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How We Build Confidence

Diane Sanfilippo Diane: Direct, Lifestyle & Mindset 8 Comments

How to earn/build CONFIDENCE:

The next time you find yourself saying or thinking, “but I don’t know how to do that,” FIGURE IT OUT.

I can’t tell you the number of times people have said to me, “but I don’t know how to use MailChimp (for example)”…

PEOPLE! No one was born knowing how to do much of anything. No one was born knowing how to use MailChimp. We have to LEARN new skills ALL. THE. TIME.


And, TIME is the biggest factor here – the deciding factor. How will you spend your time? Will you spend it flicking through Instagram and wishing or hoping you could “have what she has”? Or will you stop scrolling and start working? Learn how to do the thing you didn’t know how to do yesterday.

About a decade ago when I was really digging into this work, I had friends who invited me out, week after week… I said no.

I had friends who wanted to go on vacation… I said no.

I wished I could have had friends over for game night, a fun thing we did (that was free, BTW) that required more space than my studio apartment had… I couldn’t.

I spent my time when I didn’t have money LEARNING everything I could. Practicing. Helping people. Teaching classes for free or next to free. Teaching seminars around the country for YEARS before anything you now see as part of my business was part of my business.


I worked alone before I ever had a team – tirelessly. If I wanted it, I worked for it. There are no handouts and no easy paths to success.

And no one is BORN with confidence, it is instilled in us at a young age if we’re lucky, but if we aren’t as lucky, WE NEED TO WORK FOR IT. And even if we ARE lucky to have had it instilled in us, WE STILL HAVE TO WORK TO MAINTAIN IT. It doesn’t just stick around – you have to do the work every day to build your own confidence.

Do one thing today that you didn’t think you could do – or that you couldn’t do yesterday – that’s how you build and EARN confidence.

Let me know in the comments below – what are you going to do today to build confidence?

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  1. I have been thinking about confidence recently as I struggle to be good at playing the organ and piano. So, today I am going to practice exactly how my new teacher said I should practice. If I do what she says, my confidence and ability should grow!

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  2. Thank you Diane!! I refer so many people to your balancedbites resources!!
    So today, I am going to block my schedule for learning more to become a certified Health Coach!!
    Scheduling my time( wisely or at all) is such a challenge for me. I am always fearful that I didn’t schedule the right thing at the right time and just end up hitting and missing tasks most of my day.
    So TODAY I’m just going to schedule and get as much accomplished as I can.

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