Book Review & Giveaway: The Zenbelly Cookbook by Simone Miller

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I first met Simone Miller when I learned of her desire to open a gluten-free kitchen space in San Francisco, and subsequently that she was hosting Paleo pop-up dinners in the city.

simone-shifnadel-sf-1Though I wasn't living in SF anymore at the time, to my surprise, her dinners were happening on a weekend I had planned to visit.

I was so in!

I quickly shared the link to her pop-up events, and found out not long after that the multiple events went from pretty solid attendance rates to nearly sold out in a matter of days. I was psyched that you all (my amazing readers) responded so positively to this dinner presentation, and also that I could help out this obviously awesome chef – though, at the time, I hadn't tasted a bite of her food.

I was pretty confident Simone's food would be awesome.

I was right.

Not long thereafter, Simone graciously offered to bring some snacks to my book signing event at Omnivore Books in San Francisco when I was on tour with “Practical Paleo” in late 2012 or early 2013 (I forget which). I don't remember exactly what she served, but I remember for sure that it included bacon jam. Which is ridiculous. Make it, it's in the book.


As a caterer, Simone has served up her tasty treats to tons of folks at events including the Paleo book-release parties around the Bay Area for Danielle Walker's Against All Grain, Michelle Tam & henry Fong's Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans, and Chris Kresser's Your Personal Paleo Code.

And, amidst all that work, she wrote a book.

Recipe_Shareable_TemplateI can't even fathom how people write books and do other jobs at the same time. It sounds impossible to me.

She did it.

Simone's food is simple in presentation – enough so that you can totally make it yourself. It's also elegant and rich in flavor profiles – so much so that you'll feel like you're eating restaurant food in the comfort of your own home.

I don't usually cook from cookbooks.

See, that's the thing about being a cookbook author. You rarely use cookbooks when you are so accustomed to creating recipes. But, I knew Simone's book would lure me in.

Simone's style is very much along the lines of flavor profiles and techniques I would use on my own, so it was pretty easy to pick a recipe to make from her book: Crispy Braised Duck Legs  with Melted Shallots and Roasted Plums.

ZenbellyBookReview-4Except, my local Whole Foods didn't have duck legs this week. Or plums. But, they did have chicken legs. And pluots – go figure. So, I did what any home cook should do – I improvised using similar tasting/similar “functioning” ingredients. No big deal.

Knowing how to swap out ingredients you can get for the ones you had on your list, well, this is probably one of the most important rules in cooking, especially from cookbooks!

Your grocery store may not always cooperate with your plan, and you need to know when veering a bit off-plan is going to work out just fine.

In this case, I used a similar cut of another bird and a similar stone fruit. I could also have used a different cut of chicken or even peaches or nectarines I'm sure. All would have tasted great.

I made the recipe after lunch, planning on enjoying it for dinner – and that we did! It was super rich in flavor from the braising liquid that included both chicken stock (I used homemade, as always), and red wine.

One thing I did a bit differently since I had chicken instead of duck was to sear the chicken legs in a couple of tablespoons of duck fat. This not only added that ducky-licious flavor, but it also added the fat I really needed in the dish. I know that searing duck legs would have rendered a lot of fat, but chicken won't do the same thing. This is a great tip to keep in mind when swapping chicken in for duck in recipes.

Recipe_Shareable_TemplateThe ingredient list was pretty short, and I though wasn't able to find fresh thyme at the store either, I used dried. No biggie. It was fantastic.

I highly recommend checking out The Zenbelly Cookbook.

It's filled with richly flavored recipes that use few ingredients but leave you with palate-pleasing dishes your whole family will enjoy.

That’s not all! I’m also excited to announce that I am giving away 3 copies of The Zenbelly Cookbook to 3 lucky winners!

And, since I want to help you guys spread the word about Paleo, each winner will also get a copy of Practical Paleo to gift to a friend – you know, since I know you already have it 😉

Be sure to enter to win 1 of 3 prizes I’m giving away below!

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Comments 317

  1. I would love to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my sweet cousin Manon who is trying to eat paleo all while living with a family that doesn’t support her new way of life! I’m sure the guide would help her and the recipes would convince her family!

    1. I would love a copy to give to my sister. She doesn’t quite get the concept of food as medicine. She was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and there is that section in the book on it I want her to read. I want her to understand how gluten is destroying her health and that it doesn’t help with inflammation, etc. How the paleo diet is actually healing. I was going to get it for her for Xmas but… Well, y’know sisters, they won’t hear it coming from you. I love your book and how chock full of information it is. It’s fantastic.

