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Podcast Episode #329: Keto & Feeling Imbalanced

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Balanced Bites Podcast with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Keto & Feeling ImbalancedTopics

  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:02]
  2. What are you listening to? [9:49]
  3. Listener question: When keto is not for you [20:25]
  4. Self-care while changing your diet [30:14]
  5. Treat yoself: Gluten free flours [34:27]

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Balanced Bites Podcast with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Keto & Feeling Imbalanced Balanced Bites Podcast with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Keto & Feeling Imbalanced Balanced Bites Podcast with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Keto & Feeling Imbalanced

You’re listening to the Balanced Bites podcast episode 329.

Diane Sanfilippo: Welcome to the Balanced Bites podcast. I’m Diane; a certified nutrition consultant, and the New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo and the new book, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide. I live in San Francisco with my husband and fur kids.

Liz Wolfe: I’m Liz; a nutritional therapy practitioner, and author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller Eat the Yolks; The Purely Primal Skincare Guide; and the online program Baby Making and Beyond. I live on a farm in the mystical land of the Midwest, outside of Kansas City.

We’re the co-creators of the Balanced Bites Master Class, and we’ve been bringing you this award-winning podcast for more than 6 years. We’re here to share our take on modern paleo living, answer your questions, and chat with leading health and wellness experts. Enjoy this week’s episode, and submit your questions at or watch the Balanced Bites podcast Instagram account for our weekly calls for questions. You can ask us anything in the comments.

Remember our disclaimer: The materials and content within this podcast are intended as general information only, and are not to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Before we get started, let’s hear from one of our sponsors.

Liz Wolfe: The Balanced Bites podcast is sponsored in part by the Nutritional Therapy Association. The NTA trains and certifies nutritional therapy practitioners and consultants (including me; I’m an NTP), emphasizing bio-individuality and the range of dietary strategies that support wellness. The NTA emphasizes local, whole, properly prepared nutrient dense foods as the key to restoring balance and enhancing the body’s ability to heal. Nutritional therapy practitioners and consultants learn a wide range of tools and techniques to assess and correct nutritional imbalances. To learn lots more about the nutritional therapy program, go to There are workshop venues in the US, Canada, and Australia, so chances are you’ll be able to find a venue that works for you.

1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:02]

Liz Wolfe: Hi Diane!

Diane Sanfilippo: What’s up!

Liz Wolfe: What’s up! How are you? My kid thinks that apparently everyone I work with is named Diane.

Diane Sanfilippo: Well, you…

Liz Wolfe: I don’t know if you saw that Instagram story.

Diane Sanfilippo: Well you’ve got me and another Diane, so basically she’s pretty much right. Her, “I want a podcast on the computer,” I’ve saved it. I think I bookmarked it.

Liz Wolfe: So cute! And that was not staged even a little bit. I got done podcasting. We recorded two podcasts and then she came in. You know, I was at my parent’s house because somebody has to watch her, unfortunately, while I podcast.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: So she came into the room, and she climbed right up into the chair and grabbed the microphone and started kind of piddling around with the keyboard, and was like, “I’m going to podcast with Diane.”

You know; when she says something cute, I’ll whip my phone out and get Instagram stories going. And I’ll just say; what did you say? And hopefully she says it again. It was just so, so cute.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughing}

Liz Wolfe: {laughs} She loves podcasting! Future podcaster.

Diane Sanfilippo: Well also; in case anyone is wondering where kids learn anything. Besides her obsession with dinosaurs, she’s definitely modeling what her mommy does. It’s just so cute.

Liz Wolfe: Oh yes. It’s actually really scary how much the soak up from us.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah.

Liz Wolfe: And noticing it now because she’s old enough to repeat things back. But I also wonder how much more; because I tend to think we become less of a sponge as we move on in life. So I’m wondering; the first year, year and a half of life where I couldn’t really see her modeling back the things I was doing. And the many times I was just cursing under my breath.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: Like, “How the F do people do this? This is so freaking hard!” {laughs} I wonder what she soaked up during that time of life. So I just have to hope that I’ve done enough good things to kind of outweigh the bad. We’ll see.

Diane Sanfilippo: I’m sure you have.

