5 Questions with Paleo Trail (the new online Paleo diet tracker) – and a giveaway!

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I am happy to share with you my interview with Paleo Trail Founder, Kristin Jekielek. Paleo Trail provides a way to track your food with the focus being on food quality rather then calorie counting. Kristin is offering up a 1 year upgraded membership for one lucky Balanced Bites reader – details are at the end of this post.

1. How did the idea for Paleo Trail come about?


Paleo Trail Founder: Kristin Jekielek

It started when I began treating my hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and adrenal fatigue. I worked with several alternative health practitioners, and one thing they all had in common was that they all asked me to track my meals. It helped them understand if my eating habits were contributing to my symptoms in any way. This went beyond what you’re eating and into when are you eating it, the quality of food choices you make, and not only how often are you “cheating” but what foods are you cheating on most? Eating Paleo was definitely helping me through my health issues, but diet tracking helped me fine tune my eating habits to fully support my particular issues.

I wanted diet tracking to focus on the quality of the food choices I made while also being fast and convenient. That’s why I created Paleo Trail. It lets you track your Paleo diet online in less than 5 minutes a day, without ever counting a calorie.

2. How does Paleo Trail differ from traditional online trackers?

Virtually all the online trackers focus on calories & portion sizes. Even paper journals are inconvenient because you have to carry them around with you everywhere. It’s also next to impossible to understand how clean you’ve been eating over time.

Paleo Trail is different because it lets you focus on the quality of the food choices you make. To add a meal, you simply rate the quality of the food choices you made at a meal. Did you eat only 100% health-promoting foods? Then give yourself a Supreme rating. Was this a cheat meal? Or did it fall somewhere in between?


Let’s look at an example scenario. Say you packed your lunch for work. You have a nice fresh salad topped with lots of veggies and some flank steak, but you forgot to pack your extra-virgin olive oil dressing. Instead, you use a couple teaspoons of whatever bottled dressing is in the work fridge, but it’s made with a mixture of olive and canola oils. You know that canola oil isn’t a health-promoting food, but you certainly didn’t eat enough to undo the health benefits of your steak salad. It certainly doesn’t pose a serious threat to your short- or long-term health. You decide this meal deserves a Pretty Good rating.

The Paleo Trail Calendar lets you quickly view just how clean your choices have been over the past month. This is available to all Paleo Trail members for free because I believe that understanding your eating habits is crucial.


3. Through your own experiences so far what do you find most Paleo diets lack?

There are a few trends I see happening where the Paleo Diet is proving to be just a really good starting point for health. It needs to be supplemented with a few things.

  1. Experimentation: There are specific guidelines that define what is and isn’t Paleo. This mistakenly leads to the belief that there is only one Paleo Diet and that eating any other foods “isn’t Paleo”. Once you understand that each person’s optimal diet is going to differ and that not everyone operates best on the standard “strict Paleo” diet, self experimentation becomes a natural part of a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Traditional Foods: Although this is changing as more Paleo Dieters discover the benefits of raw fermented foods, organ meats, and bone broth.
  3. Iodine: In my experience, Paleo Diets can be sorely lacking in iodine. I actually ate myself into an iodine deficiency about two years ago. I was preparing 90% of the food I ate, eating only local & grass-fed/pastured animals, local & organic produce, and even switched from table salt to sea salt. That’s what I’m supposed to do, right? My mistake was that I wasn’t including ocean-caught seafood or seaweeds into my daily diet (or at least using iodized table salt). These are recommended on a Paleo Diet, but I learned too late the necessity of iodine-rich foods. I hope this warning can save at least one person from making the same mistake!

4. Paleo Trail has the option to track the timing of meals, what importance do you believe this plays in improving health?

Meal timing can be useful for people who Intermittent Fast or use daily eating windows (like LeanGains). Paleo Trail Complete automatically tracks the length of your fasts based on your Meal Timing data.  It also helps Paleo Trail keep your meals in the right order.

Meal Timing is also useful if you’re doing some very detailed diet tracking as part of a health recovery plan (like I was). It turned out that meal timing was an important factor in supporting my adrenals as I recovered from adrenal fatigue.

