where ever books are sold. Keep me posted!

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