Why you want more stomach acid, not less.

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“I have too much stomach acid.” “I have acid reflux, I need to lower my stomach acid.” “I have heartburn, it must be that I’m eating too much protein.” “I can’t digest much protein, it just sits in my stomach like lead.” Any of these sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve uttered one or more of them yourself.¬† What they all have …

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Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #9: Managing MS, Stubborn Belly Fat, Nutritional Support Post Orthopaedic Surgery, Leaky Gut, Miso & Bean Sprouts

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Opening chat: The Food Lovers new amazing cookbook is available now on Amazon.com:¬†“Make it Paleo.” The Free the Animal post Liz referred to here. Liz’s new nutritional therapy website here. Questions: 1:¬†Managing MS (multiple sclerosis) [13:30] 2. Stubborn belly fat [26:30] 3. Nutritional support post-orthopedic surgery (and some notes on tanning/indoor tanning) [32:30] 4. Leaky gut, FODMAPs/ 4a. HCl & …