This feature isn’t going to be useful for some people, however, and that’s why we left it as an optional field. Paleo Trail automatically fills in the current time when you upload a meal, but it’s optional to edit this to be more accurate.

5. What can we expect to see going forward from Paleo Trail?

That’s going to depend on what the users want to see! As the site grows, I’m going to be reaching out to members for feedback on what would help them even more.

Until then I have a few ideas of my own. I don’t have a timeline for releasing new features since the site is so new and I’m focusing on getting the word out. I’d love to add a goal tracking feature to the site. It would be focused on how clean you’re eating, and it would automatically track your progress by integrating with your tracked meals. I have a few other ideas bouncing around, but I’m going to keep those under wraps until I’m ready to gather feedback from members.


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  1. Sounds like a great website! I fell off the wagon with paleo and whole 30 several months ago. I’m trying get back on. This sounds like the perfect way to do that!!!

  2. I just liked Paleo Trail on Facebook! I think this would be a great tool for me bc I also was just “diagnosed” with hypothyroidism. I’m doing my second Whole30 right now, and my hardest part is staying on track afterwards, especially since I’m still a college student and am always surrounded by crappy, unhealthy food, and lots of coffee bars

  3. This looks really great! I’ve been eating Paleo for over a year now and I’m on day 19 of the 21 day sugar detox. I’ve been thinking I want a way to more closely track how I’ve been eating, but don’t want to get bogged down with a detailed journal or get stuck counting calories with a traditional food tracker.

  4. I’ve been using myfitnesspal on my iPhone just to try to get a feel for the nutrient density of my meals and to get a feel for why I’m failing to lose more fat. Going Paleo I lost nearly 55 pounds over a year and a half but I’ve stalled and I still have a frustrating middle section of fat on my middle area. I’m proud of how far I’ve come, but there is clearly something still broken in my diet and I believe this might help me.

  5. I liked Paleo Trail on Facebook! I would love this product because I’ve recently found I’m gluten intolerant and have been making changes to my lifestyle (including starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox tomorrow!). This would be awesome to track my new paleo lifestyle 🙂

  6. Thank you for this opportunity. I have tried other diet trackers but because Paleo does not conform with the conventional wisdom I get very negative results.

  7. Step 1 = done! As a paleo figure competitor traditional food trackers are useless to me. It would be fantastic to have something that helps me reach my fitness goals and fits my paleo lifestyle.

  8. This sounds great! It would definitely be useful for helping me teach friends and cliens on how great Paleo is. I have been on Paleo since August and feel better now than I have in 10 years – I have lost 54 lbs.

  9. Wow, this looks great! I’m one month into switching to a paleo lifestyle, and traditional tracking has gone by the wayside. It’s been tricky enough just to meal plan and keep up with feeding a hungry family. Paleo Trail seems like it would be pretty effortless & easy, and I totally appreciate that! I would love to win. 🙂

  10. Step 1 is done.
    I would love to win. I’m working with a naturopath right now to try and overcome a ton of different things, with probable adrenal fatigue, and this would help TREMENDOUSLY. It looks great!

  11. Awesome way of tracking. So much easier for those of us who live the paleo lifestyle! Paleo Trail seems user friendly and something that I would LOVE to win an upgrade for!!!

  12. What a great idea! I have been switching my diet to a Paleo diet and find I am cheating more than I should. What a great way to stay on track and make this a new lifestyle for me, not just something I am “trying out”. I feel better when I am eating Paleo, but something always comes up and I end up eating what the kids are eating.

  13. Step 1 complete. I’d love to replace my simple spreadsheet food log with something more feature-rich … the at-a-glance calendar looks like a great way to see how you’re doing over time! I, too, have been frustrated by the focus on calories on other online trackers.

  14. I also have Hashimotos and have been working on my adrenals. I’d love to try this app and see if its the perfect fit I’m hoping for 🙂

  15. I have like the page, and I would like the tracker to help me with my struggle to stay paleo. So far paleo doesn’t agree with me and I wonder if that is due to something I’m missing in my diet.

