Robb Wolf on The Balanced Bites Podcast: Paleo media myths & sustainability.

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On Wednesday November 2nd, Robb Wolf will be joining us on the Balanced Bites podcast to discuss Paleo in the mainstream media. Topics covered will include: myths that are perpetuated about the whys and hows of a Paleo or Primal type of diet a recent article from the NPR blog sustainability and thoughts about the long-term success of the ancestral health movement …

Balanced Bites Podcast

Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #5: Stubborn Belly Fat, Prioritizing Paleo Choices & Nutrition for Endurance Bike Rides

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Episode #5 Dr. Oz on blast: Diane’s blog post on Dr. Oz’s article in Time Magazine. “Can Americans Trust Dr. Oz for Nutrition Advice? Only in Moderation.”  [:53] Paleo Magazine, talk our upcoming articles in the Sept/Oct issue [8:50]  Topics:  1: Stubborn belly fat. [12:45] 2: Prioritizing Paleo choices/cheats. [27:10] 3: Helping mom transition to Paleo, how bad is milk? Almond milk okay? [41:50] …

The new ‘it’ organ is the omentum, a blanket of fat that protects other organs.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006: By BLYTHE BERNHARD, The Orange County Register Since its disgusting debut last month on “Oprah,” the omentum has gone from organ oblivion to exerciser’s enemy. For the misguided few who still don’t TiVo “Oprah,” omentum is the apron of fatty tissue that is attached to the stomach and hangs over the abdomen. The latest “it” organ …