Chocolate Covered Toffee from "Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind" by Vanessa Barajas | Diane Sanfilippo

Book Review: Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind by Vanessa Barajas

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I first met Vanessa a few months ago while in San Diego for a speaking engagement. As blogger/author/Paleo foodies do, we met up for a meal – brunch to be exact. We chowed down on some tasty gluten-free grub and yapped on about life, work, and the struggles of balancing it all out. A short couple of months later, I joined Vanessa …

Balanced Bites Podcast | Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe

Podcast Episode #216: All About Supplements & Superfoods (Part 1)

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Topics: 1. What’s new for you from Diane & Liz [3:29] 2. A new thing that I’m into: drinking broth with roasted veggies [14:43] 3. Supplements and superfoods; what’s the difference [16:54] 4. Supplementing with digestive enzymes [20:28] 5. What about MTHFR? [26:08] 6. Best superfood combinations and nutrient competitions to avoid [31:13] 7. Omega-3 supplementation that’s not so costly …