  16. Just “liked” the Paleo Tracker page! I have been using “myfitnesspal”, I recently made paleo lasagna, and thought it very tedious to input all the ingredients! I love the idea of a paleo-friendly tracker!

  17. ‘Liked’ Paleo Trail! This seems like a great product, I would love to play around with it and look into using it as a tool with our clients (who ask to keep food logs anyway, this would be a great way to get more of them to be consistent!)

  18. This would be great to get me and my family on track with Paleo. I have hypothyroidism, my husband has gastro issues, and my oldest daughter has weight issues and needs some real help to gain weight.

  19. This is so amazing! Finally something for paleo people to track their food! I like that we can get a glance at what we’re eating. Thank you! I also liked this on facebook and will be sharing with all my friends!

  20. I struggle with staying paleo after I have one bad meal. This would help me see all the good meals I do eat to keep going and not stop for that week. I liked it on Facebook.

  21. I had fevers for 6 weeks thinking I probably caught something and it would go away. I got so sick and my husband agreed to take me to the doctor. My white blood count was through the roof, pulse racing like I just got through a workout and my thyroid level was at a high 20. Found out that I had acute thyroiditis which is one of the more rare diseases of thyroids. Said I could have died if I had not gone in to Dr. I had lost too much weight and was very weak. This being said, was doing mostly paleo for about 5 months prior to this and crossfit. Had to go on temp meds to bring down levels and keep my pulse steady. Was not able to workout and got off paleo. I was very discouraged and felt lost. I’m now able to get back to crossfit but can’t seem to get back on track with paleo. This idea of tracking sounds like something I’d like to try.

  22. Showed Facebook love! I love food logging and experimenting so this upgrade would make learning about my relationship with certain foods all the easier!

  23. Done with step 1! I’m a newbie Paleo-phyte and what’s better than tracking from the beginning! I feel like other meal trackers don’t work for Paleo!

  24. I liked the Paleo Trail on facebook!! I would love to win the upgrade so that I can make sure that I am meeting my goals and kicking butt with my paleo diet 🙂

  25. Liked.
    I would like to give this a shot. My New Year’s resolution was that I would stop logging food…I was using a traditional website and even though I claimed not to be looking at the calories, I ALWAYS looked at, and obsessed over, the calories! This sounds promising!

  26. I liked paleo trail on Facebook! I’ve been struggling with weight gain and adrenal issues despite a “paper perfect” AI/paleo eating plan…maybe a tracking system would help me pinpoint where I’m going wrong!

  27. Step 1 completed. This sounds like a great tool to help with the lifestyle change to paleo that I am resolved to make for health and happiness.

  28. I am right in the middle of a whole 30 day challenge and I feel much better. I really want to continue eating healthier after the end of the challenge and would love to use the tracker to help me. I exercise all of the time and still have the stubborn belly. I am not trying to be thin, but recognize that my hip to waist ratio puts me at higher risk for diabetes and heart issues. Especially since I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with my last 2 children. I am feeling good about these diet changes and want to have all of the tools necessary to make it a lifetime change.

  29. I liked Paleo Trail on facebook. I have been Paleo for almost a year and still feel like i am missing something. This tool will be very helpful and fast. Great idea!

  30. I liked Paleo Trail on Facebook. I would use the updated version of Paleo Trail to help me figure out how my diet is affecting my blood sugar. I, too, have Hashis and adrenal disease, and thyroid cancer. I have started to have issues with insulin resistance, and my doctor has not been helpful. I think tracking what and when I eat easily will help me understand how food is affecting my blood sugar levels. I just signed up for the free version, and am curious if supplements can also be tracked. That would be helpful to see if they affect my thyroid/adrenals.

  31. I am in the process of phasing over to a 100% paleo diet. I have a couple of health issues (joint issues and sinus/respiratory issues) which I believe will benefit from a paleo diet. The Paleo Trail would be a great aid and support to make sure I can successfully continue with the diet.

  32. I tried using My Fitness Pal for a while, and thought it was just OK. I think using a diet tracker tailored to paleo would be a lot better. I’m always looking for ways to up the ante on my diet and health 🙂

  33. I would love to win an upgraded membership because I have been paleo for a year and still need help dialing things in due to hormone and weight issues.