  2. I’d love to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my mom. Even though I’ve explained all these different ideas to her a million times I think it would be helpful for her to see it in print and have the guides to make it super easy. Also, with all the yummy recipes she could start cooking much healthier food for my dad and my brother who still lives at home!

  3. I would like to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my mom, Stephanie. I think this will be the key to a lifestyle change that she has trying to implement for years. Being someone who has always “dieted” using all the wrong information, this book will help her understand that butter is not the enemy! (As long as it’s grass fed that is).

  4. I would love to give a copy to my brother Jason Johnson. I think it would be reat information for him and his family.

  5. I have sooo many friends/family that could benefit from Practical Paleo but I think my first and most important is my mom, Susan Romeo. I myself would love to check out Zenbelly’s.

  6. I would like to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my mom who is just starting to switch her diet and realize the benefits of eating paleo..

  7. I would LOVE to give a copy to my sister. She just joined crossfit Aprox 4 months ago, so
    I need to get her interested in the paleo lifestyle. I think this cookbook would be perfect for her.

  8. Hi!
    I would give the book to by older sister.
    She has many health concerns that come from. The SAD, that have been getting worse and worse. I can tell she wants a change but doesn’t. Know how to,this book will explain all she needs to know 🙂
    Thanks guys

  9. I would love to gift a copy to my mom. She is on a fixed income (retired) and she’s taking care of my sister’s two children. I’ve been trying to get her to stop using sugar and carbs so much and adopt a paleo lifestyle, we hunt a lot and she has a farm with goats and chickens and a huge vegetable garden so she/we have access to nutrient rich foods. I am slowly getting through to her but I think if she had a book like this that would help and she would have something tangible to reference!

  10. Hi ^_^
    I would love to give Practical Paleo to my best friend kym. She’s been really wanting to try paleo but her family is really unsupportive as they don’t think she should try it (since most paleolithic diets support going without rice and they are a traditional chinese family thus rice makes up a main part of their meal). I’m sure that she could show her family Practical Paleo and it might help persuade them to see how the paleo diet isn’t dangerous at all.

    P.S : The Zenbelly cookbook sounds interesting, will you be reviewing some of the recipes?

  11. So excited for this giveaway! I would gift a copy to my mom Vicki, I think I got my love for reading about health and wellness from her…cooking skills from my father 🙂 . I truly love your book and I know she will too!

  12. I can’t wait to get this book. Practical Paleo was my the first cookbook I bought when I started this journey and I loaned it to my brother so he could understand what I was talking about. So I would give him Practical Paleo (and get mine back!!). Zenbellys recipes look amazing.

  13. Always looking for new ideas and thoughts since I’m new to Paleo & whole food eating. Love listening to your podcasts at work!

  14. I would actually like to gift myself with the book. I lent mine out and it never came home. So you might say I’ve already gifted it.

  15. My family and I followed the 21DSD plan to a T and continue to follow the paleo plan with some modifications. We love your recipes and immediately went out and bought the Practical Paleo book as well. I plan to gift this book to my dear friend, Kathy, who is having difficulties with her health. She has been looking over my shoulder on occasion while I cook from your recipes and watching our family slim down as well. I believe she is beginning to see the light. Thank you!

  16. I’m so excited by all the professional Paleo cookbooks coming out! I’d love to win this Zenbelly cookbook. Practical Paleo inspired my transition to paleo and I’d love to share with my friend Terri Henry, who is exploring Paleo now! She’ll love it and how easy it makes Paleo eating, as she’s got 3 hungry kids and a husband!

  17. Practical paleo breaks everything down so simply and easily- would love to give to a relative struggling with health problems who has had a hard time with other less easy-to-understand books!

  18. I would give Practical Paleo to my sister because she has learned this year that she is gluten sensitive and sugar addicted and is trying to make positive changes. This would be a fantastic tool for her.

  19. I would leave the book for Austin Fire Department Station 32. There are a couple of us who are Paleo, and the other firefighters find cooking for us confusing. I think Practical Paleo would help them.

  20. Ancestral eating has been the key to my mental vitality, and Practical Paleo has been an excellent reference for hacking my diet further to address some digestive issues as well. I would love to gift a copy of the book to my parents, who currently battle thyroid issues, osteoporosis, and cancer. I would love for them to have their own copy so I can have mine back (it’s been on loan for a long time, and I MISS IT!)

  21. I have been wanting to purchase ZenBelly but have not gotten around to it. The recipes look awesome and I love your blog about it.

