Balanced Bites Charitable Giving Update Q1 2021

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In Q1 2021, we continued our fundraising efforts and held a number of campaigns to enable you to donate through your purchases of Balanced Bites products.

Thanks to your generosity, we contributed thousands of dollars to the community.

Here's a recap of Q1 2021 company donations and charitable initiatives (January-March 2021).


Last summer, we added a simple way for you to “round up” your purchase of Balanced Bites Spices to donate to various organizations.

Most recently, we were collecting donations through Round Up to the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union

We also committed to matching the total raised through Round Up for that period, and so far have donated $2,700 in 2021 with your contributions and our match.

The opportunity to contribute through Round Up continues to be active on
We will be adjusting which organizations will be selected periodically throughout the year.

For more on our charitable efforts, visit our Charitable Giving Initiatives page.

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