Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #29 – A Big Announcement and Quick Report from PaleoFX 2012

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Liz & Diane make their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and report live from the Paleo f(x) Symposium in Austin, TX with special guests Bill & Hayley of The Food Lovers Primal Palate and George Bryant of Civilized Caveman. This episode is just a quick check-in and initial thoughts on the Symposium. We'll offer up some more complete notes and thoughts next week for everyone to hear our review of the event.

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If you missed Paleo f(x) but want to hear a lot of the speakers, check out the Paleo Summit here.

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LIZ WOLFE: [fake Texas twang] Hey y'all, it's the Balanced Bites podcast. [laughs] I'm Liz, I'm actually in the same room as my co-host, Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites. We are here together at the PaleoFX Theory to Practice Symposium in Austin, Texas.


LIZ WOLFE: Yee haw! Diane is wearing cowboy boots, and we're hanging out in our executive offices that they let us have, which…AKA the hallway.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: The hallway {in unison with Liz] side of the lounge [laughs]

LIZ WOLFE: This is how we roll. Big time. It's been a major weekend. What have you thought so far?

DIANE SANFILIPPO: [quietly] Oh, I'm tired. [normal] No, it's pretty cool. We have a lot of…a lot of cool talks to check out, and people were talking about some good things. Actually yeah, I really liked Robb Wolf's talk, talking about how he's running the gym now and I thought that was cool. Some different things he hasn't really talked about in the past, so a lot more practical information for people. Pretty different from the Ancestral Health Symposium, which was more like the nerdy science stuff.

LIZ WOLFE: Yep. Stuff I wouldn't understand.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Yeah. What's cool about it too-we have a lot of…seem like a lot of gym owners, a lot of just CrossFitters, you know, walking around, and kind of mingling with everyone, so that's been really…

LIZ WOLFE: Hold on, hold on. This is what happens when you're in one giant building with a bunch of Paleo luminaries. Your favorite bloggers stop by. Let's say hi, everyone, to Hayley Mason and Bill Staley of the Food Lovers' Primal Palate. They have a new website up called…


BILL STALEY: The Food Lovers' Kitchen.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Hopefully we'll hear you. we're on speaker phone.

LIZ WOLFE: Yeah, we're hoping everybody can hear.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: We're in a hallway.

LIZ WOLFE: We're on speaker phone, we're all around one mike here, and we're sitting in a little circle.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: I need to take a picture of this. Oh wait, that's…

LIZ WOLFE: Yeah, take a quick picture.

BILL STALEY: I'll take a picture.

LIZ WOLFE: So, and Bill's got his camera out, and we also have George the Civilized Caveman at Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.

HAYLEY MASON: You found that chocolate in my purse!

LIZ WOLFE: So hold on, we'll take a break here for Hayley's chocolate in her purse.

HAYLEY MASON: I was looking for it.

LIZ WOLFE: We've all been…say hey everybody!


GEORGE BRYANT: What's up guys?


LIZ WOLFE: So what have you guys thought so far about the symposium? Make sure you say who's talking first.

GEORGE BRYANT: This is George from the Civilized Caveman. It's finally been great to meet all my friends. Diane, who claims to not have known me before.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: I knew you! I just didn't remember it.

GEORGE BRYANT: You didn't remember our conversation, so it's finally nice to have a face to a name. The amazing Liz, whose blog I've followed forever and buy soap nuts because of to do my laundry.


GEORGE BRYANT: And skincare for my girlfriend. And my awesome friends, Bill and Hayley, who have been guiding and mentoring me since the beginning, so it's been an awesome Paleo Meet-up for me, so here you go, Bill.

BILL STALEY: Yeah, well, we've been having a good time. The conference has been good, but what's been even better has been enjoying our time here in Austin with all of our friends. You know, it's South by Southwest week, so a lot of hipsters here in town, but the most hip people are in this very weird stadium conference. But we're having a great time and it's nice being here.