Liz Wolfe: I hope. So what’s going on with you? {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: So, when you guys are all hearing this episode, January 4th will be the original air date. So I will have already completed two of the tour stops. And the Montclair, New Jersey event will be tomorrow. So, as I can anticipate, having a great time! {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: I’m pretty pumped because the way these things have worked out; you guys all know, our friend of the podcast, friend of myself, friend of you and I, Tony Kasandrinos; you know, Kasandrinos olive oil. He is actually living now; he’s in the marine corps and gets moved around. And he’s actually living now on the East Coast again. He was in Texas for a while. So he’s like; “Great, I’ll come to your events.”

And so he’s going to be with us in Montclair and then in Cherry Hill and then also driving to DC. So he’s actually also driving between these events. Which is so reminiscent of what we did back on 2012 for the Practical Paleo first time I ever toured and he drove me and a couple of other people all around Texas. It was just super fun. I don’t know; it’s just a really fun way to change things up on the tour. And I love when it’s not just me. {laughs} I love when there’s a bunch of people to kind of enjoy the process and have fun with the whole thing. So that’s going to be fun.

And I’m sure he’s also going to be handing out olive oil. So if you’ve been debating, I’m sure that he will be handing that out. So stay tuned.

Liz Wolfe: He’s just the consummate extrovert. Him and Effie, his sister. The best people on the planet.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah.

Liz Wolfe: And I just remember; it’s so outside of my zone to be so friendly and extroverted. Because I’m always like; oh that person probably doesn’t like me. I’m not going to be friendly because they probably don’t like me anyway.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: But I remember at PaleoFx years ago; the first year of PaleoFx, and I was running the Steve’s Paleo Goods booth. We were there, and Effie and Tony were there for Kasandrinos. And I remember Effie was like; what do you guys want for lunch? And then was like, to my husband, was like, “You want to come with me? Let’s go get the food!” I was like, oh my gosh I wish I was this nice, and this collaborative, and this extroverted. Because they just make you feel good when you're around them, you know?

Diane Sanfilippo: And not in a creepy way. There are some people that are creepy about it.

Liz Wolfe: I need to practice that more. No, no! In such a friendly, kind way.

Diane Sanfilippo: It’s very familiar. Like; they just act like you’ve known each other.

Liz Wolfe: Yes! Like they don’t know a stranger.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs} Totally. I mean, I’ve spent a lot of time, also, with Cindy; their mom. She and I were in the backseat of the car driving around Greece a couple of summer’s ago when Tony was driving. And that was; I mean, we were white knuckling it in the back of the car.

Liz Wolfe: Scary? {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: Very scary. And Scott in the front, and Cindy and I in the back. Just hilarious. But they definitely are like family to us. We’ve definitely also spent holidays with them. Scott and I were in Las Vegas; I don’t know if it was last Christmas or the Christmas before that. So yeah, just such a wonderful family. And their business is amazing. And their product is amazing.

So yeah, I’m super excited because that will; I don’t know. I love seeing friends all over. I’ll see you in Kansas City. So, yeah. I’m going to go ahead and rattle off tour stops, just in case folks didn’t hear this on the last episode. But in terms of upcoming tour stops. So tomorrow is Montclair; as I said. Then the Philly area in Cherry Hill. Washington D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Kansas City with you. Boulder, Denver; Juli Bauer is going to join me there. Sacramento, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Salt Lake City. Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma.

And those Pacific Northwest events; Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma; my friend, Robyn Youkilis, from Your Healthiest You. She has a new book coming out and she’s going to join me at those stops. And I think that will be super fun. She’s also a nutritionist and a coach. And just a rad chick. I just really straight up like her a lot. You know? {laughs} And I, I don’t really say that lightly. Because you know me. Go back to that introverted thing. I don’t know that I’m introverted or extroverted. I can’t; I’m part of both in different times.

Liz Wolfe: Yeah.

Diane Sanfilippo: But I don’t like a lot of people, for real. You know? And I don’t pretend to, either.

Liz Wolfe: {laughing}

Diane Sanfilippo: You know; I can’t pretend to like somebody I don’t like. But I just straight up like her. I just like her. And I definitely would not ask somebody to be at an event together if I didn’t like them {laughs}. So that’s going to be super fun. So yeah, I’m excited about that.

