Quality Control Definition & Meaning

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Content AltexSoft for Scientific Games: Adding Value to the Product through Sophisticated Analytics Tool and Improved Quality Quality Control Methods Training for a Team The Definition of Quality Control is This: Statistical Quality Control : Quality Assurance and Auditing An example of a pertinent acceptance sampling procedure would be to have employees taste 1 out of every 10 or 50 …

The Measure Pod: #26 App attribution for dummies, and web analysts with Derek Ooi

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Content Position Based Attribution Model What is the Google Analytics Default Attribution Model? How empowering your brand can power customer behaviour in the experience economy Data-Driven Attribution Model Google Privacy Sandbox for Android  —  Is It Really the End of Attribution? Ready to scale your mobile app’s growth? AppSamurai’s Complete Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud in 2022 Inked is published …

Benefits of Broth | Balanced Bites

The Benefits of Bone Broth

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Bone broth is a super-food for so many reasons. To name a few, it’s been shown to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and improve the quality of your skin. Bone broth provides our bodies with bio-available (very easy to consume, digest and absorb) forms of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and other trace minerals that are so lacking in our diets today. While we …

The true cost of shipping for small businesses | Balanced Bites Blog

The true cost of shipping for small businesses

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The true cost of shipping for small businesses One thing many folks don’t realize is that the cost of shipping anything, especially items that weigh over two pounds, has increased significantly over the last decade. Add to that any special handling, packing materials, and expedited service for perishables, and it can often feel overwhelmingly like the cards are stacked against …

What does small batch mean? | Balanced Bites Blog

What does small batch mean?

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What does small batch mean? As a premium food product company, we pride ourselves on making items that you’ll love, with flavors, textures, and quality that surprise you at every bite. One of the ways we achieve the flavors and textures that we have is that we make products in small batches. Small batches of organic spices. In our case, …

5 Tips for Snacking On-the-Go l | Balanced Bites

5 Tips For Snacking On-The-Go

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5 Tips for Snacking On-the-Go Heading on vacation? Starting a commute back into an office? Shuttling the kids around from one camp to another (with a swim practice thrown in for good measure)? Being away from home​ can be challenging, so I’ve compiled my top five tips for snacking healthily while on-the-go. 1. Eat Before You Go Sounds easy, but …

Why Balanced Bites Spices are Different | Balanced Bites

Why Balanced Bites Organic Spices are Different

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I get this question a lot. “Diane, what makes your spice blends different from what I can find on the supermarket shelf?” Or, sometimes, I’m asked why and how they are different even from other specialty organic spice blend brands that aren’t in most stores. And it’s a great question, as we pour a lot into making our organic spice …

Balanced Bites Charitable Giving Update Q1 2021

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In Q1 2021, we continued our fundraising efforts and held a number of campaigns to enable you to donate through your purchases of Balanced Bites products. Thanks to your generosity, we contributed thousands of dollars to the community. Here’s a recap of Q1 2021 company donations and charitable initiatives (January-March 2021). ROUND UP Last summer, we added a simple way …

5 Not So Healthy Habits to Ditch Now | Balanced Bites

5 Not-So-Healthy Habits To Ditch Now

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If you’re like me, you’re probably bombarded with every type of “diet” advice under the sun on a daily basis, and it’s seriously overwhelming. I’ve talked about my overall nutritional philosophy in depth before, but ultimately I try to keep things simple: Eat real, nutrient-dense food. Choose water over other drinks. Move some each day. Aim for 7-8 hours of …