HAYLEY MASON: It's been awesome. Bill and I had our cooking demo today, and our panel, and let me tell you something. When you follow Liz's direction on what type of deodorant to use and you're extremely nervous for a panel and a cooking demo on stage, [whispers] it doesn't work. [laughs]

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Oh no, I couldn't hear you.

HAYLEY MASON: It doesn't work. [laughs]

LIZ WOLFE: My deodorant recommendations are not for extreme sweaters. No, I'm just kidding. I'm an extreme sweater.

HAYLEY MASON: no, it was extreme.

LIZ WOLFE: Karen and I from Paleo Periodical found out that you could actually dab some mint oil in the pits for a little refresher. There are new ways to strategize that, but I do not claim to be perfect on all fronts. 99%, I'm good to go. This is Liz, by the way.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: I have more to say about the deodorant.

LIZ WOLFE: Diane is practically bursting with what to say.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: This is what like wide sweater shirts are for.

LIZ WOLFE: This is why we love the dolman sleeve.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: I don't know…gosh, I don't know what they're called. Anyway.

LIZ WOLFE: Anyway.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: So…so, what are we going to talk about? Oh, we have a big announcement to make.

LIZ WOLFE: Yeah, so let's…we've talked to enough people about this over the last two days, but I think it's time to kind of just screw formalities and say let's make our big fun announcement. Diane and I are super excited to reveal a new seminar format. She has been touring the planet, bringing the Paleo stuff to the masses.


LIZ WOLFE: Going around to CrossFit gyms and having a good time. And now I want to…I want to jump in and see if I can't add anything to the mix.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Let's just tell the truth. I said, Liz, listen, the same way I roped you into this podcast, I was like, you're either going to teach some seminars with me or I don't even know what. I don't think I can threaten just taking away friendship because most people would be like, all right, see you later. You're too bossy anyway. But no, we…yeah, we're going to start teaching seminars together, so the format's going to change a little bit. The content, you know, largely the kind of topics that are covered will remain the same. Obviously some new additions just from Liz's point of view and obviously I will not be talking the entire 8 hours anymore, which is kind of exciting for me. But I'm actually really excited to have, you know, a little bit more kind of balance in the mix, no pun intended. But just on, you know, different viewpoint and Bill's down the hall taking pictures of us. [laughs] But just to, yeah, just to bring Liz out on the road, too. I mean, I've had probably the last, I'd say 3 or 4 seminars where, you know, we've been doing the podcast now for over 6 months, which is so crazy, and just realizing that people are asking, “where's Liz?” It's like, obviously she should be with me at all times.

LIZ WOLFE: [xxx 6;27]

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Yeah, but so I'm actually really excited about that. So yeah, so our first one, Frisco, Texas…Dallas area, within the Dallas area. We have a bunch of people down here in Austin who are really excited to, you know, come join us in Frisco April 14th. So that one's at Frisco CrossFit, and then thereafter.

LIZ WOLFE: The most exciting thing about this new format is that I am going to be bringing my mobile Zumba class to all the CrossFit gyms. We will all be doing Zumba. I also have some new 100 calorie packs that I'm going to give you.

ALL: [laughter]

GEORGE BRYANT: Oh my gosh.

LIZ WOLFE: No, just kidding. Honestly, it's going to be a blast. I think we've got some new…some goodies that people are going to be excited about, so that'll be…we'll put some more formal announcements out there as time goes on, but…

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Yeah, there's more…there's more to this whole shenanigans of us uniting.


DIANE SANFILIPPO: to teach, but…

LIZ WOLFE: We'll peel back all the secrets at a later time.


LIZ WOLFE: So now that I've just completely ruined that segment of the podcast, do you want to talk about what we did, what we talked about during PaleoFX a little bit?

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Sure! The panel we did.