Liz Wolfe: My husband would call that a good dude. “He’s a good dude. She’s a good dude.” You know when my husband calls somebody a good dude, that they’re legit. {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: That they’re good? Yeah. Totally. So what else is going on? I think New Year.

Liz Wolfe: I think I pretty much covered it. I think I’m probably traveling the week that this airs to visit family on the other side of Kansas. And yes, there is more than one side of Kansas. And I’ll come back, have about a week or a couple of days, and then I’ll get to see you. And hopefully by then I’ll have more to share. Who knows {laughs}.

2. What are you listening to? [9:49]

Diane Sanfilippo: Alright, so let’s talk about what we’re listening to. And I know a lot of you guys; first of all, I would love for you guys who listen to our podcast to come over to the Instagram post for today’s episode and tell us what you’re listening to, and what type of podcast it is. Because everyone; I feel like we all have different; I don’t know. Just different things we like to listen to in podcasts that may or may not be totally related. I know a lot of people listen to murder oriented podcasts. I think Juli Bauer listens to those. I don’t know what kind of podcasts everybody likes listening to.

I will share one that’s kind of weird that I like listening to. And I can’t really; well, I’ll explain why. We’ve talked about this before, but I’ll just list off a few. One that I like listening to a lot is Happier in Hollywood. It’s a spin off, or it’s part of the same group as Happier with Gretchen Rubin. And it’s Liz Craft, her sister; which I just, I don’t know. I feel like she always comes off as this underdog {laughs}. Where she’s trying to stick to something or whatever; she’s just so relatable. But she and her cohost Sarah, they have been friends for 17 years. Or writing partners for that long, and friends.

It just kind of reminds me how you and I have been friends for a long time, and we work together and we have this podcast. So I just really enjoy that show. It’s a really fun one. And it’s actually the perfect amount of time for me to do my hair and put makeup on. I feel like’s it’s about a 25 to 30-minute show. And I’m like; great. If I can do all of this primping while this show plays, and I basically only do that all about once a week. {laughs} So that’s like my getting ready podcast.

I also like Gastropod, which I’ve talked about that one before. And that one is really good for; if you want to go in depth. Like a deep dive on different foods. So they’ll have an episode on the history and science of vinegar. Or one all about tea, or peanuts. And butter. And all types of things. So I really like that show, if you want to nerd out. And I do feel that they are pretty balanced. I don’t think that it’s ever really sensationalized or that they overstate things. So I think they have a really good, balanced approach on that show.

I also listen, sometimes, to Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing. Partially just because I like his voice. It just depends on who the guest is. So some of them I’m not that interested in. But I just check it out if I think there’s a guest that I think would be interesting to hear their story. It’s nice to get a background, sort of deep dive on where they came from and I find that really interesting.

And the one other random, random podcast. I can’t say I listen to it regularly. But I think it’s called Datable. And it’s about dating, and it’s based in San Francisco. And I kind of like to listen to it just to hear what people are sort of dealing with in today’s modern landscape of dating. And I have to admit how much I’m glad that I’m not dating {laughs}. But I do kind of listen to it every now and then, if I just want to hear something random. But I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. It’s not something that I even probably have sticky on this whole podcast screen, because I don’t listen to it all the time. I would say Happier in Hollywood is definitely one that I don’t miss an episode. And also Happier; you guys know I like listening to that one. With Gretchen Rubin.

But I will say, also, the new podcast app in Apple’s iPhone situation; is anyone else like; I can’t find my stuff?

Liz Wolfe: It’s terrible, right?

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah. Scott has not used Apple’s app for years now, because he’s like; that thing stinks! {laughs} But I’m just like; I can’t be bothered to figure out a whole other app, so I’m just trying to figure it out. But yeah. Those are a few that I listen to. I always listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me when I fly. I feel like I download a bunch of those and I just kind of listen back. So those are a few that I like.

What about you? Are you listening to any podcasts, or any audio books or anything at all? Reading stuff? What’s going on?

