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Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #17: Quick Catch Up Liz & Diane

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Episode #17- Quick catch-up between Liz & Diane

Paleo blog-o-sphere from last week:

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  1. Liz – please consider your podcast rating (may need to be marked “explicit”).
    I know it seems “prudish” to be offended by profanity, but as I’ve gotten older, I have come to view it as the same kind of pollution as second hand smoke (why do I have to be subjected to it)?

    No, I don’t have to listen to your podcast (that is a solution), but I want you to consider that there are whole generations and niches of people who consider it (profanity) to be unprofessional. And we do want Paleo to be viewed as professional.

    It is up to us (especially) women to be the standard-bearers. I know I don’t want to be surrounded by the “rap-music world mentality” and the only way to keep society from drifting lower and lower is for some people to push back.

    Thanks for your consideration. DB

    Pure water cannot flow from the same stream as brackish – express what is in your heart

    1. Sorry, it’s my fault for not labeling this episode as explicit. We normally do not use any curse words in our discussions, especially/notably when answering people’s health related questions. Since this was a more casual conversation we just let it slip as we are human and not paleo-bots. I appreciate the note, however, as I did intend on labeling it and had forgotten- I will go update it now. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Diane. I often listen in the car with my kids. I can’t listed to Robb Wolf’s podcast with my kids around at all. I love listening to yours with them around because I want them to hear and learn too even if some of the stuff is over their heads. Much appreciated!!

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