  34. I too have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and struggle with gut health. This application looks like it uncovers many aspects for health. Great work!

  35. I am currently making the switch to a 100% paleo diet, but at times I find myself backsliding. This would be an excellent tool to track my progress, my successes, and getting timely feedback to keep those diversion to a minimum (or not at all).

  36. I’d already liked PaleoTrail on FB and I’ve signed up for the basic service. I’d love to win the full service subscription so I can better track what I eat and know how close I am to 80/20 – though I probably should be aiming more for 100%!

  37. 62 years old, short and overweight, want to get HEALTHY and feel GOOD. Just started with semi-paleo while I find my feet, read Practical Paleo and Paleo Miracle book. Hubby Semi willing to join me… Food trackers work! I successfully used Dietpower 12 years ago but am finding that Myfitnesspal is cumbersome… This looks like an awesome way to monitor our food choices.

  38. Liked on Facebook. It would be a blessing to use this tracker so that I could share it with my friends and family, to show them what Paleo is like, and encourage them to get the tracker too!

  39. Done. I am interested I’m how the upgraded version is different. I am always looking for ways for others to easily track their meals

  40. Step 1 complete. I think I would finally jump on the Paleo bandwagon. I have been intimidated to try but I need to fix my nutrition since I started CrossFit. Thanks!

  41. Contest. I have completed step one and would like an upgraded Paleo Trail membership!. I’m just started on my Paleo way. I could use some extra help. I love the paleo trail site. Posted on facebook also

  42. I just “liked” Paleo Trail on Facebook! Excited to give this a try, what a great idea. Looking forward to learning more about my iodine intake, or lack thereof. Would love to share this tool with some family members!

  43. liked on facebook. I’ve just started my first bits into paleo – surprised & happy with the results so far. I’ve always been a fan of journaling my food – this would be really easy!

  44. I would love to win this because I need something to help me stay conscious of what choices I’m making but regular trackers don’t apply to me.

  45. Liked on Facebook. I haven’t found a diet tracker yet that was easy to use for Paleo, so I am interested in checking this out.

  46. Ok, I’m in! PT liked on FB. What I like about this is that i can choose my level of compliance for the supreme and pretty good ratings. Since I have health issues, if I eat a nightshade here or there, or too many fodmaps or eggs, I can choose ‘pretty good’ That way, if I’m having issues, i can look back and see how clean I’ve been eating. Would be an encouragement and knowledge is power!

  47. I’ve been doing paleo for a while and struggling with keeping a handle on my cheats to make sure I’m 80/20. Having the ability to delve deeply into my cheats will help me see if there’s a hormonal or stress aspect. (Liked on FB too)

  48. Liked Paleo Trail on Facebook. After being diagnosed for a 2nd recurrence of endometrial cancer in May 2012, I began research nutrition. In the beginning, I eliminated cereal grains and sugar and began shopping for veggies/fruits at a couple of local farmers markets and buying raw dairy, eggs, and pastured meats from local farmers who sell direct to the consumer. The treatment process took it’s toll me, even though I needed to lose weight (beginning weight 217, currently 154), it was a crappy way to do it. Just eliminating grains and sugar strictly for 2 months resulted in 4-6 pound weight losses on a weekly basis. I finished chemo in December (and am now cancer free, again), but I began experiencing abdominal issues and vomiting that we thought was caused by gallstones (had gallbladder removed Dec 21); only to find a week later, I had the same issues and ended up in the hospital for 6 days. Ultimately, I had a perforated duodenum and am now recovering from that. I’ve been struggling with food for weeks now, too afraid to eat because of the pain and nausea, but am convinced when I regain health: a) I want to maintain weight loss; b) maintain a paleo/primal lifestyle for health.

  49. Hi! I’m about to embark on my first Paleo challenge and feel I need all of the support I can get! This app will allow me to be clear as to what’s good and what to avoid. I’m super excited! Thank ou for creatin this app!!!

  50. Step 1 done!! I have been trying to figure-out how to track my new eating lifestyle. I have tried several sites/apps in the past and found they were just too much hassle. Paleo Trail is perfect. Thank you.

