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Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #16: Updates on Projects, Seminars & Upcoming Show Topics

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Episode #16 – Quick update on upcoming projects, Practical Paleo Seminars and upcoming podcast show topics.

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DIANE SANFILIPPO: Hey guys, it's Diane from Balanced Bites. I am here by myself today. Liz couldn't join us just for today. She is with family today. Just wanted to give you guys a really quick couple of updates. Not going to do a full podcast today unfortunately, but I did want to kind of check in and just let everyone know what I'm up to and what to expect in the coming weeks from the Balanced Bites podcast as well as from the blog and some other projects I have in the works.

So a couple of things. First of all, why I'm not doing podcasts this week and possibly also not next week-that's still TBD. But I am working on a book, which I've mentioned a few times before, but I'm not going to give you guys too many details as of yet. I want to wait and update you when it gets a little bit closer to being released, but I'm currently actually staying with Bill and Hayley of the Food Lovers' Primal Palate in the Pittsburgh area, and you can check out their website at, and they have a book already, a cookbook out called Make It Paleo. It has over 200 grain free recipes, and though my book is not going to be entirely a cookbook, it will have a bunch of recipes in it. So I'm down here working on the book with them, and getting some help on some amazing looking photos and just kind of working my way through a bunch of recipes that I wanted to put together for you guys. But I will give you more details on what the book is really going to encompass. Probably a bunch of it is stuff that you'd expect from me and some of it is stuff that you guys really haven't seen anywhere before, either from me or really from anyone in sort of the Paleo/Primal community. Something that's a little more specific to my education, experience in a clinical setting, clinical practice that I haven't really expanded too much on the blog or Facebook or anywhere else. So keep your eyes open for that. And definitely, of course, there will be more details on the podcast when they're available.

So a couple of things as far as upcoming events…I just wanted to remind people that you can always check on . On the sidebar of the website are Upcoming Events, but also, if you're just looking for seminars, the Practical Paleo seminars that I teach around the country, under Seminar Event Schedule, you can always find them there. But Saturday, January 14th, I have a seminar in Austin, Texas at CrossFit and Fearless. And those are open to anyone. Don't have to be a member there. So definitely check that out. And then the next couple after that are-I've got one in Naples, Florida, February 11th; Wilmington, Delaware, February 18th; and Santa Rosa, California-that's the San Francisco area-on February 25th. And the Wilmington event, also really close to Philly, so if you missed me in Philly a couple of months ago, definitely come check that out on February 18th.

So that's it for upcoming seminars. Then the next and last thing I want to update you guys on are some upcoming show topics. We got a really good response to the Adrenal Fatigue sort of 101, part 1 focused topic podcast, so I wanted to let you guys know that we're definitely going to be doing-Liz and I both-possibly bringing another practitioner to the show, too, not sure yet, for a sort of Paleo 101. Just what are the basics, what are the most common questions that people have, and how do we get people intro'd to this stuff. It seems like, you know, most of you guys are really familiar with the concepts, but some of you are really new or might want to have a podcast you could have a friend or family member who could listen to really understand this whole thing, so we're going to put that together. We're also going to put a podcast together specifically on the topic of leaky gut, which I've talked about a bunch on previous podcasts, and you guys could definitely go back and search through some of the podcast archives on that, but we're going to do a focused podcast episode, just on leaky gut, food intolerance and food allergies issues. So those two topics, if you guys have specific questions on those, please feel free to submit them through the podcast question link or if you want to post some on comments to this post, that's fine, too. So again, a Paleo 101 or a leaky gut/food intolerance/food allergies focused podcast.

So that's really it. I am updating Facebook here and there, so if you guys are on there, kind of check it out. I'm not really blogging too much in the next couple of week s. I'm really, really focused on getting a lot of work done for the book, so kind of follow me there or Twitter and hopefully, we'll be checking in next week. And if not, at the very least, at the following week. So have a great one, and we'll talk to you soon.

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