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Paleo & gluten-free restaurants in San Francisco

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Where to eat at Paleo & gluten-free restaurants in San Francisco

Hashtag SummaryWhen I travel, I use the hashtag #PracticalPaleoTravel, but I also have hashtags with the city added to the end, for example: #PracticalPaleoTravelSF. While I call my beloved San Francisco home, I know many folks come in from out of town to visit…so here are some restaurants and food I love in this city! If you need more travel tips, check on this blog post: Practical Paleo Travel Tips.


Listed alphabetically. Quick links to read more below for some but not all. I may not have great photos from all of them, so they may not have details but if they're starred, they're favorites nonetheless:

*My favorites – the ones we dine at most often and are casual.
^Favorites that are nicer for a sit-down dinner – reservations recommended or required.

15 Romolo

  • Charcuterie board at 15 Romolo. Good thing this was on the bar menu when I met @zestforlifetoday  it was yummy!

15 Romolo | Diane Sanfilippo

Check out 15 Romolo's menu here.


  • Date night steak dinners at Belcampo on Polk. Yum! The vino and fries were for Scott. I also had a salad to start.


  • A great picnic lunch from Belcampo – roast beef, Bologna, cabbage & kale salad, Jackson's honest chips and some spicy mustard. Enjoyed this outside in a parklet with @grassfedgirl.

Belcampo Picnic

Check out Belcampo's menu here.

Blue Barn

  • A lunch date for Scott and I! For me: the arugula salad with chopped Mary's chicken for protein (double order, I gave some to him from my bowl) and that's Manchego cheese shaved on top of mine. For him: the “beets & greens” salad with curried chicken salad for protein. Plus, grape kombucha for me and water for him. We shared the chocolate PB Krispy treat. It's a definite treat!

Good Light Blue Barn

Check out Blue Barn's Menu here.

 Crisp Bake Shop

  • I had a quick business meeting at Crisp Bake Shop in Sonoma which meant a gluten-free blueberry scone with some unsweetened iced tea. One thing I've definitely noticed since developing nut allergies is that while Paleo-friendly treats are more nutrient dense than gluten-free ones, I can't enjoy them at all anymore, so I appreciate the nut-free and gluten-free goodies that are available in so many places now.

Crisp Bake Shop | Diane Sanfilippo

Check out Crisp Bake Shop menu here.

 Heirloom Cafe

  • We ate at this dinner was perfect – highly recommend! This was halibut with English peas over cauliflower.

Heirloom Dinner

  • Strauss vanilla bean ice cream + Ritual espresso = a perfect affogato.

Heirloom Affogato

Check out Heirloom Cafe's menu here.

 Ichi Sushi SF

  • Get the omikase if you're game – their sushi is amazing… just don't ask for soy sauce because if you're getting the chef's tasting menu, it won't come with any. And don't bring the coconut aminos here, either, you won't need them!

Check out Ichi Sushi's menu here.

Jane on Fillmore

  • A breakfast date with Scott. I ordered the avocado toast with an extra egg (because duh), he had sausage & egg sandwich – both on gluten-free bread. Their gluten-free bread is ridic!

Jane on Fillmore Date

Check out Jane on Fillmore's Menu here.

La Mar

  • Tiradito (Peruvian sashimi with sauce like a ceviche). People ask me all the time what my favorite food is and, until now, I've been all “I don't like to play favorites because I love so many foods.” I lied. THIS is my favorite food! This one is salmon and I enjoyed it atop their house-made sweet potato chips. SO GOOD.

La Mar

Check out La Mar's menu here.

La Méditerranée

  • Movers came this day so we ordered delivery for dinner. This is Mediterranean food from La Méditerranée (I called to check that it is all gluten free before ordering delivery): chicken kebabs, saffron chicken, babagannoush and salads. Scott will eat the majority of the delicious saffron rice that came with all of this, and I'll only have the bits that stuck to my half of the saffron chicken. Don't order the rice for strict Paleo!

La Mediterranee

Check out La Mediterranee's Menu here.

 Little Gem Restaurant

Lunch date with my honey, Scott at Little Gem Restuarant. Loved what we had, but both felt like our flatbreads could have used a bit more acid and maybe some fresh herbs – the bread is their NON which is gluten and nut-free! Everything here is gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free. Lovely casual new spot.

Little Gem | Diane Sanfilippo

Check out Little Gem's menu here.


  • Tacos. Ceviche. Locally sourced and high quality meat & veggies – need I say more? Oh, happy hour specials. GO HERE. 

Check out Mamacita's menu.

 Mission Heirloom

  • One of my last bites of pate from Mission Heirloom in Berkeley on their yucan crunch cracker with some (gasp!) wild rice on top. I legitimately had not had wild rice in years and I remembered loving it. It was lovely and the nuttiness and texture were great.

Mission Heirloom | Diane Sanfilippo

Check out Mission Heirloom's menu here.

Park Tavern

  • This delicious dinner tonight at Park Tavern on Washington Square with our good friends @victoryflair and @stickdogg. Halibut (mine), pork chop (Scott's), and veal carpaccio with cracklings (shared – this was my favorite dish!) So good!

Park Tavern | Diane Sanfilippo

Check out Park Tavern's menu here.