  51. I liked Paleo Trail on fb! I am so excited to use this and to tell everyone about it! I have been searching for a tracking site that can help my clients that doesn’t include calories. As much as I reiterate “ok, use this site but don’t pay attention to the calories, they can’t help themselves.”

    I think the upgraded version will be great in keeping myself accountable for the long haul. I am a very visual person (and a nerd) so I love the charts and graphs!!

  52. I have Hashimoto’s as well and it’s been SUCH a struggle to alleviate all of the symptoms that come along with this disease. I dabbled with the Primal Blueprint in Nov of 2011, but officially committed to a Paleo lifestyle in Sept of 2012. For the first time since being diagnosed in 2007, healthy eating and workouts are ACTUALLY working for me. This is due to my change in thyroid meds (on natural dessicated thyroid now) as well as my adherence to Paleo as well. I’m starting to slowly lose weight and I feel so much better. I still have some work to do in terms of cheating and ensuring I’m following all the “rules” that make me feel at my best. I decided to do a Whole30 this month to help me move forward with this goal, but I think this type of tracking would be extremely useful for me!

  53. Liked on FB. I’ve used a bunch of other meal trackers, and haven’t found the perfect one yet. I love that PaleoTrail tracks meal times, being a numbers-guy, this is a feature lacking in all others I’ve tried so far.

  54. I believe I liked them on facebook a while ago. I’ve been using paleo trail for about a month and it’s been really useful in watching how often I’ve been indulging in not-so-paleo foods. I would love to use the advanced account though to see how I’m doing!

  55. I am so excited about this! FINALLY a paleo-tracking program!! I just liked the page on facebook and would LOVE to give paleotrail a try!

  56. This excites me!! I just completed step 1 and will share w/friends & am now following you on instagram…woot woot! Keeping my fingers crossed for the contest.

  57. I liked PaleoTrail on Facebook. Looks like just what I need – not to count calories, but to see the quality of meals and also to remind me what I have eaten over the course of the day.

  58. Liked PaleoTrail right after I checked their website out. The layout is awesome, very pleasing to look at… dare I say food porn! I just downloaded my Fitness Pal on my iPhone, but I really am curious if I am eating enough calories right now. But this tracking system is a little more of what I’m looking for. What foods am I eating and when. I don’t need an app to tell me I am eating too many Fats, or not enough carbs….

    This looks like a great start, I will utilize this even without the upgrade, and may even splurge here and there for the analysis information:)

  59. I like Paleo Trail on FB. Most traditional food trackers just don’t serve the needs of the paleo community very well. They are all lacking so much in one way or another. This app looks like it is just what the ancestors ordered! lol

  60. I tracked my Paleo adventure for six months when I started out last March. I wanted to start logging my diet again, and this looks like the perfect vehicle to do so. I just like the site, crossing fingers now for contest!

  61. I just liked Paleo Trail on Facebook.. I too have Hashimoto’s , adrenal fatigue, and also MS. What a huge help this would be!

  62. This is such a great idea I love it! I use a basic meal/exercise tracker and I spend so much time just entering in manually all my foods. A Paleo specific one would be so great!!! LOVED this on Facebook and shared it with all my Paleo/Health friends!!!

  63. I liked PaleoTrail on Facebook. I too have had to track meals for thyroid and adrenal issues. I have had to fax pages, email pages, etc. This sounds so much simpler! Thanks:))

  64. I liked Paleo Trails on FB, so please enter me!

    There was a similar product out there that I REALLY enjoyed using, but I think the developer got sidetracked, and eventually it stopped getting updated, and then the apps dropped off the appstore, making it difficult for me to use.

    So, I’d like a pro membership solely to be an early adopter, lol. Let’s get this thing going, so the developer can build in some cool features like a dedicated mobile app (although the mobile version of the site looks very well done) and more community features!

    As someone who has used everything from NutriBase to SparkPeople to FitBit to Daily Plate, I get really excited to see more “lifestyle friendly” nutrition trackers out there. Screw weighing/portioning every morsel of food, or typing in every. single. flippin. ingredient in your recipe.