LIZ WOLFE: Just the one thing. I don't really remember…we, myself, Diane, and Diana Rodgers from Radiance Nutrition all did a little…kind of a panel on what we call the Paleo On-ramp, which is basically kind of accessing the kind of emotional side of all this and achieving buy-in that way, kind of before we start dealing with food, just to really connect with people. I actually don't remember anything from that panel because the whole time I was just thinking about how gross my toes look and I was in flip-flops, so I want to apologize to everyone for that, just right out of the gate.


LIZ WOLFE: Diane? [laughs]

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Well, some of the things we talked about were things that we do talk a lot about on the podcast, just, you know, me dealing with different kinds of people. You can't always approach them as you would, you know, maybe within a CrossFit gym, for example, and I know obviously a lot of our listeners are those people, you know, who are listening to their coaches, and the coach says, eat this way or that way, and everyone just kind of listens…oh, there's a [xxx 8:44] down the hall. Sorry about that. We're not exactly in a very secluded area.

GEORGE BRYANT: We're not exactly street legal.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: We're actually in a hallway. Okay, that should calm down in a minute. But anyway, so we were just talking about how to address different populations and how…I'm talking over this person. I wonder if they'll even hear that. We don't edit the podcast, by the way, so you guys may not even know what we're talking about. And, you know, just how to make sure that you're compassionate and addressing their needs and their concerns, and you know, not just kind of beating them over the head with like, you know, grains are bad, and expecting anyone to even care about that at that point. So I think we covered different kinds of people. Standard kind of female CrossFit athlete, the coach, the mom. What else? We covered…

LIZ WOLFE: People you can't help.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: People you can't help, some reluctant vegetarians. And these are all people, you know, we were talking about them from the perspective of these people come to us for help, so we were approaching it from that side, but we know that, you know, people listening at home or in your gym, you may have friends who need help, but unless they ask you for help, really taking that next step isn't the best thing. So maybe we'll do a podcast episode on this whole topic…


DIANE SANFILIPPO: and talk about it another time. But the whole, I think the whole video is going to be available for Paleo [xxx 10;18] What? You don't want anyone else to see this video?

LIZ WOLFE: No, there's no video. There's no video.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: All right, I think you should tell them that. I'm like, is she serious? Oh my gosh. There will be video available, so people can catch this. I know. What are you going to do?

LIZ WOLFE: This has degenerated rapidly.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Okay, should we…

LIZ WOLFE: What was the…I want to ask everybody real quick. Do a little didactic here.

BILL STALEY: Poll the audience.

LIZ WOLFE: Let's poll the audience. I actually want to hear kind of what everyone's favorite moments of this whole time was? If my special guests here can identify themselves and then let us know what their favorite part of PaleoFX was for those people who couldn't make the trip.

BILL STALEY: I think my favorite part was seeing Chris Kresser speak for the first time. I mean, we've all seen his posts on the Internet, but he was literally in every single session yesterday, and he tirelessly fielded question after question after question with just an insane amount of mental clarity that was like unwavering. It was just really impressive. Such a smart guy. Everyone should be following him and reading his stuff.


GEORGE BRYANT: I'm going to have to ditto what Bill said. This is George, again. I was in starstruck-dom, trying to understand what was coming…

BILL STALEY: George, ladies and gentlemen.

ALL: [laughter]

GEORGE BRYANT: what was coming out of Chris's mouth most of the time because his brain and head are both huge. So I took copious notes. I read a lot of Twitter feeds, and hopefully I can put some of it into practice and I have to say my other biggest, biggest favorite moment was seeing people understand that you don't have to take this so serious that you stress yourself out about it. You know, one of the biggest messages here from the biggest names, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson is like literally just to relax, to not take it seriously. Just live your life. If you stress about it, you're going exactly against what we're all about here. And I think that's like one of the biggest keys when you're trying to live this lifestyle is just to take it with a grain of salt and go with it and just, if you make a mistake, you keep moving. And to hear that reiterated over and over again in the community that we're in with all these big speakers and everyone just taking it in, you know, really hit home because we don't always do that, and also food bloggers and website runners and business owners and cookbook authors, like we all stress with the best of them, and we stay up late and have epic blogging sessions, and we edit pictures and embarrass people, but we don't sleep and we don't take our own advice sometimes, so I think one of the biggest things is nice for us to hear in the community, so we can pass it on and lead by example.

