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Podcast Episode #267: All About Blood Sugar & Carbs

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Topics 1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [6:16] 2. Beautycounter [20:15] 3. The Balanced Bites Master Class [26:59] 4. Blood sugar and insulin [31:15] 5. Insulin [34:22] 6. Sugar and carb confusion [42:24] 7. Blood sugar and cortisol [54:11] 8. Vitamin and mineral deficiency [57:00] 9. Chromium [1:01:20]       Subscribe to Real Food Liz!  Subscribe to …

Listen to my interview on The Diabetes Summit

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Type 2 diabetes has become a worldwide health concern, but did you know that it can be prevented or even reversed through nutrition and lifestyle changes? Join me at the FREE, 12-day Reversing Diabetes World Summit hosted by Dr. Brian Mowll, The Diabetes Coach™, and Jimmy Moore of Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb! This global health conference includes 50 presentations with the world’s leading …