  65. I started eating paleo a couple of months ago. I have done a squeaky clean version and now am working into using a paleo template to find the best solution for me. One that keeps me healthy and allows me to keep up on the demanding crossfit workouts. The upgraded version will help me gain the big picture on what/how I am eating and how these choices are affecting my performance and health. Finally a tracker that actually focuses on improving your life…not restricting it!

  66. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for something like this. I’m excited to try it out and if it works pass it on to my clients! I think being able to see the cheats and the 80/20 graph can be a very useful visual tool!

  67. WOW, this is a great idea! I have been so sick and on what seems like tons of medications. I’ve been trying to eat ‘clean’ and follow the Paleo eating plan for about a year now. I’ve had both success and pitfalls. I’m hoping that by tracking my eating will help me have nothing but success!

  68. Happily “Liked”! Will immediately try out the free version and hope I win the upgrade. The website is very professional, bright, and welcoming!

  69. I’m so excited to have this so I don’t fear the calorie, as i’ve been so accustomed to. As I start my paleo journey, this will be the perfect tool to make sure I do it right!

  70. Liked Paleo Trail on FB! I would love to win a Paleo Trail Membership because I think I live in denial as to how far I have fallen of the Paleo bandwagon and this would keep me accountable for all my bad food choices 🙂

  71. *Liked* 🙂 I would love this tool to keep me accountable. I would love a realistic assessment of what I’m eating and am so over the emphasis of calorie counting on other meal tracking apps. What a great idea!

  72. Liked without even noticing the comp at first! But now that I’ve seen it, I would love to win this, as a nutrition student with ongoing health problems and a love of eating real foods to heal myself, this is the perfect tracker to care for my health instead of stressing over macronutrients!

  73. I “liked” Paleo Trails and would love the upgraded membership because I can really see the value in the additional tracking it offers!

  74. I love this idea! I’d love the upgraded membership because I’m not seeing the results I’d like and I’d really like a better view into why. Thanks!

  75. Liked!! Just starting my Paleo journey with my daughter’s help and hoping it will help with my digestive issues and maybe even my polymyalgia rheumatica. This sounds like a wonderful product to have on my new journey, thanks for the opportunity to win one of these.

  76. I have liked on Facebook and am very excited about this app. I have used many food trackers and recommended some of them but this goes one step further. I think seeing food choices at a glance is visual and telling. It’s an easy way to really identify “hot” spots.

  77. I liked the Paleo Trail Facebook page (Elizabeth Lynch Garland)
    id love to win this, I once lost over 40lbs eating Paleo, but I really feel it could have been more had I been keeping track of my meals and if I had cut out some things that werent exactly “clean”. I ended up gaining all that weight back sadly when I let myself go off of Paleo and got very lazy but I am back at it, this time for good, and I am already down nearly 10lbs in less than a month! This app would certainly help me on my journey to once and for all get healthy and well!

  78. I’m officially a fan of Paleo Trail on Facebook! I’ve been eating Paleo now for awhile but my BIGGEST challenge is not following through 100%. I sometime fall off track and well, I’m not so quick to getting back on track. I feel tracking my path through your Paleo Trail would be a GREAT way to keep me focused and on track! Clever idea and I’m excited to give it a try! Cheers!

  79. I am now a Paleo Trail fan on Facebook! I am a newby to the Paleo lifestyle! I think this tracker will help me with the quality of what I’m eating and help me to lose that last hard to lose 10 lbs!

  80. Thrilled to find this! Am working hard to get past calories counting and numbers on the scale. This helps really analyze what is going in my mouth! Love the idea!

  81. New to Paleo due to health/food allergies. I would love to give Paleo tracker a try and continue on my health journey!! Liked on facebook!

  82. I thought I would have to keep this data in my head! Exact-calorie tracking took so much time, I wasn’t doing it. This is much more my speed. Definitely liked (and shared!) on FB.

  83. LIKED!!
    Also, I am a new blogger (check my site!) and have had great success with the Paleo diet but I feel like there is always still so much to learn. I would love to share this with my readers and how it can help them achieve better success in their diets! Thank you!