Liz Wolfe: I’m not a big podcast listener. But I have been listening to a few lately. I do like the Happier podcast. In particular, I listened to one recently where Gretchen gave a tip; I just love how some of the lifestyle tips they give, you want to be like, “{scoffs} That is so lame.” But then you're like; wait.

Diane Sanfilippo: It was actually really helpful.

Liz Wolfe: This going to make my life better!

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah!

Liz Wolfe: Yeah. So the tip about before you tear into a package;

Diane Sanfilippo: Dude. Yes.

Liz Wolfe: Just take a second to check whether there’s a normal, predetermined way to open it. And I’ve been doing that! I’ve been looking for the little tear tab on my packages. And on my turkey, it peels open and I had just been hacking at it with a knife. And that has significantly increased my happiness.

Diane Sanfilippo: I like that tip, too. I heard that and it definitely happened a couple of weeks ago. I think I was opening a new box of an Echo. And I was like; “This looks complicated. Hold on; let me turn it around. Ok, here’s the little arrow. I will pull here.” Yep. Same exact thing.

Liz Wolfe: {laughs} The worst though is when there’s a way you're supposed to open it, and it doesn’t work. Like those little packets of nut butters, when the tear part is there, it doesn’t work.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah.

Liz Wolfe: That’s awful. I kind of; so I tend to follow people through different podcasts. So I’ve been searching for Beautycounter CEO, Gregg Renfrew. She’s only been on a couple of podcasts, but I’ve listened to all of those.

I do love listening to Found My Fitness, Rhonda Patrick’s podcast. And she has been on the Joe Rogan Experience, so I listened to her on there. I listened to the various interviews that David Hanscom did on Back in Control on a couple of different podcasts.

I also listen to a couple of episodes of How I Built This recently with the founder of Starbucks and the founder of Spanx. And what I think is really interesting that I’ve learned; and you probably already knew this; is that the founder of Starbucks and the founder of Spanx both sold copy machines or fax machines for like Kinkos. Not Kinkos; what’s the copier?

Diane Sanfilippo: Xerox.

Liz Wolfe: Xerox; yeah. And I’m pretty sure Gregg Renfrew, the founder of Beautycounter, did as well. So it’s just really interesting to learn about those commonalities among these really successful people.

The other thing is people rave about all these true crime podcasts. So I finally just picked one. So what got me into this was I found out there was a podcast that spoofs true crime podcasts, and it’s called, I think it’s called “Done Disappeared.” {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: Which I think is hilarious. So I was going to just start listening to Done Disappeared. But then I was like; ok, I have to know what they’re spoofing. So right now I’m listening to a couple of actual true crime ones. Actually I’m just listening to one. And it’s called Up and Vanished. And I have to say, the story is really interesting but the podcast itself is not very good. {laughing} I’m sure there are better podcasts. So I’m going to listen to a couple of those, and then I’ll listen to Done Disappeared, so I actually know what they’re spoofing.

Diane Sanfilippo: Interesting. To your point about the founder of Starbucks; he was on an episode with Alec Baldwin some time last year or the year before, I don’t know.

Liz Wolfe: Oh.

Diane Sanfilippo: So I heard his story on there. I mean; I don’t know. Doesn’t everyone like Alec Baldwin’s voice? Is it just me? Anyway. {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: I could just be me. But I really liked that episode, for sure. I loved hearing that story. Super inspirational. I need to go listen to that episode you were talking about on How I Built This with Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx.

Liz Wolfe: Yeah.

Diane Sanfilippo: I remember seeing her on Oprah years ago. I mean, I feel like Oprah definitely catapulted her. Did she talk about that, or am I making that up?

Liz Wolfe: I honestly cannot even remember. I remember a funny story about; everybody should just go listen to How I Built This with Sarah Blakely. Because there were a couple of funny stories. And she’s so relatable, and really just humble. And it really makes you feel like; gosh. If she can do it, I can do it.

Diane Sanfilippo: Mm-hmm. That was the entire motivation of watching the Oprah show for me, back in the day. She had so many women entrepreneurs on the show. And it did make me feel that way. It totally made me feel like; if they can do this. They weren’t doing anything special before they had the idea and just decided to go for it, you know. So, awesome.

