Paleo Magazine: A great resource & a winner!

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Look for my article in this issue!

If you haven't already checked out Paleo Magazine, go ahead do so. It's a fantastic resource that you'll be able to read cover-to-cover and find yourself happily learning about how to live a healthier, more natural life versus being sold tons of processed and refined “foods” as you would in most other health-oriented publications. If you're the electronic media type, have no fear! Paleo Magazine will be available to consume in digital form within the coming weeks.

On September 24th I posted a preview of my article “Feeding Kids: What the USDA Recommends vs The Paleo Diet” that will be in the September/October issue of Paleo Magazine along with a contest to win a free 1-year subscription to this power-packed-periodical. Well, we have a winner! Using one commenter was selected.

And the winner is…

Katie whose comment was “The most shocking thing about this article to me is comparing the 2 examples of a USDA and Paleo Diet. While the caloric consumption is relatively the same, more than 50% of the calories in the USDA example come from carbohydrates (yikes!). While I believe people are becoming more weight obessessed they still lack the education about the food they put in their body. Calories in and calories out is not the only key to healthy living, the origin of your calories also makes a big impact which is something I am now learning as I make the transition to the Paleo lifestyle.”

Katie, please contact me to claim your free 1-year subscription to Paleo Magazine!

Click here for more information or to subscribe to Paleo Magazine today.

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  1. I love this magazine, subscribed to it end of last year. Hope they offer a deal for getting it electronically too, my kindle fire is ready 🙂

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