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Hey ladies!

I wanted to make a landing page here to show you the fantastic finds I've gotten from Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist service for women that I have absolutely fallen in love with.

Stitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane SanfilippoStitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane Sanfilippo

The blouse (Collective Concepts, small) and jacket (Tart, small) seen here are both from Stitch Fix boxes I've received! The cowl was hand-knit by a friend.

(If your guy wants to check out a similar service, Bombfell is a great one my man has been loving.)

How it works:

Based on a detailed style profile you complete online, every month (or more/less often, if you choose) a personal stylist from the SF team will hook you up with a box of 5 items, shipped right to your door for you to try on in the comfort of your own home.

I love being able to try them on at my own leisure, to see how they'll work with the most appropriate under garments, shoes, belts, etc. – which I always mix and match with new pieces!

If you like at least one thing from your “Fix,” you pay just for that item. No shipping, no styling fee. Nada.

Prices are anywhere from around $38-188 depending on the item – tops, to dresses, for example) and nothing more.

If you like nothing from what's sent, it costs $20 for the service in its entirety for that box – no more, no less. A small price to pay to not have to brave the mall. Although, admittedly, as a native Jersey girl, I'm quite at home in nearly any shopping mall.

Stitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane SanfilippoStitch Fix Success & Tips | Diane Sanfilippo


The “Fixes” get better every month as you keep and return items and give feedback based on style, fit, price, etc.

I typically keep anywhere from one to three items, but in two boxes I received, I kept everything! It's almost creepy (but in the best way possible) how spot-on the stylists are. I've talked to a few friends who've also started the service, and their ability to send us great jeans that fit is certainly a signature value. Every one of my friends has gotten great jeans from Stitch Fix!

What's more, they will check out a Pinterest board if you have one, to see styles you like – even from other people's “Fixes.” So, if you like something you see here, Pin it and maybe it'll come in a future fix of yours if it's still available! I've gotten two dresses I asked for, and have loved them both!

My best advice for getting a great fix:

1. Be honest. Fill out your profile with as much accurate and honest information as you can. Don't say you like something or are okay with a certain color if you know you're not. For example, if you never want white shirts, tell them.

2. Be specific. Once you get to your second fix and beyond, tell your stylist in the feedback form exactly why you did or did not like something. Don't be worried about anyone's feelings, it's her job to find you items you love!

Stitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane Sanfilippo

This jacket and jeans are from Stitch Fix boxes I've received recently – paired with a navy blouse and my own geode necklace.

3. Pin, pin, pin! If you create a Pinterest board with items you like and styles you like, you'll get much better fixes that suit your taste. If you can pin items you see others getting from Stitch Fix that you think you'd love as well, that's even better. They've been great about sending me exact items I've pinned along with a mix of other items my stylist selects – and it's worked out great.

4. Sneak a peek. I can't stand surprises, so once I see that my fix has shipped, I click on the “Checkout” link in my account and see what's been sent. It's a little sneaky to do this, but I like to do a google search for “stitch fix ____________” and I paste in the name of the item. This doesn't always land you on exactly the items you'll be getting, but often you can come close or find an image where someone else has received it and blogged about it. For me, this helps me manage my expectations and then I can anticipate what's arriving soon.

5. Try it all on, even if you're sure you won't like it. If there's anything redeeming or proven awful about the piece, you want to tell your stylist that. For example, I received a mod-style shift dress in one fix that I absolutely knew would not flatter my curvy shape. I tried it on anyway just to prove what I assumed, and I was correct. I was then able to verbalize the problems with the item and its fit to my stylist in my feedback.

Here are more photos of some of my many Stitch Fix successes!
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Stitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane SanfilippoStitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane Sanfilippo

This jacket and white jeans were from Stitch Fix boxes. The tank and geode necklace were my own.

Stitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane SanfilippoStitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane Sanfilippo

This dress, jacket, and bag were all in different fixes!

Stitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane SanfilippoStitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane Sanfilippo

This skirt and necklace were from two separate fixes, paired with a top I had in my closet!


Stitch Fix Review & Tips | Diane Sanfilippo

This jacket, skirt, and bag are all from Stitch Fix boxes I've received over the last year – mixed and matched to make this fun outfit!





StitchFix2  StitchFix1


Check out Stitch Fix for yourself!