Liz Wolfe: Yeah.

Diane Sanfilippo: Well, I want to hear what you guys listen to. And I would love to hear in realms aside from health. Something that’s fun to listen to that makes your life better that’s entertaining, educational, etc. Come tell us over on our podcast Instagram. Leave a comment. Feel free to tag if they have an Instagram account that we can go check out. And, if there are shows that you would like to hear either of us on, definitely let us know in the comments. Tell us; you know, which of us would be appropriate to be on the show, and what we might want to talk about. I definitely would love to share anything. Whether it’s about my new book or just different mindset things. Different mindset topics that we would want to share about on other shows. Love to get to know what other folks are up to.

Diane Sanfilippo: Today’s podcast is sponsored by Vital Choice seafood and organics. Purveyor of premium sustainably sourced seafood and a certified B corporation. Vital choice offers a wide range of fish, shellfish, humanely raised meat, protein rich bone broths, and paleo friendly snacks like organic dark chocolate, super antioxidant trail mix, and bison jerky. One of my new favorites from Vital Choice are their pastured pork chops; but I also love the king salmon, scallops, and seaweed salad, as you guys know. Liz’s favorites are the salmon and the tanner crab. Celebrate the new year and your health with premium seafood and organics from You can also check out to see some of our top picks.

3. Listener question: When keto is not for you [20:25]

Liz Wolfe: Alright. So this question came in from Stephanie in Phoenix. “I am in desperate need of advice. I’ve been on a keto/low carb diet for about 4 weeks, and I have realized that this diet is not for me. The electrolyte imbalance is kicking my butt, no matter what I do. I’ve been supplementing with salt, magnesium citrate, and potassium. Coconut water, bananas, avocados, and adding carbs back into my meals. My heart rate and blood pressure will increase. I get shaky, brain fog, light headed, dizzy. I’ve even experienced stroke-like symptoms. Numbing in the left arm, tightness in the jaw.

I’ve been to the ER twice in the past week, but by the time they get to me and test me, my blood electrolytes are normal. They wait for my blood pressure to come down, and they send me home. And both times, they passed it off as anxiety. I saw my primary care practitioner today, and it was just more of the same talk. Eat a balanced meal, keep supplementing. I really wanted to get admitted, put an IV saline drip in me, and call it good. I’m not sure they fully grasp and understand how scary this is for me.

I haven’t been sleeping much because I’m treating my symptoms all night, and by the time daytime rolls around I have to tend to my toddler while tending to my imbalance. I need real advice really soon. Please help me get out of this funk as soon as possible. I don’t want to have to deal with this over the holidays. I have been diagnosed as insulin resistant, but I do not take any medications for this. And blood glucose is the least of my worries at this point. I appreciate all that you do; Stephanie.”

Well, here’s a little bit more info. “I’ve pretty much neglected my self-care since my son was born; he’s almost 4. He’s not an easy child, so all my time and energy has been focused on him. I’m learning the hard way how important self-care is. I’m not on any medication; prior to this keto trial I tried to eat pretty good. Protein, veggies, white rice. Nothing too crazy. I take multivitamins and fish oil every day. I just need your help and advice because my doctors don’t know how to help me.”

So, I think before we talk about this, we should definitely say this is a heavily medical question, and nothing that we’re about to say should be taken as medical advice. It sucks that her primary care practitioner and her doctors she feels like haven’t been able to help her. So I feel like the best we can do is give some extra information maybe she can take to her doctor. But this is one of those things; and I think she said she is not diagnosed as insulin resistant; I'm looking for that.

Diane Sanfilippo: She has been.

Liz Wolfe: Did she says she’s not?

Diane Sanfilippo: She has been diagnosed.

Liz Wolfe: She has been. Ok. Got it. Alright. And it’s interesting she chimed in here about self-care, because one of my; and this is not a keto insight. But one of my insights from the last 2.5 years of parenting has been that I think our physical breakdown as parents who don’t take care of themselves is progressive. I feel like I’ve had just thing upon thing upon thing just little things pop up that have absolutely no reason to be happening other than I have been stressed consistently for a very long period of time.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yep.

