Team Takeaways: Paleo f(x) Austin 2014

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The Balanced Bites staff is on fire!


I invited the whole BB team to join me at PaleoFx this year for what I knew would be a total blast for all of us.

Our combined experience at Paleo f(x): Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium solidified the passion for our work and what we bring to you, the Balanced Bites readers, fans, and fellow healthy-living enthusiasts.

We all feel even more committed to providing you, dear readers, with excellent content that motivates and inspires purposeful, positive change in every aspect of your life.

Please enjoy a summary of the big takeaways we each had from Paleo f(x) and feel free to leave us a comment or ask us a question at the bottom of the page!

(Team BB pictured while waiting in line for some real-deal BBQ at La Barbecue in Austin!)

Charissa Talbot  | Operations Manager

917367_1478073165740741_2022090125_nWords that come to mind with I think of this year’s Paleo f(x) experience are connection and purpose. The talks I attended, the workshops I took part in, and even on the vendor floor – both of these words were so loud and clear for me. Re-connecting with friends, connecting with others in real life for the first time, and making new connections brought me so much joy.

When your head is down and working it can be easy to lose sight of the purpose – and why you first started down this path. Not only was my original purpose ignited once again, but I found direction with in my purpose in a way I had not before. I left Paleo f(x) this year with not only excitement but a feeling of being grounded, stable, and safe. I know I have a family within this community and I know my connections and purpose are supported. I can’t wait to see what we all do next! Paleo f(x) 15 can’t come soon enough!

(pictured with Danielle Walker, author of Against All Grain)


Holly Morello | Content Development Lead


It was incredibly empowering to be part of a collaboration of creative minds coming together for the greater good at Paleo f(x). I was honored to engage with many game changers, in particular, Robb Wolf, the person whose message (via The Paleo Solution podcast) peaked my son’s interest in Paleo, changing the course of his life in the most profound way ever imagined. All the presentations and panels were inspiring, however, Dr. Shauna Young’s presentation, “Hope is on Your Plate,” stirred my heart and soul in a very personal way. Dr. Young (founder of No Harm Foundation) shared how she discovered and created the “Spectrum Balance Protocol,” a slight modification of Paleo, responsible for greatly improving and even reversing symptoms of Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and other closely-related learning and behavioral conditions in thousands of adults and children. Food as medicine was a running theme throughout this event and I can personally attest to how the RIGHT food can dramatically improve the challenging behaviors associated with these conditions. My Paleo f(x) experience was definitely a defining movement in my life – I can't wait forPaleo f(x) 2015 (and I hope I see you there)!

(pictured with Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution)


Nicole Pittman | Graphic Design Lead

e2f103b4c3ed11e38c860002c9d6e4ae_8My big takeaways from Paleo f(x) were the concept of Paleo as an approach to life and how health far surpasses just the food on our plate (although we first must dial in our food, in order to then get to a place of awareness in our bodies to find out what else we really need).

“Physical Health is the platform for emotional and spiritual growth” – Dr. Kalish.

Oftentimes our relationship with what we put on our plate and how we live our lives are really signs of much bigger and more profound red flags as to the mental and emotional scope of what's holding us back from achieving optimum health. In terms of specific dietary takeaways the two big ones I heard were organ meats, organ Meats,oOrgan Meats (!!) and the importance diversifying your diet and eating wild food.

(pictured with Dean Dwyer, author of Make Shift Happen)


Brooke Hartle | Social Media Coordinator Lead 

e4e52f12c1d911e381750002c9e1489a_8This was my first time attending Paleo f(x). Being surrounded by people who had the same passions and interests as I do was an amazing experience. We all had this in common, yet, at the same time, we could celebrate our differences. Everyone was on a different part of their journey and I got such inspiration from this! Meeting great people, eating great food, and hearing some amazing messages – I am so looking forward to next year!

(pictured with Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Approach)



April LeMaster | Social Media Coordinator

8cfec3f8c22e11e397b10002c9de9094_8This was my 2nd year to attend Paleo f(x)  so I knew that a great weekend was ahead for me. The biggest thing that I took away this year was community. I met many people, big name Paleo people, many people with their own blogs, and new Paleo people. The message was the same, be healthy and eat real food. No judgement on looks, just an open loving community full of hugs and laughter. Yes, there were many awesome panels and lots of knowledge to pass along. But, the feeling I took away from the weekend is we are all on our own journey and to accept everyone who is willing to learn. Love, laughter and lots of hugs.

(pictured with The Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint)


Tonja Field | Recipe Development


Paleo f(x) was an opportunity for me to connect with the community and be around like-minded people and it didn't disappoint! Not only did I attend a few seminars that reminded me why I eat the way I do from a nutritional standpoint, but a lot of the speakers I chose to listen to encouraged me on more than just a food level – dig deep, pursue hard, accept and love our bodies and continue to pursue a healthier aspect in all areas of my life.

Austin also seems to be the mecca for Paleo-friendly eateries and between some of the best BBQ I've ever had, butter coffee and fantastic food at Picnik and lots of lots of Paleo treat samples at the conference, I left further fired up to continue to develop great recipes for the entire community to share.

(pictured with The Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint)


Amanda Solorza | Content Development 


It's hard to summarize my takeaway from Paleo f(x)  in a few short sentences. There was so much to do, and learn! The biggest takeaway I got from Paleo f(x) were these main points: Food. Meditation (stress). SLEEP. Exercise (movement). That's it. This is what matters! It's a journey, not a destination! Not everyone's journey is the same. Not everyone's destination is the same! And that's ok. Be you. And be happy to be “you.” The “you” you are now, and the “you” you’re striving to be.

(pictured with Liz Wolfe, author of Eat the Yolks)


Diane Sanfilippo | Boss Lady

DianeGroupPfx2014As the one who employs this team of amazing women (we don't discriminate, it just worked out this way!), I learned the ever-growing importance of IRL connections at this year's PaleoFx. (IRL is short for in real life, for those of you who find yourselves living and connecting on the internet most of the time lately.)

It can be hard to find a group (ahem, tribe?!) locally sometimes who you feel really get you, let alone who may want to sit next to you in a confined place while you eat sardines and sauerkraut. Now, all kidding aside, finding others who share a few common interests (like bacon, and butter coffee) is just the beginning, but when you find others who share your view on how you want to live your life, well, you just connect on so many levels.

And connect is what my team did over this long weekend in the fabulous city of Austin. I watched them form friendships and bonds of sisterhood that I hoped for, but better than I  could even have imagined. And I love it. I'm thrilled that I've been able to bring these amazing, strong, motivated women together to continue supporting one another along their individual health journeys, in their growth and development together as a team, and in bringing amazing information and content to you!

(pictured with my fiancé, Dr. Scott A. Mills, Caitlin Weeks & Nabil Boumrar, authors of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking)



Did you attend Paleo f(x)? What was your big takeaway? What topics do you think need more attention to help this community move forward? What can you do to take action in your community? Please leave a comment below!


Team BB was passing out Balanced Bites stickers over the weekend to seminar attendees and got creative with their sticker placement!


Here are some of our favorite pics from the event! Enjoy!


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  1. I loved meeting several of the lovely ladies on your team at Paleo f(x). What an awesome group of woman you have working for you! I can only imagine all the wonderful things you ladies will be able to accomplish in the future!!

  2. I loved meeting several of the lovely ladies on your team at Paleo f(x). What an awesome group of woman you have working for you! I can only imagine all the wonderful things you ladies will be able to accomplish in the future!!

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