  22. Since my house found practical paleo, our family has never been healthier or more well fed. I’m dying to check out Zen Belly, and there are so many people I have wanted to gift practical paleo to since I rave about it all the time. We need all the help we can get in the recipe department with a gluten allergy and other health issues that have all but been resolved completely with adopting the paleo life style. Love all of you that are out there to help educate us and help us to implement amazing, delicious meals into our own homes!

  23. I would LOVE to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my best friend and maid of honor: Adrienne. She has been struggling with Candida for years, and she doesn’t believe that eating Paleo could be practical (hehe.) I think this book would be IMMENSELY helpful for her and create a more prosperous, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

  24. I LOVE practical paleo and I woul love to gift one to my best friend who, at 26, is a cancer survivor, but battling issues that came from chemo.

  25. I would give a copy of Practical Paleo to someone who I’ve been nutrition coaching because she could use the extra push (and recipes!) to inspire her to change her diet.

  26. I have given away my copy of Practical Paleo twice already. I have replaced it, but there always seems to be another friend or relative wanting to “borrow” mine. I pretty much need to keep two in the house just so I always have one!

  27. I have become a huge fan of the Paleo diet over the past several months. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s several years ago. Ever since then I’ve been on a mission to find a way to heal it. Some said I couldn’t. Oddly, when someone tells me I can’t, I find a way to prove them wrong – LOL. So, I’ve made numerous health changes over these years. I removed toxic cosmetics and skin care, switched to organic, added healthy fats AND removed wheat and grains from my diet. When I went in a month ago for my bi-annual blood draw, they tested to see if I still had the antibodies. Guess what? The test came back negative!! No sign of the Hashimoto’s antibodies AND my overall thyroid tests were improving too! Woo hoo! It goes to prove that one CAN heal (or put into remission?) an autoimmune disease!
    Thanks for all you do to help others learn about healthy eating!

  28. I want to give the book to my aunt-in-law who struggles with diabetes and fibromyalgia. I really think this could help put her on the road to healthy living.

  29. I would gift a copy of your book to my mom. I think I got my love for reading health and wellness books from her and my cooking skills from my dad. I know she will enjoy it!

  30. I would donate one to a friend that iI work with who is trying the Paleo diet. She is obese and is trying hard to lose weight so that she can get pregnant again.

  31. Not to sound greedy, but I’m hoping to keep the books if I win! I ate fairly consistently Paleo prior to having my adorable baby, but its been hard to get back on track with a little one, less meal prep time, working full time and limited budgets.. I splurged on 21 DSD a few months ago and it was the boost I needed, now have been watching for more options next time I can get a good book!

  32. I want to give a copy of PP to my mom. Her name is Deanna, and I have wanted to give her one for a long time as I am coping w/ the financial challenges of chronic illness. I’ve been paleo about 2 years to try and heal myself. I loved your interview w Simone!!

  33. I would give a copy to my daughter Stephanie. She wants to join me in healthier living/eating…not only for herself but for her little girls, one of whom has Turner’s Syndrome.

  34. I want to give a copy of PP to my mom. Her name is Deanna. I’ve wanted to for a long time, but don’t give too many gifts as I am coping w the financial challenges of chronic illness, but am using paleo to help heal myself.
    I loved the interview w Simone. It made me wish I was Jewish, as I did when I read Miriam’s Kitchen. Was wanting to paleofy some of the recipes in there. Would LOVE to have Simone’s book!!

  35. I would be selfish and keep both books at first. I’ve recently started on this chapter of my life and am trying to “digest” all the knowledge put together on the subject.

  36. I would give my copy to my boyfriends mother, she is all about eating totally un-real food (spenda all day, yikes) and she has a low function autistic son who I have been recommending a gluten (grain if they can!) and dairy free diet, but she says it is far to overwhelming to accomplish!

  37. Yes I do already have Practical Paleo and it is fantastic I must say. I would give the extra copy to my mom Ruth who would like to learn more about the paleo lifestyle and how it might help my dad with his diabetes. Thanks

  38. I would pass long the new copy of Practical Paleo to my mom, Carrie. She has always worked so hard (as a nurse and a mom) to make sure my family is consuming food that is good for your body and your mind. My dad tells everyone that he (who cooks nothing) eats better and more healthy than anyone he knows. Despite coming from a long line of sweet-tooths (or maybe because of it), she joined me on the 21DSD this past spring and hasn’t looked back since. I’d love for her to get her hands on Practical Paleo and continue to be inspired to cook up even more delicious food.

  39. I would love to give a copy to my mom. She’s not currently eating Paleo, but she’s interested in it. This could be the extra push 🙂

  40. I want to give the other copy to my friend Veronique, who like me is on the Paleo journey and doing her best to include her family in it as much as possible!

