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The 21-Day Sugar Detox Review Round-up #2

Diane Sanfilippo 21-Day Sugar Detox 2 Comments

The 21-Day Sugar Detox!

If you’ve been wondering whether to order my new book, perhaps one of these practitioners or bloggers will reveal something about it that will convince you that it’ll be an invaluable addition to your library! Check out more early reviews of The 21-Day Sugar Detox in the round 1 reviews round-up post here.

November Giveaway: 21 Day Sugar Detox Book by Fran Sussman of Fran Sussman Holistic Services

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Review Round Up #2 | Balanced Bites

“I had the pleasure of meeting Diane Sanfilippo at a JJ Virgin event in August, and was so impressed with what she is doing: making it simple to clean up your diet, for great results. Diane shares the basics of how bad carbs (including sugars and foods that metabolize as sugars) can harm you, gives you a quiz to determine which of 3 levels to follow, and then offers meal plans, recipes, and fabulous photos to entice you to jump right in and start changing your life.”

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is in Print!! by Cavemom Lifestyle

“The 21DSD book comes down to this – if you feel that your sugar and carb cravings are running your life and you want to take it back, this book is for you. 21 days is just that…..21 days. 3 weeks. And in that time, your taste buds will forever change. I no longer find myself craving sugar laden, carb loaded meals, snacks, and drinks. And you can too.”

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Book Review by Kristin of Stuft Mama

“I love Diane’s story about her struggles and how she got to where she is. It makes the whole program a little more relatable and gives those people who are struggling motivation to get things on the right track and make some changes.”

21DSD Book Review by Rachel of South Beach Primal

“One of the things I really love about this book is that it breaks down real nutrition vs. conventional health knowledge. The book is broken down into 3 sections, the first one explaining all about sugar, good carbs and bad carbs, and insulin. Section one also explains what to expect during the 21DSD as well as frequently asked questions about the program. Not sure what to eat when dining out? Diane’s got you covered. Not sure how to decipher the ingredients label on packaged food for sneaky sugar synonyms? Yep, she’s got you covered there too. And what if you could keep a daily success log to help with your progress, along with an internet support system with other people struggling like you? Yes and yes, Diane’s thought of it all.”

21-Day Sugar Detox Book Review by Lindsey of One Mother of a Day

“Don’t get scared by the title of this book. I know many people associate the word “detox” with extreme ”dieting” cleanses (for example, the cayenne, lemon, water detox or the juice cleanse). This detox is the exact opposite! The program is based on eating WHOLE FOODS and by the end of the 21 days being able to get rid of your sugar cravings.”

The New 21 Day Sugar Detox Book by Rhea of Oh Rheally?

“I REALLY tested out this cookbook.  I read it cover to cover and prepared many of it’s recipes.  It is a damn good book!  If you have ever thought about doing a sugar detox, if you have ever wanted to lose weight, if you have ever wanted to get healthy…then this is a great place to start.  You will never look at food the same way again!”

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Book Review by Sylvie of Hollywood Homestead

“I’m not gonna spend hours in the kitchen each day and I’m not making any recipes with a million ingredients so I really appreciate Diane’s consideration for busy working moms when it comes to recipe creation.  I actually can’t believe some of these recipes are 21 Day Sugar Detox approved–they are seriously yummy.”

Get the 21-Day Sugar Detox Book by Diane Sanfilippo by Meredith of Dare You To…

“Suggested meal plans for each level, followed by incredible 21DSD-approved recipes, which I've already bookmarked and begun cooking! Some of my favorites are the spaghetti squash bolognese, veggie pancakes, mustard-glazed chicken thighs, and the moo-less chocolate mousse!…They're delicious and you'll quickly forget that you're detoxing!…The best part? It fits right in your bag! You can keep it with you while on the detox, so any questions can be answered while you're out and about, or you can have the recipes right there with you at the supermarket.”

21 Day Sugar Detox Book Review by Sarah of Recipe Savant

“Diane adeptly discusses what sugar does to the body and how we come to crave it. I'm no science major, by any means, yet I was fully able to understand the science-y aspects of the breakdown of carbs into glucose, the formation of insulin, and the effects on cortisol.”

How to Finally Kick the Sugar Addiction (Without Losing Your Mind) by Jason of Finding My Fitness

“One of the things I appreciate most about this book is how it’s not simply one that tells you why sugar is bad and then gives you tips on how to deal with the withdrawal of not eating it.

It definitely does those things, but it also almost holds your hand (as much as a book can), as you do it. There are even checklists for 7 days before you start, 5 days before you start, all the way to the day before. They’re designed to help get you excited for it, prepare the way, and get emotionally ready.”

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  1. Woot!!! Thanks so much for sharing my review at Cavemom Lifestyle. Can’t wait to get the cookbook that releases in December. 🙂

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