Liz Wolfe: There’s no reason to have anything that I’ve had as a healthy human being other than the stress and not taking care of myself since my daughter was born. So do not underestimate the contribution of that factor to any situation that you're going through in life.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah. Very cumulative. And that’s true, also, for folks running their own business. We’re really quick to write things off, and little by little. Myself included. It’s a long-term snowball effect of all these little things that kind of contribute to a seemingly out of nowhere breakdown, you know. Where it’s like; where did this come from? Why is all this happening right now?

Do you want to jump in with a couple of things before I give my two cents?

Liz Wolfe: My one cent was that at the very beginning she said, I’ve realized this diet is not for me. And it sounds like she is 100% right. I think that we are really quick to prescribe; no prescribe like prescribe. But talk about keto as something that’s good for everyone, and it just flat out is not. It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. It just means that keto is not for you.

And even people that are insulin resistant. People kind of look at keto as this magic bullet for that; but it’s not the only magic bullet. I’ve actually people overcome insulin resistance on a carb heavy diet. It absolutely has to do with other aspects of your physiology. So there’s nothing wrong with you here. And it absolutely is the correct insight that this is not for you. So there’s nothing I’m going to say that’s going to help you make keto work. Because it just sounds like square peg, round hole.

Diane Sanfilippo: Mm-hmm. I think also what you were talking about in our previous episode, you know, we were talking about sleep. And you were talking about specific way to support anxiety. Sometimes; and this has happened over the last 6-plus years of doing this show. A lot of times we can look at the facts that somebody tells us on paper, on the screen, in terms of what they’re dealing with. And a lot of times the way that it’s written, and the amount of wording, and the amount of backstory or just the way that somebody describes what’s going on with them tells a story, right?

If it were a few sentences and it were just super clinical; like, here’s what’s happening. But then when we hear everything else; we hear the backstory. We hear how many people she’s gone to to try and get help. And then we also hear that additional information. We ask people what their question is, but then we’re like; ok, tell us more. You know, in our form. And then it’s like the tell us more part actually is the foundation of the story, where then she says; I’ve neglected self-care since my son was born four years ago.

So now we’re getting to the root of, why is your whole system sort of shutting down. And even she’s saying; she’s added back carbs. She’s doing things where it’s like she’s not just strictly eating this ketogenic diet. She’s actually putting that stuff back and not feeling balanced. There is a very clear divide between how much manipulation of your food and nutrition is going to help when your whole body is sort of in this anxious place, or in this imbalanced place. And this seems very clearly something that, if Stephanie can focus on getting her whole;

Again, this is what I was talking about last week. Getting her nervous system to basically also calm down. Because everything seems just hyperreactive and hyper-responsive, but not necessarily in a balanced, calm way. It’s like; just changing her food is really not helping. So that’s the point at which I would say; dealing with the self-care but finding practical ways to do that. What does that actually mean for her? Does it mean focusing on sleep, like we just talked about last week? Does it mean getting some therapy, like you’ve talked about over the last 6 months to a year.

It might mean; and it probably does mean, looking at things other than nutrition. Still eating a balanced diet, and probably not going into that super low carb zone. And who knows where she’s at, too. Adding carbs back; does that mean she’s adding 20-30 grams? Or does that mean she’s really aggressively putting them back so that she can feel better? You know?

I think anything that makes you feel really bad for a long period of time just not a great approach. I talk about this with the 21-Day Sugar Detox a lot. There’s a short period of time during which someone might not feel great. And it’s usually not more than a few days to a week, tops. And some of the reasons around that really have to do with what you're eating before and what you're eating during. And it’s not a specifically keto or low carb approach. There are plenty of carbohydrates in that way of eating. And everyone is different and going to respond to things differently. But I never want someone to feel shaky or hungry or any of that.

So I don’t know. I don’t think it has as much to do, specifically with food. Although I would absolutely agree with you. It’s like; you're tell us here that it’s not working for you. And the reason that we wanted to address this is obviously we’ve had a bunch of episodes recently talking about this way of eating. But part of what we want to do with this show, in terms of having things just presented in a balanced way is make sure that people know that just because we talk about something and share who it might be good for, and how to approach it in different ways. It absolutely never means this is what we think is right for everyone. I mean, everyone really has to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and how that works.