  41. this will be awesome to win if i am one of the lucky winners i would love to share this with my Sister Patty Vazquez thank you for the chance <3

    1. I would love to win the Zenbelly cookbook as I have seen many of her recipes online and they look delish. Yes of course the Practical Paleo will be gifted as I already have a copy and have gifted MANY to friends and family as it is the first Paleo book I read and changed my life so want to share the love.

  42. I want to give a copy to everyone I know! Practical Paleo has been life changing for me and I’d love to read the other book too.

  43. How fantastic is this??? I have several friends dipping their toes into the paleo waters this summer and I would love to fuel their interest with a gift of Practical Paleo!!

  44. I love Zenbelly! I follow her blog and would love a copy of her book! I love cooking paleo not just for me, but for my family too (showing them how grain free cooking is so yummy!)

  45. Hi Diane, this is awesome, thanks! I would gift this book to my mother-in-law. I think she would find it interesting and it would help her understand more about how and why my husband (who is diabetic – and it runs on her side of the family) and I eat the way we do. I’m SO looking forward to Simone’s book also.

  46. I would love a copy for myself and to give to my friend Lindsey who’s starting her journey to a more healthy lifestyle!

  47. I’d love to give a copy to my friend Courtney– she has crohn’s, colitis & food allergies! She’s had a TPN line all summer to try to get out of a crohns flair… She needs some GOOD food when she can finally eat again!

    1. Since the whole world and my friend Theresa (who was in the masters last year) has Practical Paleo…. We would love this new book 🙂

  48. I would probably give it to my best friend who has leaky gut and a boat load of other things so she can heal herself!!!!!

  49. My choice would be my daughter-in-law as she is raising my special needs Granddaughter who has a myriad of issues including digestive ones.

  50. I would give a copy of Practiacl Paleo toy
    Mom to give her some healthy recipe ideas and information on how to get healthier.

  51. I would give Practical Paleo to my wonderful sister Rebecca because she is really interested in starting her own paleo journey. 🙂

  52. I would give a copy to my sister who is slowly learning about avoiding grains and promoting health through eating. I am learning as well but have a few months ahead and loving the journey of self discovery

  53. I would love a copy of this book and would give a copy of practical paleo tony mother, as she introduced me to the paleo philosophy!

  54. I would love to give a copy to my friend Stacet. She has struggled so long with food and hormonal problems. Paleo has given her new hope in feeling good again.

  55. I would give a copy of this to my mom. She has a lot of paleo cookbooks already but this one is above and beyond and I think she’d love it!

  56. I would give a copy to my best friend – a GAPS-certified practitioner. I’m sure it would be a welcome addition to her library.

    1. I would love a copy of zen belly!! I’m finally making my full jump into paleo (I’ve been toenornfoot in for a while now but kept dabbling back and forth) and this would be PERFECTTTTT for me!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pick me!!

  57. I would love to get my hands on this cookbook, as I have really been pushing the options for paleo meals. As for the Practical Paleo, I would give it to my friends (husband and wife) that recently actually started listening to my discussion on the benefits for paleo.

  58. I would gift the copy to my friend Leah who inspired me during my Whole 30 and continues to be gracious with sharing her ideas with me.

  59. Thank you for sharing this recipe and the giveaway! I give the book to my sister who is really ill and need more convincing!

  60. I listened to the podcast about Zenbelly while on my run the other day…so inspiring. Would love to share Practical Paleo with my friend Sara.

  61. My family and I a trying to adopt a Paleo lifestyle and have found Practical Paleo to be a really helpful resource. We chose this lifestyle to reverse disease (RA) and I have seen significant improvement since we began. I would really love to add Zenbelly to my library and offer the Paleo lifestyle to my sister and her family.

  62. I’d love to give Practical Paleo to my mom! She’s a busy lady and I want to help her see how easy it can be to eat healthy.

  63. I would love to give a copy of this book to my sister in law. She and her little children have all had stomach issues and she’s really trying to improve their diet and learn more about proper nutrition. I think this would be a big help to her 🙂

  64. I would gift a copy to either my mom, who has dealt with IBS, or my friend Jessica, who was just diagnosed with SIBO. I referred her to your site for some helpful information and was surprised that she hadn’t heard of you yet!

    1. I have been giving Practical Paleo to friends who want to understand Paleo, but also who want to understand digestion and how our organs work. Would be great to have another copy to give to another friend. And I would love to try Zenbelly! Thanks!

