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The 21-Day Sugar Detox Review Round-up #1

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Thanks to the following people for their amazing, advance-copy reviews of The 21-Day Sugar Detox!

If you’ve been wondering whether to order my new book, perhaps one of these practitioners or bloggers will reveal something about it that will convince you that it’ll be an invaluable addition to your library!

21DSD_roundup121 Day Sugar Detox Review and Giveaway by Caitlin Weeks, NC of Grass Fed Girl

“Diane's own struggles with sugar cravings herself and she wrote this program to help others break the habit of  eating sugar every few hours. She has included three different levels so each person can start where they are comfortable. Then you can try a more strict level on your second or third go around! As usual she throws so many in great illustrations, charts and graphs.”

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The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Book Review and Signed Copy Giveaway! by Dr. Scott A. Mills of Livewell Chiropractic

“Ah sugar – that sweet and evil temptress that is making its way into everything these days and spoiling our health. The link between sugar laden food products and diseases of civilization (obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc) are well known. If there is one step almost everyone can benefit from, I would say curbing intake of processed carbs (read sugar), added sweeteners, artificial sweeteners and even excess fruit is a great place to start.”
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21 Day Sugar Detox…My First Time... by Kym of Paleo Mom on the Run

“The 21 Day Sugar Detox is written so that things are broken down for the reader.  You have the intro, the science (I love, love, love this part), what to expect, different levels, shopping lists and, hurray, recipes.  The recipes look divine.  I’m going to make every single one of them!”

21 Day Sugar Detox–A first impression by Paul of Thoughtful Cave Dad

“For someone who’s a visual learner, Diane has packed this book with some serious textual density…This book is totally different from Practical Paleo, yet seems very familiar and welcoming.  You get a warm, fuzzy feeling paging through this book, like you’ve been here before.”

21 Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo by Jess of Nummy For My Tummy

“Let's talk food! The book is packed with over 90 recipes as well as additional website sources to find even more recipes to suit you. These aren't recipes that take a culinary education background, They're designed for everyone to whip up and use very basic ingredients (no traveling to Middle Earth for a rare herb).”

Book Review: The 21 Day Sugar Detox by TGI Paleo

“The first part of the book goes super in-depth on all the reasons WHY you should do a 21DSD. Not only that, but this is probably the best job Diane’s ever done of explaining how important this is for your health. There’s lots of science, but it’s all easy to follow, especially with super-cute illustrations. She’ll also walk you through how to prepare for your first 21DSD, what to expect, how to dine out (sugar is sneaky!), and how to modify as needed for your workouts. It’s completely revised from the original e-book, so even us veterans have something new to look forward to.”

The 21 Day Sugar Detox – New Book Review by Sean of  Vancouver Dad

“Why this book? I find it easy! Quick as well! It has a lot of easy graphics to help explain concepts. A lot of simple Yes and No lists (page 70/78/86) and general advice for real-life situations like ‘What to look for when eating at restaurants' (page 60). I find the section “the science of sugar, simplified” (page 18) easy to understand (exactly as the name suggests) but not too “dumbed-down” (because seriously, my kids (at least) think I know everything (such as today's Q: “Why is ocean water salty?”)). And Diane even uses Legos to illustrate “insulin at work” (page 24). I might even be able to explain this to the kids.”

Pittsburgh City Spotlight: The 21 Day Sugar Detox by Janelle Pica, RKC and personal trainer of Primal Fitness Pittsburgh

“The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a book that is designed to help us all fight off those pesky sugar cravings and reset your metabolism so you can look great, feel awesome, and just plain thrive in life!”

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Book Review by April of Butterflies, Peace, Paleo

“One of my favorite things about the book is that it has a what to expect, day by day.  So each day from 0-22 it says what you may be experiencing and what to do about it.  The 3 different levels have been expanded (with some new things added!) and now each level also has a 21 day meal plan to follow.  The yes/no lists are still there so you can choose if you want to follow the meals on the meal plan or make your own meals using the yes/no list.”


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  1. I ordered my book and will get in almost in time (I hope) to start my 21dsd on November 1st. I know I’m cutting it a little close but I bought your original E-book version as well just in case. I would like, with your permission, to do a review of your new book on my blog , http://cavedwellerintexas.wordpress.com/ I am really looking forward to Novemeber 1st, even though my husband is terrifed, LOL!!!

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