I think my conversation with Leann Vogel about a keto diet was actually very balanced. She has a very balanced approach, and she does want people to know that there are many times when eating more carbohydrates is the way to go. But I think that it’s something that not everybody really wants to pay attention to. Sometimes people are so focused on eating zero carb or no carb and they’re just scared to add this stuff back. So I think that could be a really good way to approach things.

4. Self-care while changing your diet [30:14]

Liz Wolfe: Yeah, and you know, I think what people need to remember is that keto is awesome for the people who it’s awesome for. And high carb is awesome for the people who it’s awesome for. And we’re going to talk about these things because they do help people. But the question that our listeners have to ask ourselves is; am I that person? Do I fit into that category or do I fit in another one?

One of the things I should have said earlier that I want people to remember is; keto, or transitioning to anything, can be an added stressor. And when you're already running on fumes. When you're already, like Diane would call it, your stress beaker is full, doing something like that can absolutely send you over the edge. And I really just want to emphasize this that a stressed system basically runs on glucose. And transitioning to basically shifting metabolics during a time that you're significantly stressed; not only are you taking away what your system is accustomed to running on.

Because as we know, cortisol is involved in the stress response. A chronic stress response and chronic cortisol issue; cortisol is there to recruit stored glucose to basically enable you to run; function during the day. So you don’t have any stored glucose, let alone any glucose in circulation. You are going to suffer from these symptoms that she’s talking about. So it is probably very much connected to the stress with the keto on top of it. So it can take a while to get your system back in balance. But I absolutely think adding carbs back is the right thing to do.

And for as long as you are particularly stressed. If keto is going to work for somebody, you're going to know that it’s going to work for you. You're not going to be going to the ER concerned about your electrolytes.

Diane Sanfilippo: Totally.

Liz Wolfe: So I would absolutely address the anxiety. And that might involve not just eating more carbs, like Diane was talking about. I don’t even remember if it was this episode or last episode. But tackling the anxiety. Tackling the sleep. All of these different things to deal with what is the root of the problem. Which I think, probably for everybody, is basically anxiety and anger. But we don’t even have to go into that.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: I’m just on that train, because of the Back in Control book. So I think that’s really important, too.

Diane Sanfilippo: And a point that you just raised, also, that I think I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this, for example. People ask if I need to eat a low-FODMAP diet, can I do the 21-Day Sugar Detox. And I’m like; well, I label which recipes have high FODMAP in them and things you can swap. But at the same time, I always tell people; if you're trying to focus on eating low-FODMAP, that’s enough. That is not easy. So just to your point about adding more stressful things on top of stress, not always a good idea.

There are plenty of people for whom eating keto, as you said; it doesn’t feel bad like this. It might be a little uncomfortable for a few days, but it’s not this. It’s not this extreme level of just a crash out with your body. So I just want her to, I don’t know, give her system a little bit of credit, in a sense, where what happens over that last 4 years maybe of neglecting self-care and this cumulative effect where, until now what your body has done is adapt to this stressor. And it’s like; thank you, body, for keeping me moving forward for this long. But your body is basically at a point where it’s no longer willing to do that. It’s kind of rebelling and telling you it needs something else now. And it’s time to make a change. So time for a change.

Liz Wolfe: Yeah.

Dr. Scott Mills: The Balanced Bites podcast is pleased to welcome a brand new sponsor; Equip Foods and Perfect Keto. Dr. Anthony Gustin and his teams have created lines of supplements that are super clean and effective, no matter what your dietary needs. In the coming weeks and months, Diane and Liz will be telling you how they’re incorporating these supplements into their daily lives, as well as offering some specials for our listeners. In the meantime, check them out at and

5. Treat yoself: Gluten free flours [34:27]

Diane Sanfilippo: Alright. We’re doing a treat yoself this week! We have not done one of these in a while. And I kind of miss it. So let’s share a couple of our favorite treat yoself items. You’ve got something you want to share, huh?