    2. I love Practical Paleo- although I don’t technically own it. I bought it for my sister when she got married- but I read it before I wrapped it!

  65. My mom is just starting to get into the paleo lifestyle and I would love to be able to give her a copy of practical paleo! Of course, I may end up buying her one either way. 🙂

  66. I heard the podcast with Simone and was completely intrigued and have since checked out her site. I would also love to win Practical Paleo with one of my best gals Krystal Dawson, who is transitioning herself and her family to a Paleo lifestyle!

  67. I have been following the Paleo life style since March. Practical Paleo is my go to for recipes and advice to help me. I have lost 40 pounds and I feel so much better. I also have Type 2 diabetes. I was on 60 units of insulin a day and now, I’m happy to say, I am totally off it. Paleo and exercise (water aerobics) have changed my life! I could give the book to someone else to maybe change their life also. Thank you for the opportunity!

  68. I follow zenbelly on Instagram and her recipes look SO delicious. I feel like I would get a lot of use out of her cookbook because her recipes are refined and are chef-quality. There are SO many Paleo cookbooks out there that look like they have the same recipes in them. There’s nothing wrong with simple recipes and simple ingredients, but I get tired of seeing 1000’s of recipes for Paleo meatloaf, Paleo pancakes, etc. She seems to have a nice variety with some innovative touches that I think I would enjoy trying. I don’t cook much from cookbooks either, even though I own a few Paleo cookbooks now, because I do prefer just winging it most of the time. However, I would like to try cooking from her cookbook and then adding my own touches when I go to make the recipes again. So that being said, I would love to own this cookbook!

  69. I would give Practical Paleo to my sister. She has be skeptical of paleo ever since I started my journey two years ago. Practical Paleo provides an immense amount of information proving why paleo really is a great healthy lifestyle to adapt!

  70. I would gift it to my mom, so that she could learn what good nutrition really is! (she thinks I’m crazy eating the way I do!)

  71. I love my copy of Practical Paleo that I picked up at Costco, we’ve tried many recipes in it and they have all been hits and put on our family rotation of dinners. I’d love to give a copy to my sister in law as she has shown an interest in eating healthier. I haven’t seen The Zenbelly’s Cookbook yet but the reviews of the recipes look amazing.

  72. After listening to the podcast, I’ve been seriously considering purchasing the Zenbelly book. I would gift Practical Paleo to the friend to whom I raved about the book when I was reading it last month. I saw her again this week, and she asked me for the name of the podcast I was telling her about – Balanced Bites! Thanks Diane. You’re awesome! Glad you had fab food in Greece.

  73. I’d love to give a copy of my all time favorite “Practical Paleo” to my daughter Aisha. (Who is pregnant with my first grand baby) <3

  74. I’d love to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my soon to be new sister Rachel! I would love to continue to explore the paleo world together with her!

  75. The Zenbelly cookbook looks amazing! And I would love to give the practical Paleo cookbook to my best friend who is trying to give up gluten and dairy, while working an extremely demanding job. Just so she can see it doesn’t take a ton of time or money! 🙂

  76. I’m not sure who I would give an extra copy of practical paleo to yet because I’ve already given 4 copies to friends! Lol! I’m sure I’ll find someone though! 🙂

  77. I would give it to my mom, she is in remission from colon cancer and I think all the health info would be helpful to her, plus there are so many yummy recipes:)

  78. I would love to give Practical Paleo to my friend/co-worker who is addicted to grains and dairy, but suffers for it. I think it would really open her eyes, and show her that delightful eating doesn’t have to include those items!

    1. I would like to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my friend Kimberly who is a registered dietitian and is currently struggling with some gut-related health issues. I believe that eating paleo would benefit my friend and her clients. And I would like to collect every paleo book possible to use and to recommend to my friends and my own clients!

    2. Love Practical Paloe! Would share a copy with my sister and I am wanting the new Zenbelly book bad!!! For my pale cookbook collection 🙂

  79. I would love to give a copy to my mom. She has slowly come around to eating Paleo and I think this would convince her to really go for it!

  80. This is really helping me and my son with a healthier lifestyle. I have early menopause while my son is allergic to wheat, fish, soy, pecans, and apples. I was raised in a deep southern fried house hold. I have had to teach my self how to eat healthy and I am still learning everyday. This sugar detox is the best thing I have come across in a long time. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change that can last forever.

  81. My cousin just told me her and her husband want to try Paleo! I couldn’t be more excited and of course Practical Paleo was the first thing I recommended!