Affiliate note: Stitch Fix will send me a thank you if you order through my link – which I appreciate tons. And, heads up! You can share your own link with friends to enjoy the same benefit if you try the service and love it as much as I do!

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  1. That romper is really cute and looks great on you! You must change the shoes, however. Try a wedge and you’ll be sold.

    That striped dress is really cute, too. Much cuter on that I expected! You’ll get a million uses out of that dress. Love it!

  2. Oh man, that romper is really cute, but I agree that it’s probably a bit short. And most likely if you kept it you’d feel self conscious about how short it is every time you wear it. I did like the striped dress more once you put it on! Def a keeper.

  3. The romper did look a little short but you could pull it off, especially for vaca. It could even be a good swimsuit cover up. I’ll have to say the stripe dress was more flattering in the butt area (hey you asked for feedback!). I loved the coral but fit didn’t look comfy. Also that little purse was perfect!!! 🙂 love your snaps and getting to see what you get from them!

  4. Love the romper not too short at all! Would looks great with wedge espadrilles and possibly a jean jacket. As always thanks for sharing!!!

  5. The pants looked so cute! Such a bummer they didn’t fit. Every single time I try on a romper I think ehhh is this too short? And then remember the THREE I already have in my closet that I never wear because I’m always too self conscious about the length! Haha every tiiiime. Oh and I love the purse!

  6. Hey pretty lady! Here are my thoughts on your snaps of your stitch fixes! So the romper, love the pattern but I agree it just seems too short. I feel like only super ridiculously skinny, long legged model types can pull off that look. As a 5’5″ 125lb 32 yr old, I can confidently say that I CANNOT pull it off. Also not in love with the coral pants that are Capri length as they seem to shorten your legs. The dress, however is AMAZE on you and looks good on the booty side too!! Keep! And love the mint purse. Not sure what your 5th piece was. So there’s my honest thoughts! I love watching your snaps. Give some pets to Harper and Mason! 💕

  7. Love the romper! It depends where you are wearing it! Looks great on you! Not too short. Your legs look fabo. I agree on different shoes. Wedgies. 🙂
    Striped dress a given. 🙂
    I love the color of the pants. Too bad they didn’t fit. I have the exact same issue. Need to fit my legs, but the waist is too big.

  8. The dress and purse KEEP! My feeling on clothing, if it’s not 100% perfect don’t bother. Remember ‘does it spark joy?’. If you’re on the fence you’ll find reasons to pass it up. The dress can be dressed up or down and that mint purse is a perfect accent piece. Love that it’s cross body! Love all your snaps, it gives me the real deal Diane that I love to hear in your podcasts. Keep being you! Xo

  9. I LOVE the romper! It looked great on you! I don’t think it was too short al all. I am 42 and would wear it. I do agree with the person who said to try wedges with it. I wasn’t a fan of the dress, but it did look super comfortable. Loved the purse! Perfect for spring/summer.

  10. I liked the long dress a lot on you and the cute purse-especially crossbody style. The romper is cute but I think it’s just a tad short. You could do it on vacation but I don’t know if worth keeping.

  11. Loved the romper! It would be too short as a dress, but isn’t too short as a romper! You’re fit! Work it! I like the navy dress too! And the purse, no to the jeans.

  12. The long dress is amazing please keep it you will definitely get a lot of use out of it. I do agree about the romper being short but try with different shoes and see if that helps. I think I have a very similar body type to you and I find that I’m just not comfortable in rompers so if you’re not comfy return it. I’m getting my next fix in a few days- I can’t wait!

  13. If your not comfortable in the romper you should return it, it’ll end up just sitting in the back of the closet..that being said I really did like it and thought it looked ready in you. Did you try wearing it with flats or sandles? Sometimes I find that helps things to feel less short…the maxi dress was definitely my fav from today!
    Also the pizza in your other snaps looked like heaven 🙌🏻

  14. Hi Diane. The romper is adorable but I have to agree it’s a great little outfit for vacation. I really like the navy striped maxi dress and sorry to say I did not like the red crop pants at all. I didn’t like the way they fit you but I loved the pocketbook Crossbody.

  15. Romper=yes but not with those white heels. Should try black strappy heels/wedges with it. I got that same dress and did not keep it but it looked great on you! Super comfy, easy to wear on the go with flip flops. Pants=nope. Purse=meh. I’m not a huge fan of the chain straps but as a clutch it’s pretty cute.

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