It’s Official: I’m Now a CHEK Certified Holisitic Lifestyle Coach

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I'm now a CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach. This is very exciting for me. Essentially, I have a way to tell the world now that I've been educated on these subjects and I've been given the blessing to pass what I know on to you. Though I know I have already been doing that for quite some time, I now feel even more motivated to get everyone thinking and living differently.

Over the coming months, I'll try to pass on some of the information I learned, bit by bit, through posts on this blog. No two people have the same life, lifestyle or experiences, however, and that's where coaching comes in. I've adapted my own lifestyle in many ways over the last two years, and I still have a lot of changes I'd like to make for myself. My job as an HLC is to coach anyone who is interested in living a more balanced, natural and healthy lifestyle.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment & Consultation via email, phone or in person (or combination of the three- in person only in the San Francisco Bay Area).
  • Grocery Store Walk-Throughs, Home Kitchen (Fridge & Pantry) Assessments
  • Meal & Snack Plans with Recipes. Personalized to your taste and preferences.
  • Foods / Food Groups List: Includes alternatives to use in recipes and in meals/snacks to aid in meal planning and swapping out ingredients like proteins, grains, vegetables. Personalized to your taste and nutritional needs.
  • Basic Meditation Techniques

To begin Holistic Lifestyle Coaching sessions, contact me today via the Submit a Question form on the right side of this page. We'll talk about your current lifestyle, diet and exercise and discuss the fundamentals of creating a natural lifestyle that will guide you to looking and feeling great through optimal health.

To find out more about the CHEK Institute, click here »

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  1. Hi…I’m interested in your take on the “microwave” method of cooking. There are so many controversial articles on the subject with very little proof…

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