  82. I would love to give a copy to my parents who both suffer from autoimmune issues just like me. It’d be wonderful to get the whole family on the right track!

  83. i’d love to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my friend, and sister 😉 Larissa. I think she is finally ready to dig deeper into this lifestyle 🙂 Love ZenBellly!

  84. I love this book and everyone should have it, the problem will choosing just one to give it too. Though I would have to give it to my sister-in-law Tara so my niece and nephew can eat/learn about some great healthy food

  85. I bought PP “for the family” ….. and then I took it when I moved out 🙂 I love Zenbelly, too! I wish I was on the west coast!

  86. I want to win a copy for my mom, Becke. She’s been trying to figure out some health issues, and I’m dying for her to change the way she eats and views food.

  87. Thank you for the “kitchen tip” about how to swap out chicken for duck as I’m not a huge duck fan. I would love a copy of Practical Paleo for my friend Kate to help her on her journey to living a healthier life.

  88. Would love to have a copy to give to a friend who is having health issues! I almost offered mine, but what would I do without it??

  89. Zenbelly chocolate chip cookies are my husband’s favorite – would love to find him some more favorite recipes to add to those he already loves from PP. The PP copy would go to my friend Sandy in Texas, who I see trying all different kinds of “diets.”

  90. I would gift Practical Paleo to my friend Patty. She is new to Paleo and trying show her family what healthy cooking can do for our bodies.

  91. I would give a copy to my mom she is interested in learning more about paleo and how it could benefit her and my dad.

  92. And I forgot to add the friend I would like to give Practical Paleo to: it’s a dear friend I’ve known for 15 years. She has struggled with all kinds of health issues and I think an integrative medicine approach and a paleo diet could make all the difference in the world!

  93. The Zenbelly Cookbook will be for me; the Practical Paleo copy will go to my sister and her boyfriend, who are amazing at coming up with awesome Paleo recipes!

  94. This would go into my growing paleo cookbook collection, great paleo recipes help me convince my husband that real food isn’t boring!

    1. I love the recipes in Practical Paleo and would love to give the gift copy to my father. My father has suffered his whole life with stomach issues and I feel these recipes would truly help him.

    2. Honestly, I would gift the book to myself. I know that sounds selfish, but I’ve only just begun this path (2 weeks now). I’m still exploring and deciding if it’s a good fit for me. I have, however, noticed a couple pairs of shorts are feeling a bit looser already so perhaps this is the right thing for me. 🙂

  95. I’d love to give a copy to my friend, Christine, who sometimes leans Paleo and sometimes doesn’t 😛 Sharing knowledge is a great thing!

  96. I absolutely love Practical Paleo; it introduced me to the Paleo lifestyle and sparked my love for cooking! I would gift a copy to my parents, who are finally starting to become interested in whole foods.

  97. I would love to gift a copy of Practical Paleo to my Mother-in-Law (Mamenkia). She loves to cook for people and I always feel so bad turning down her amazing Russian food. She has been asking me what I can or can’t eat and has made some adjustments to her recipes to better suit my needs. Your book would be a wonderful guide.

    1. Hit submit too soon 🙂 I would give a copy to my friend Sue who has been told by her doctor to consider Paleo but hasn’t yet looked into cookbooks.

  98. I’m still new with Paleo. I don’t even have 6 months down. But I’m loving the way I feel. I’m happy about being able to eat healthier. I can surely use a cookbook. Idea’s and substitutions don’t come quickly yet. Thanks.

  99. I would love to give a copy to my daughter in love, she’s a wonderful cook and enjoys preparing healthy meals for her family

  100. I loved the podcast with Simone – Diane and Simone made me feel very inspired about cooking and trying new Paleo recipes. I’d love to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my friend Jess who has Crohn’s. She told me once that she tried going GF and it made her symptoms worse, but I think she’d be happy to learn more about how nutrition can help her situation. Thanks for all the good work you do!

  101. I want to give a copy of Practical Paleo to a friend who is suffering with an autoimmune disorder because I feel that eating to support her condition will help her feel better.

    1. I would totally appreciate winning these two books. I’m always looking to grow my paleo collection of recipes for my big family!

  102. I would gift the book to myself and my husband who are both paleo but have yet to read the bible that is practical paleo! We would love to read more of the details behind paleo that PP is renowned for as well as try more of your delish recipes!

  103. Copy would go to my oldest daughter. She lives near her grandparents and could introduce them to Paleo by taste not just hearing about it from me.

  104. I would replace the cookbooks that I never use. I would donate them and gift these awesome books to my youngest daughter.

