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5 Tips For Snacking On-The-Go

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5 Tips for Snacking On-the-Go

Heading on vacation?

Starting a commute back into an office?

Shuttling the kids around from one camp to another (with a swim practice thrown in for good measure)?

Being away from home​ can be challenging, so I've compiled my top five tips for snacking healthily while on-the-go.

5 Tips for Snacking On-the-Go l | Balanced Bites

1. Eat Before You Go

Sounds easy, but most likely you'll be running around like a headless chicken, trying to accomplish #allthethings in what always ends up being a very small amount of time.

Strive to fit in a healthy meal (do note I've said meal, not snack) before you head out the door.

A slice of frittata you baked earlier that week and just need to reheat is a perfect option.

A Balanced Bites meal is another great, quick meal option.

Try to eat protein first – things like hard boiled eggs, some breakfast sausage, or leftovers from last night’s chicken dinner. Add healthy carbs to your meal like a piece of fruit and a small handful of nuts for satiating fat.

This approach will keep you full until your next meal, with even blood sugar.

2. Plan Ahead

I get it, you might only have time to grab a banana or slice of cheese, or worse yet, nothing at all.

So, it's important to think ahead and have snacks on hand that will you keep you going until your next real meal.

I have a whole blog post on some of my favorite snacks – plus, check out this podcast episode as well for some healthy ideas.

And, obviously you should definitely stock up on some of my Balanced Bites organic granola & seasoned nuts! #winkwink

3. Drink Up (aka Pack a Water Bottle!)

You may not realize it, but getting too thirsty can lead to a lot of discomfort while you're traveling.

Headaches, fatigue, muscle stiffness and soreness may all set in from dehydration.

Solve this problem easily by packing a sturdy travel cup or bottle! (If you're traveling by air, make sure the bottle is empty before going through security, and then you can fill it up on the other side.)

Personally I'm a big fan of our YETI cups – I love the magnetic closure and how cold it keeps my water and find I drink a ton more water each day because of it.

4. Road Tripping or Flying High

Whether you're flying or driving, use a cooler bag with a reliable/leak-proof ice pack to keep foods fresh. Pack foods in tall/narrow containers that stay upright and won’t spill.

If you have a hotel booked, request a mini-fridge in your hotel room. Or, better yet, book a room that has a full kitchen. Not only can you store your snacks easily, but you can also whip up some basic meals (or even store a few BB Meals!)

I also find it really helpful to find a grocery store along your route & stock up once you arrive. And do keep extra protein and fat sources on hand like jerky, granola, nuts or nut butter packets in the event of a flight delay.

Also, be sure to check out my Healthy Travel Tips (with city restaurant guides) for even more tips!

5. Stop Striving For Perfection

Ultimately, do the best you can. In a pinch, very dark chocolate, nuts, and/or trail mix can work as healthy snacks and are often a healthier choice than any protein bars or other snacks available.

Also worth noting… you don't HAVE to eat snacks.

In fact, many people find they do not actually need the snacks when they eat well-balanced and well-rounded meals.

5 Tips for Snacking On-the-Go l | Balanced Bites

Shop our organic, small-batch, real food snacks here!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite on-the-go snack is!

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  1. i love to carry snacks as drinking juice of coffee always makes us stop and search for rest rooms a bad idea with kids

  2. Wow. You’ve put SO much work into all of this. You really set people up for success. I bought the first edition of PP when it came out and just bought the second. I’m so impressed. What a mind boggling amount of work and research and organization. And what I’m seeing is probably the tip of the iceberg. >insert hilarious gif of a crowd giving a standing ovation <

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  4. I personally love drinking out of Yeti cups too. This helps keep my water (or coffee) hot or cold throughout my travels. I also believe that planning ahead is an excellent strategy for helping me stay on track with healthy eating.

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