Practical Keto + Paleo Tips | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | May 31st, 2017

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Here's what was up last week!

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Paleo Magazine Best Of! Awards – 2 Time Winner!

I'm so excited say thank you for voting for the new edition of Practical Paleo and the Balanced Bites Podcast as they were both first place winners in Paleo Magazine's 5th annual Best of Paleo awards… 

Best Podcast (General Health/Wellness)
Best New Book (General Health/Wellness)

Thanks so much to everyone who voted!

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Balanced Bites Spices – Instagram Account

Did you know we have a Balanced Bites Spices Instagram account? Make sure you're following us to get spice inspiration & recipe ideas, plus we have awesome giveaways from time to time!

Check out Balanced Bites Spices >

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Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #297 – Practical Tips: Keto + Paleo


  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [1:45]
  2. Today's topic: practical tips for changing your diet [9:17]
  3. Sugar-burner versus fat-burner [14:53]
  4. Transitioning to a real food way of eating [20:57]
  5. Getting your mindset right [26:50]
  6. Too much too soon [33:23]
  7. Slipping back into junky eating [37:05]

Tune in or read more >

Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites Podcast | Practical Tips: Keto & Paleo

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Upcoming Event with Cassy Joy of Fed + Fit

I'm so excited about an upcoming event I have with Cassy Joy of Fed + Fit in Vancouver, BC – Canada! We have a talk, Q&A, and book signing planned for June 10th, 2017 at Indigo bookstore on Granville Street!

For full details & to rsvp click here!

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New on the 21DSD Blog

21DSD Blog Post | The 21DSD and Your Diabetes, Part 3

Certified 21DSD Coach Natalie Washabaugh is a type 1 diabetic who changed her life through The 21-Day Sugar Detox. In Part 3 of her series on 21DSD & Diabetes, she shares more tips to make sure your 21DSD is safe and successful

Check out the post > 

21DSD Recipe Round-up | Autoimmune Breakfast

For those following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), breakfasts on the 21DSD can be challenging. No eggs?! We've got you covered! Here are some great alternatives to egg-filled breakfasts that will leave you satisfied and nourished for the whole morning.

Get the 8 recipes >

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Highlights from Instagram

🍨READ BEFORE YOU ASK // Since I've been mostly in bed with a weird cold/sinus infection this week (no doubt as a result of the weeks of semi-sleepless nights stressed about whether or not we'd be buying the house we just bought…), I didn't really eat keto or specifically low carb. . I'm not sweating it, because I'll be back at it again once I'm recovered. We moved a bunch of stuff to the new place today, and we decided it was a #treatyoself night. . Brands are pictured, so I swear if you ask I might have to blow my brains out. 😱 Google to find where you can buy them. The extra PB on top is just warmed up organic creamy PB. Any brand will do. . #notketo #notlowcarb #delicious #hisandhers #docandflips #dianesfavoritethings #nopeanutbutterisntpaleo #ifitwasntgoodiwouldnteatit #dontaskmeifwhatiameatingisgood #idontpostbadfood

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SO EXCITED! See the big news of our day today in my current IG story! 🤗 . 👁‍🗨HOW TO VIEW AN IG STORY: Tap on the person's profile photo if there's a colored circle around it – or tap their profile name, then on their photo when it has a colored circle around it. ⏸To PAUSE a photo, tap and hold anywhere on the screen. ⏩To SKIP or FF ahead, tap on the very right side of the screen. ⏪To REPLAY or RW something, tap the very left side of the screen. ▶️To RE-WATCH the whole thing, go back to the profile and tap on their photo which will now have a grey circle around it indicating that there is a current story but you've viewed it already. 🕔Stories only live for 24 hours from the posting of each part. . (Reminder: to save this post to refer to later, just tap the little bookmark icon on the right side of your IG screen under this photo.)

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