  105. I’d love to give a copy to my parents to show them that they can have good food without pasta – and that it will be better for them in the long run!

  106. I would give a copy of Practical Paleo to my parents. Love Diane’s books, am very excited to get a copy of the Zen Belly cookbook!

  107. I would love to give practical paleo to my mom. She has been ill for a long time and has been eating as much paleo as she can but as she gets better and wants to cook for the family again she has no idea what to make! She doesn’t want to go back to her old cookbooks now that she’s changed the way she eats. She want to cook healthy paleo meals and this is the perfect book for her!

  108. I would love to give practical paleo to my cousin who suffers from chrons. They want to give her surgery and I’m crossing my fingers that if she will let me and this book along with the paleo community help her she won’t need the surgery. Listening to you and Simone’s podcast was so much fun and I would love to use her recipes to feed myself and my family!

  109. I have consistently used Practical Paleo in my own kitchen– my 16 y.o. gave it to me as a birthday present! We, as a family, enjoy choosing recipes to make/try. I would love to have a copy to give to my best friend from high school, who just learned that one of her kids is gluten-intolerant, with celiac disease. As for Zen Belly, I want that one for myself! LOL Have heard so many good things, from so many different sources. Am excited about the opportunity!

  110. I would give a copy to my Mom- she’s coming around to the paleo advice I’ve been dropping here and there and would love for her to have this amazing resource to get healthier.

  111. I would give this gift of clean eating to my husband who had been my biggest supporter on my 21dsd journey. He has helped me cook every 21dsd meal and knows the ins and outs of it better than I do, yet knows that 21dsd is not for him. This book will be a true answer and gift for him b

  112. I really want to give one to my boyfriend! I really know the importance of good health and want to share this information and the recipes to everyone I care about! They need nutrient density in their lives!

  113. I would love to add The Zen Belly cookbook to my collection of Paleo cookbooks. If I won I would gift Practical Paleo to my mom. She’s the one that taught me to cook and appreciate homecooked meals. Practical Paleo would show her you can still have delicious satisfying food without bread, pasta and other highly processed food like products. 🙂

  114. I would give a copy to my mom, since she still believes margarine and reduced fat milk are the best choices and bacon and whole eggs have too much cholesterol. I would love to help educate her and give her some amazing recipes to try out!

  115. I would share this book with my sister – who suffers from gluten-intolerance yet hasn’t been able to get on the bandwagon to fixing it. I think this would be a great gift to get her motivated!

  116. Can’t wait to make bacon jam! Woohoo! I use your cookbook all the time and would love to win a second copy that I could give to my mother in law who is just starting to learn about her food intolerances.

  117. I want to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my boyfriend because he is my amazing personal paleo chef (LOL!) and he loves you Diane!!

  118. I’m so excited for Simone’s book. Recipes I’ve made off of her blog are always delicious. I had some of her tasty treats at your Omnivore books signing :). Thanks!

  119. Love me some practical paleo, balanced bites etc etc
    I would give the book to my friend Kate who suffers from some serious gluten issues without wanting to realize it. Good stuff ladies!

  120. Listened to the podcast with Simone and would love, love, LOVE to cook up some of her recipes in my own kitchen. As for Practical Paleo, I would give the copy to my delightful coworker and traditional but open-minded baker Kristi.

  121. I’d want to gift it to my friend, Harold. He’s in his 80s and is very health conscious and could benefit from the information/recipes in this book.

  122. I’d love to give this to my friend Amy! She’s a awesome mom of a 2 year old and she is passionate about providing the best food options for her and her family

  123. I would love to give a copy of Practical Paleo to my brother. He has some autoimmune issues that sound like they could be helped by a better, real-food lifestyle.

  124. I would love to give a copy to a friend at work that is trying to follow and learn about the Paleo diet. She has a boyfriend that she is also trying to eat Paleo.

  125. I have Practical Paleo, so my gift copy would go to a friend who is interested in trying Paleo but needs inspiration and confidence. The Zenbelly cookbook would be Mine!

  126. Of course I already have Practical Paleo! But I’d love to share a copy with a friend or client! And I would love Simone’s cookbook because I do enjoy cooking from recipes. Sometimes I follow them to a “T”, other times I work with what I’ve got, and sometimes they inspire me to create something totally new!

  127. I would like a copy of Practical paleo gifted to my friend Kimberly Oliver because her family is new in trying to eat whole foods and I think it would be a great resource for her.

  128. I would love to give a copy to my best friend, Brey Mathias. She loves the paleo lifestyle and tries so hard to make it work for her family. A new cookbook would really help her out.