LIZ WOLFE: That was…that was phenomenal.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Phenomenal, yeah. No, I'm going to be serious and talk about my favorite part, too.


DIANE SANFILIPPO: It's Diane, in case anyone can't recognize my voice by now. No, a couple of things like absolutely, I have known Chris for a couple of years now, and I like to continue to take credit for the fact that I introduced him to Robb Wolf, which I did.

LIZ WOLFE: [laughs]

DIANE SANFILIPPO: No, but it was cool because actually I saw them eating for the first time, and I was wow, you guys are just, you know, face to face for the first time, and that was really cool. And yeah, it was a moment. And for as much as, you know, I had a handful of times just chatting with Chris over the last couple of years, but I got to talk to him for awhile over the last 2, 3 days, and same thing. I mean, he's just an awesome guy, and I think it was…I don't say it was one of the highlights because he wasn't at AHS, and to a lot of people, he was kind of a new face who's not new in the community, but people were just really excited to hear what he had to say. And yeah, I think he fields questions with intelligence and also with a lot of grace. And I just really admire that. So yeah, that was kind of cool for me. I have more stuff that I'm going to talk about.

LIZ WOLFE: This is Liz again, and I actually kind of played it…an alternate role, being out here. I actually came with my husband as a representative for Steve's Club and Steve's Original. We brought a whole slew of PaleoKits out, and PaleoFX people were super generous in hosting us and helping us out and making sure we could get here. And that was awesome. We sold out of PaleoKits real quick. And being able to talk to people in the Paleo community kind of about the work at Steve's Club, and the proceeds of PaleoKits going directly to funding athletic training, mentorship, nutritional guidance, stuff like that, for at-risk youth. I actually train in the same gym as a lot of the Steve's Club kids, and it's a pretty amazing thing, so that was kind of my dual role out here, to represent that as well as, you know, assault people's ear with whatever it is that I have to say, as I continue to do, so…yeah, that's my thing. Hayley?

HAYLEY MASON: I don't know. I really enjoyed meeting Chris Kresser. You know, he's been the hot topic for…

BILL STALEY: Three stars.

HAYLEY MASON: Yeah, I mean…I love talking about this. No, but seriously, he wasn't at AHS, so we literally met everyone else except for him, and he's just…he was really great to talk to, really kind person, and I kind of bombarded him with a few personal questions and he was really considerate with how he answered me. And kind of took the time to answer my questions even though, you know, it was kind of random and out of nowhere. But yeah, that was really great. And it's been an interesting different experience from AHS. The same, but yet different, and I don't know. I mean, I'm good.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: So another couple things I wanted to talk about that I thought were some highlights of the sessions that we were in. Liz and I were on a panel with Diana as well and Chris Kresser, Dan Kalish, and Amy Kubal, and one other guy, I can't remember his name, but we were on a whole foods vs. supplements panel, mastermind panel. And it was really cool. You know, we all…we definitely are like-minded in talking about some of the benefits and drawbacks to using supplementation and things to consider, you know, at that point. But I thought some of the really cool cross-over. At the end, we were asked, you know, what are 3 supplements we would all recommend, or 3 foods, or what…was that the question, our 3 foods or 3 supplements we would all recommend. And you know, pretty big consensus around at least one or two of them, and a couple that we were all just kind of nodding our heads along with, but everyone pretty much said the same things over like fermented foods, whether that means sauerkraut or if you can't do cabbage, goitrogens, you know, doing fermented carrots or even something like kombucha. The idea of liver as a superfood or, you know, in our case, I know, you've heard us a million times. Liz recommended the cod liver oil/butter oil blend. In our entire house, by the way, there were 3 bottles of fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend in our refrigerator, with like ten nutritionists and foodie bloggers staying in the same house. So that was another was. And…what was our third one? Bone broth?