Liz Wolfe: Indeed I do. I might have talked about this before, but I don’t think anybody is going to be mad about the reminder. The King Arthur flour gluten free brownie mix is incredible. It is the best gluten free brownie mix I have ever had. I mean, as good if not better…

Diane Sanfilippo: Funny you should say that! We just tried the Bob’s one, and found it to be the best brownie mix!

Liz Wolfe: Ha!

Diane Sanfilippo: So I think we should do a little head to head test on those two.

Liz Wolfe: Maybe we have a showdown in Kansas City.

Diane Sanfilippo: We’ll call it baking those brownies! {laughing}

Liz Wolfe: Maybe call Bob’s Red Mill {laughs} and the King Arthur Flour, and we have a taste test in front of everybody.

Diane Sanfilippo: I’m in. Colleen; get on that.

Liz Wolfe: Sugar detox book signing and brownies. It makes total sense.

Diane Sanfilippo: Well, that’s the balance. I’m teaching people how to find their new normal in this book. So I like it.

Liz Wolfe: I love that. Well, we’ll talk about that. So I think those are amazing. And also, my friend Sima has told me that they actually make a really amazing crock pot; that brownie mix is really good as a crockpot lava cake type thing.

Diane Sanfilippo: Huh.

Liz Wolfe: Whenever I say lava cake I think of the movie; what is that movie with freaking what’s his name and the other guy?

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: And Sophia Vergara. It’s a great movie! Is it Chef? Is that what it’s called? I can’t even remember.

Diane Sanfilippo: Oh. John Favreau?

Liz Wolfe: Yes. The ultimate fighting champion from Friends; yeah, John Favreau. He’s a chef and he’s getting divorced from Sophia Vergara. Anyway, he has kind of this breakdown at his restaurant. I guess maybe Dustin Hoffman is his boss. He gets really mad, because he’s like, “There’s no such thing as molten lava cake! It’s just undercooked chocolate cake!” {laughing}

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs} I have seen that movie.

Liz Wolfe: See that movie. It’s really good. So that’s how I’m treating myself.

Diane Sanfilippo: Should I share a treat myself? Treat yoself?

Liz Wolfe: Well yeah.

Diane Sanfilippo: Ok. Well, let’s just go with Scott’s hand pies. So on this whole GF flour blend train, Scott got a bunch of stuff sent to him, because his Instagram situation is kind of out of control now. He’s got over 12,000 people over there.

Liz Wolfe: Wow.

Diane Sanfilippo: Bob’s Red Mill actually reached out to him and was like; hey, do you want to try some stuff? So he’s like, yes. That’s where we got the brownies, actually. But we found their pie crust; gluten free pie crust pre-done mix. And we were making apple pie. This is not a we situation. He was making apple pie for Thanksgiving.

Liz Wolfe: {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: And then discovered he had a little bit of dough left over. And I was like; well just make a couple of hand pies. Basically throw that extra stuffing in there; extra filling. And the were one of the best things I’d ever eaten. So he made those for our annual champagne holiday brunch party that we have. And they were just amazing. He posted them on Instagram, {laughs} I don’t know. I’m joking that he should not be a doctor anymore, and just open a hand pie truck because I feel like he might be missing his calling.

Liz Wolfe: {laughs} That could be the next thing; a hand pie truck? Hand pie trucks. Hand pies. Like funnel cakes, only hand pies. I like it.

Diane Sanfilippo: And they’re gluten free. He was calling them healthy. I was like, honey. I’m not sure that that word is appropriate. I don’t …

Liz Wolfe: {laughing}

Diane Sanfilippo: I mean {laughs} I don’t know what would qualify as a healthy hand pie. But lots of GF flours.

Liz Wolfe: Healthier than an Oreo. {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah. Good quality fats; lots of butter and duck fat. But yeah, those were pretty amazing. And if you didn’t see them on Instagram, you were the only person who actually didn’t see them. {laughing} Because they got a lot of attention. So those were amazing.

Liz Wolfe: They broke Instagram?

Diane Sanfilippo: Totally.

Liz Wolfe: Well that’s it for this week, folks. You can find me, Liz, at and you can find Diane at Join our email lists for free goodies and updates that you don’t find anywhere else on our website or on the podcast. While you’re on the internet, leave us an iTunes review. See you next week. Happy New Year!

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