Homemade Sugar Scrub | Diane Sanfilippo

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  1. I am out of coconut oil (!) and don’t have coarse sugar in the house, which is probably a good thing, because this sounds really tasty.

  2. I must try this right away; your pics are irresistible. I’m thinking this may be a good use for the coconut oil I have in plastic containers, since I don’t like cooking with it unless it’s stored in glass.

  3. The scented oil you linked to may contain synthetics. I’m a huge fan of Nature’s Gift for my essential oils. There’s plenty of goodies there in that price range, for example.

    1. I’ll check that out- I was being quick to find a link to a scent I know I like that I buy from Whole Foods but I’ll see about fixing that- thanks! 🙂

  4. Probably a strange question—but will the coconut oil solidify? It’s cold where I am and my coconut oil stays solid. If I heat it to liquefy and add to the sugar, just curious if it will turn into a “blob” once I the oil has a chance to cool down. Thanks!

    1. Once the warmth of your hand touches the mixture it softens a bit and you can scoop a small amount out to use. Mine is firm as well but also softens a little if you leave it in the bathroom and then near the shower/tub gets warmer.

  5. If you want a completely edible scrub, consider using some citrus zest. I added about 2 tbsp of orange zest. Gives a little color and a faint citrus scent.

  6. Made a batch of this today for a Christmas present, just the sugar and coconut oil, everyone in the family had to taste a tiny bit (ha ha), and then I took my shower and used the tiny bit that didn’t fit in the jar. It made my skin VERY smooth; loved using it! Thanks for the idea, and Merry Christmas!

  7. We have some peppermint oil from making organic peppermint chocolate candy at Christmas. What do you think about using that. Also have some coconut sugar that is coarse but it was spendy so do not want to use it for a body scrub. Thanks for retweeting this as it has been on my mind from the past when you FB shared it. Want to try it. The quadroplegic son has great skin except for his hands as he wears hand protectors and it would be a great skin exfoliant for that.

  8. any ideas for using up bad oils? My boyfriend’s mom just bought us a gallon jug of “olive oil blend” (mostly canola oil, with a little olive and grapeseed oil). I’d just donate it but boyfriend doesn’t want to. he says we can use it to season the cast iron but it will take a LONG time to use that way…

    1. I wouldn’t use it anywhere on or in your body- or to season the pans as then you’ll be eating it. You can either chalk it up as a bad purchase and just let it go (garbage) or perhaps see if there are other household uses for it of which I am not aware.

      1. Ya, I’ve been trying to come up with household uses, but I think I’m just gonna hide it under the sink and give it away in a few months when he’s (hopefully) forgotten about it

      2. vegetable oil can be used with lemon juice and vinegar to make a bug spray to spray around your yard to reduce mosquitoes.

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