  84. I am just getting started with Paleo-following the advice of my daughter. I am a home health nurse and diabetic educator so know how helpful food tracking can be.

  85. I am a terrible dieter, I make one mistake and then I give up on that day or that week. This would give me support and encouragement.

  86. I’ve been Paleo for about a year, but still not reaching my goals. I think I ‘cheat’ more than I think I do, so I’d love to use this to track my food.

  87. I’d love to win the Paleo membership to help kick start this new lifestyle! Two of my friends have been eating Paleo and they can’t sop bragging about how EXCELLENT they feel! I believe this would be the final push in helping me start and also to help me keep on track.

  88. Step 1: I liked Primal Trail on Facebook
    Step 2: I went to the dermatologist last week complaining of an issue with my feet that has been going on and off for several years. I was diagnosed with erythromelalgia, a rare neurovascular peripheral pain disorder. Usually the disorder is secondary to something else, sometimes autoimmune. I am being referred to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for further evaluation. I have decided I want to thoroughly keep track of the foods I eat and honestly, the Primal Trail seems like the perfect way for me to do jut that! I would love to win the upgraded Paleo Trail membership!

  89. I liked Primal Trail on Facebook but I like it in real life too! Im an 18 year old young man who is really starting to get into the Primal lifestyle. Not many 18 year old guys are and I think the Primal Trail would be the perfect thing for me to track what I eat and really know which foods would be best! The additional features with the upgrade would be so useful and I would feel so blessed to win the membership giveaway. Thank you!!

  90. I would love to win this really bad. I need this because sometimes I find it difficult to stay paleo. Not only will this help me but then I could help my brother.

  91. I personally use the paper/pen method since I can just throw my little journal in my purse. Other trackers only look at calories, which is not really my focus. I’d love to see how this can help me with my goals (fat loss, clearer skin, better sleep)!

  92. I want to test the app out so I can tell others about it via my blog and at the gym, etc. It could definitely be a big helper for those going paleo. And I liked you on FB.

  93. I liked the Paleo Trail FB page. I would love to win as I’ve been on a fairly strict paleo diet since May of last year, but I struggle w/ balance and creativity. Maybe meal tracking from a paleo perspective will help with that. 🙂 Thanks!

  94. I am a 20 year old female college student and have been on the Paleo diet for the past year. It has changed my life completely for the better. I see this as a lifestyle and want to carry this legacy of healthy eating to my family and future children. As a college student, living on campus it can be hard to stay on track sometimes and Paleo Trail would make a huge difference!

  95. This product looks amazing. I have been unhappy with every other tracker because of all of the reasons mentioned above. I have been transitioning my kids to paleo as well and this would be fun for the whole family!

  96. LIKED! very much on FB… Successfully paleo for a year and a half, but not without a few bumps on the road. I do tend to quickly get back on track since I immediately see the effects on my body. A tracking tool will only kick it up a notch and create more accountability for myself. LOVE PALEO and the wonders its done for my health!

  97. Liked on Facebook. I really like the concept of this over a regular calorie counter which doesn’t really give a lot of meaning to what you’re eating.

  98. I liked it because I’m sick of fitday and having to stare at calories when I just would like to see more paleo-oriented info.

    Thank you for creating this tool!

  99. AMAZING!! (I completed Step 1 on Facebook – I’m “Dare You To”) I would love to learn more about this program (and win a membership!) because it seems like exactly what I need to step up my paleo game. In trying to limit my “cheats” and less-than-healthy eats, I’ve tried using the other food tracking methods mentioned above, but they do lack the QUALITY feature. This site sounds incredible; thank you for creating and sharing it!

  100. This looks heads and shoulders above the other options. I’m going to use it regardless, but the extra tracking features given by the deluxe version makes me all giddy inside!

  101. I liked Paleo Trail on Facebook. I recently had some blood tests done to check out some issues I was having with skin, joints, etc. I had been eating well, lost 30 pounds, but found out I have hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, and am pre-diabetic. Removing wheat from my diet is the decision I’ve made, and using traditional trackers are frustrating, to say the very least. Thank you for designing this!

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