  129. Hi! I would gift Practical Paleo to my friend, Mary. She’s been on a journey to relieve fibromyalgia pain for several years, and has been struggling with a gluten-free approach (a huge step for her!). Practical Paleo’s comprehensive, customized meal plans would really help her support her body in this process. Thanks!

  130. This is such an awesome giveaway! I have Practical paleo on my Kindle but would love to get a hardcopy too 🙂 Is that selfish? I might lend it to someone 😉

  131. I would LOVE to try these! I’m new to the whole paleo thing, so I need guidelines. I would give the other to a friend who is starting the journey, also.

  132. I would love to give Practical Paleo to my mom. My younger brother has Crohn’s and I really think that this could change his life – just need to get him eating the right way for him to see it.

    1. Would love to have the Zenbelly cookbook. I am new to the paleo diet but would love to pass it on to family and the cookbook would be so helpful!

    2. Your book Practical Paleo has now released in Germany. Whoop! 🙂
      I think, we need more Paleo-books like yours in Germany. Thank you!

  133. Yes, I do already own a copy of Practical Paleo and I already gave a copy to my mom and to a friend. This one would be for my daughter, who is a “recovering vegetarian” 😉 She’s totally on board with Paleo, but needs all the help she can get. But the Zenbelly book? That is for me 🙂

  134. Practical Paleo has me on the road to recovery from Fibro/CFS/ME and Lupus. Thank you! Without your help I’d never be healing myself.

  135. I want to give a copy of Practical Paleo to a couple of different people. First, would be my sister in law who has MS. I keep telling her how going Paleo would help with symptoms…but she is frustrated with “where to start”. I would also love to give one to my son’s best friend’s mom. She has a few auto immune issues and when I let her borrow my copy of Practical Paleo, she LOVED it…and shocked she didn’t rush out and buy her own…finances have been tight for them though.

  136. I would love to win this book for my dad! I let him borrow my book and he loved it so much that I basically had to steal it under cover of darkness from his house.

  137. The paleo diet has been a life-saver to me. New cooking ideas from amazing cookbooks is always helpful. It would be exciting to win!

  138. I’d give a copy of Practical Paleo to my cousin. We spoke about the Paleo diet a while back and this would give her great insight.

  139. I would love to gift Practical Paleo to my mom or sister. This book explains paleo in such a great way and the recipes are the best! Of course, I want Zenbelly for myself 😉

  140. I have suffered from IBS-C symptoms my entire life and was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. This book has absolutely changed my life and has become my health Bible. I already gifted it to my best friend who is severely overweight and has a host of health problems because I believe it is so user-friendly even for someone who is not interested in health. If I had another copy I would gift it to my sister-in-law who dabbles in the Paleo trend and would like to get her weight/health in check.

  141. As an aspiring chef and current holistic consultant student (at Bauman, thanks to you!) I would just absolutely LOVE to get my hands on a copy of this book! Also the copy of practical paleo would be awesome to give to my sister, as she’s currently in the transition of eating healthier along with her family. I’ve lent my copy to her before and she loved all the recipes she tried so it would be great to be able to gift her her own copy as well!!

  142. Ooh. I have borrowed Practical Paleo from the library so many times, I really should own one, right? Zenbelly’s pizza crust recipe change my Saturday night s forever!!

  143. Would love a copy of zenbelly. Her pizza and apple pie is the best! Not sure who’d be lucky enough to receive your book.

  144. I would love to give this to my sister! She has taught me a lot about eating Paleo as well as following your blog. I’m starting to embrace the lifestyle!

  145. I absolutely love your book Practical Paleo. I want to give it to my sister. She is 46 and suffering from so many health issues, like diabetes, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, obesity… I will keep Zenbelly for myself! I already tried the plantain taco shells and I’m in love!

  146. I would gift this to my Aunt Cathy. She is always learning more about eating foods that make your body feel better, and I think this educational book would be wonderful for her!!!!

  147. I want to give a copy of Practical Paleo to a friend who had had IBS symptoms for years. She’s tried going sugar free and gluten free, but gave up in a few days. I’m hoping the science in the beginning, the meal plans, and all the recipes will help her!

  148. I would love to gift practical paleo to my mom! She has type 2 diabetes and struggles to think of new things to cook! All your recipes I have enjoyed, I think she would too.

  149. There are so many people I have already loaned my book to, but probably my aunt as she suffers from severe skin ailments that I believe are due to her diet.

  150. I would love to gift this book to my mom Camille! We recently found out she has stage 2 ovarian cancer & I’m hoping clean eating regimen will nurture and heal her body..

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