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Stop holding yourself back (a little tough love)

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I’ve heard from many of you recently that you’re stopped in your tracks, afraid to share something you feel passionate about with the world. Or unsure of how to start. Or simply worried what people will say… Don’t wait to serve the world with your gifts until you (or your work) appear in a way that some people deem acceptable. …


Massive Accountability

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“People Are Hard to Hate Close Up. Move In.” -Brene Brown (From her newest book, Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone, whose wisdom and insights and research are life-changing. And whose voice is quite soothing, if you’re an Audible-type like I am!) THIS. I don’t know if this is true abroad, but …

The magic of saying no | Diane Sanfilippo

The Magic of Saying No

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Who else is saying *NO* more?   What happens when we say “no” to people, activities, and even to ourselves? It’s usually the most honest answer you can give, yet somehow, it’s the absolute hardest. Allow me to release you from the turmoil that comes from this in-between state you may be in right now… saying no to something, someone, or …