LIZ WOLFE: Bone broth.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: We both had recommended that, and there was another one down the line, sea vegetables. I'm definitely big on that stuff. Stuff like Sea Snax, if you're eating them, just kind of randomly, or using stuff like kelp or dulse, wakame, that kind of stuff, put into broth. And one other one was sunshine, vitamin D, but kind of getting out in sun. Oh, and then, so that was…

LIZ WOLFE: You Jerzed it out.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: So then someone was asking questions [laughs] there was a whole q and a session at the end, and someone asked about vitamin D, and then asked about tanning. So of course, I was like, yes, I go tanning. [laughs] And proceeded to ramble on for what a good five minutes? I don't know, George usually was hanging I think I was about 5 minutes on tanning, and yeah, had a little like head weave kind of thing that happened. Anyway. So that was pretty…that was pretty cool mastermind. I really liked that panel, and actually I thought it was really cool to see Dr. Kalish, who taught my holistic lifestyle coaching certification course years and years ago. I was like, what's up, Dr. Kalish? Haven't seen you in a few years.

LIZ WOLFE: The student is now the teacher.

DIANE SANFILIPPO: Yeah. And I'm actually wondering. I didn't ask Chris, but I'm actually wondering if Chris and Dr. Kalish like knew that much about each other. I think Chris knew Dr. Kalish, but they're both in the Bay Area, so I know a lot of times people just kind of bombard Chris with, you know, their mysterious illnesses or whatnot. Dr. Kalish is very skilled as well, in certain types of hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter problems, maybe some of them with digestive issues, so I think Chris may be a little bit more on that slant, but if people are looking for more help, I think he does help people remotely, but I'm not positive, but I think it's a, yeah, I mean, you guys can look him up. We'll put a link to his website on the show notes. So I think that we're about done…

LIZ WOLFE: Yeah, you know, so I kind of final thoughts that I would kind of apply to this whole thing..You know, a lot of times when you have kind of a community like this that comes together, it's almost in a way…you run the risk of kind of closing the doors to people outside the community. It's kind of, you're all gathering like minded people, and you do run that risk. But what I was really happy about being here at PaleoFX was that while this was a Paleo-oriented symposium, while it was mostly people that were already kind of into and convinced by or transitioning into a Paleo lifestyle, it was also a very open forum. It was a really cool, open and embracing format, where a lot of different people, a lot of different interpretations were represented. In particular, I was excited that the Weston A. Price Foundation was here, representing Sarah Pope from the Healthy Home Economist blog, who is an awesome writer, really really cool. She was representing the Weston A. Price Foundation. I believe, Judith, from the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund was here, talking a little bit about food policy, and so you know, there are a lot of different kind of courses you can take as part of the, I don't know, this Real Food/Traditional Food/Ancestral Wellness perspective, and I was really encouraged to see how well represented those kinds of different sides of the coin were here. And that was one of the most, my most favorite things about the whole weekend, really, or the whole week, so…any other thoughts?

DIANE SANFILIPPO: No, wrap it up.

LIZ WOLFE: All right, let's wrap it up. That's a short one. We'll be back next week with the usual goodies. Everybody say, Peace out, AHS. Or not AHS, where are we, PaleoFX? See ya at AHS. Yeah, there we go. Bye everybody.

ALL: Bye!!

Diane & Liz

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  1. Was excited to see Cherry Hill in April until I realized that it is the same day as our Crossfit vs Kickboxing gym challenge here in Warwick, NY. Just finished a 60 day Paleo Challenge at Crossfit (31.4 lbs!!) and am looking for more motivation – got to see Robb Wolfe speak in New Paltz a few weeks ago :). Will keep posted for the next local one. Thanks for posting the seminars from the Paleo Summit!

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