 The Plant Cafe

  • Lunch today at The Plant Cafe – green curry with chicken and extra veggies, no rice. So yummy, bright, and super fresh tasting.

The Plant Cafe | Diane Sanfilippo

Check out The Plant Cafe menu here.


  • This meal was shared post-workout with two badass athletes ~ @jensinkler and her radass (like badass, but radder) rugby friend Pam after a fun training session together.

Natural Light Roam Burgers

  • A lunch date with Scott! I'm eating elk burgers on a lettuce wrap with a few sweet potato fries and also had some of the salad. He had the big Market Salad with 2 skewers of beef burgers and the bulk of the sweet potato fries.

Edit Light Roam Burgers

  • Here is a great big salad from Roam. The protein is grass fed beef mini burgers. The drink is a coconut kombucha.

Roam Salad

Check out Roam's menu here.

Royal Ground

  • His and hers at Royal Ground on Polk St. His is regularly drip with almond milk. Mine is decaf Americano with butter.

Royal Ground | Diane Sanfilippo

Check out Royal Ground's website here.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

  • This meal was from the Tyler Florence spot in Terminal 2 – rotisserie chicken with beets/carrots and greens.


  • I grabbed the GT Synergy Mystic Mango kombucha from the Napa Farms Market on the way out of SFO. Note: the kale chips were a purchase at Whole Foods but they do sell kale chips and other similar items at Napa Farms Market.


  • Terminal 3 – DogPatch: 3 salads plus chicken. Kale, beets, squash… I squeezed lemon over it or I add some salt because I always think it needs some acid or salt… But it's pretty legit!

SFO Terminal 3

  • A breakfast in Terminal 3 from DogPatch – butternut squash and kale salad topped with chicken that @grassfedgirl sent with me for my flight. I added EVOO and splurged on a kombucha. 

Dog Patch | Diane Sanfilippo


  • Huge salads that sneak some kale in there but dress and mix it so well with other ingredients you'll hardly notice the dark leafy green goodness. Get the fries. We haven't asked about their cooking oils yet, and are almost afraid to, but they are worth it!

Check out Souvla' menu here.


  • Lunch with friends. I forgot to snap a pic of the whole platter so this was all that was left when I thought of it. It's Arctic char and avocado. Tataki on California Street serves sustainable and wild fish – super legit. Super yummy. I brought my own coconut aminos 🙂

Tataki | Diane Sanfilippo

  • Sushi date with my big sister, @LisaYogaLondon, who visited me in San Fran in May 2016. It was DELISH. You can order rolls with cucumber and no rice, too.

Tataki Dinner

Check out Tataki's menu here.

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Paleo and Gluten-Free Restaurants | San Francisco | Balanced Bites

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  2. Hi Dianne,
    Thank you so much for this list – I’m definitely looking forward to trying some of your recommendations when I’m in San Francisco for work early next week. I’m also looking for somewhere I can stock up on some gf/aip/paleo eats to stash in the hotel fridge that’s easily accessible from the Union square area. Do you have an recommendations? Thank you!!

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  3. Love this list of restaurants! I have a party coming up that I want to get catered. Do you know of any paleo friendly caterers in San Francisco?

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  5. Hi Diane! This is a fantastic list and as someone in SF I have referenced it frequently! I also have recently been loving a place called Beautifull (two “Ls”), specifically their proteins and butternut squash/cauliflower sides. They have mixed reviews but I’ve always had good meals for grab-and-go. Just thought I would pass it along in case you haven’t tried. Thanks as always for the useful hashtags!

    1. Post

      Funny story about that place… they began as a meal delivery business back maybe in 2010 when I had my business running, Balanced Bites, making and delivering organic gluten-free meals! I remember when they popped on the scene! But I haven’t tried their food ever. Thanks for the note!

  6. Pingback: New This Week / May 30, 2018 - Balanced Bites, Diane Sanfilippo

    1. Post

      I haven’t tried it! It’s pretty far from us and we don’t get down there too often! I haven’t seen anything on the menu that got me super excited to dine out versus at home yet!

  7. I appreciate this list so much! Thank you for taking the time to compile your favorites. I am from the Bay Area but it’s always nice to get tips from an SF local. My Mom and I will be referencing this when we come up in a few weeks for a day in the city. I am looking forward to your new Keto book!

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  8. I’ll be visiting from out of town and am looking for paleo friendly places near Alameda, San Bruno, and/or AT&T Park. Are any of the places listed near one of those areas? Thanks!

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  9. Thanks for the list! I feel very prepared and even excited for the food during my business trip. One note – it looks like Mamacita is no more. Bummer too because I need a place with a good happy hour!!

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  10. Hi Diane!

    Thanks so much for this awesome list! My husband and I are visiting San Fran, so this will come in super handy! Bummed to hear about Mamacita… any other Mexican joints you really love? Also… have you heard of Plow and have you been there? Thanks for your help!

    PS – I met you and Cassy Joy at her book signing at the Ferry Building with my husband… it was so nice meeting you both even if it was short and quick! 🙂 I just graduated from the NTA last weekend, and you ladies really revved me up and have me so excited for this profession. Now to find my own voice in the land of many these days. Excited for your ladies’ business podcast to roll out soon too! Thanks for creating such wonderful content and making this world a healthier place.

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