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What if I said you could be healthy and vibrant, live longer, avoid the “age-related” diseases, and feel great at any age?

America's Whole-Life Coach, Marcie Peters, has brought together 38 health and wellness experts for a FREE virtual event: Transform Your Health World Summit.

Your health is important to me, and I'm thrilled to share this amazing opportunity with you. It starts on September 21, so sign up now to reserve your spot.

This event will position you to:

  • Transform-you_health_Shareablemanifest optimal health
  • learn about foods that support vibrant living
  • achieve lasting weight loss
  • discover tips to increase vitality
  • gain insights into hormone balancing
  • support brain functioning
  • explore the psychology of eating
  • uncover how your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and interpretations affects health
  • discover a community of health experts to support your journey
  • receive free gifts from experts!

Here's a short list of just a few of the expert speakers that will help you transform your health (*some of whom you may also have heard on The Balanced Bites Podcast!):

  • David Wolf
  • Dr. Daniel Kalish*
  • Tana Amen
  • Emily Rosen
  • Jonathan Bailor*
  • Dr. Katie Reid
  • Mark Sisson*
  • Dr. Allison Siebecker*
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan
  • … and many more!

Don't miss out on this FREE event! Click here to get registered and tune in September 21-October 5, 2014 to hear the interviews – mine airs on September 3oth!

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